Venezuelans flock to Colombian border for humanitarian aid amid crisis

Soup kitchens on the Colombia-Venezuela border offer food to those in need.
3:10 | 02/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Venezuelans flock to Colombian border for humanitarian aid amid crisis
And Cody mentioned that humanitarian support that's trying to make its way in on the Colombia Venezuela border. For that we goats you Bruno rover what's it looking like out there. Hi Natalie well what it's told me is to be in another country. Talking about the same issues I'm in Venice -- right on the border with Colombia. And where the divine Providence Sid kitchen you can see behind me. Lines and lines of people who are coming here picking up. What is very probably their only meal of the day now base 4000. Of these just and on this breakfast as well and the slacks and they often in many of these people have actually war foam of Venezuela. Across the border just to get what will probably be only meal at some level of the it's sat signed of the desperation that people Larry and that they have to come to another country. To get food. And this place is being an operations since 2070. In the Q we walked in handed his stretches. Out of the homeland and down the street that was interesting is how let's Cody was alluding to humanitarian aid it's become a big political weapon him. And and undue conceit isn't being used by glide O by his supporters. At the state do you like to if not beat majora suddenly Don Jimmy came into making some compromises about how they move forward because there is made. Coming it was we have told through the border here though will crawls at a time when it is deeds. Sufficiently safe to do so and I'm a Dora by blocking it has cut is saying his thank my address. A more important. I'm happy to slow these guys a sort of implying that the interests the people about his violent it is complex because we have places of solvency it but I mean. There because this walk around debate to get some sense that this is not its. That is my left this is Columbia. And this is people who have come many of these people and I'm living on this side of the border because this is the only way they can actually survive. So this is not. A human it's this is a humanitarian crisis that's become a political crisis. And this is not unlike the images that we've seen at the US Mexico border are these venezuelans living in tent city there and how are they surviving on the border of Columbia. Well. I'm actually what's amazing is how incredibly hospitable Colombia's of Bain and accommodating many of these people have found accommodation around the border area with Colombians. There is some sort of joint citizenship the team Colombians about as well as in the spot in the country says their wrong. Places but we've Atkins Diet and this huge passage across the border. Frankly not what I mean one of the things about this is that this has been ongoing the fifth place the sun up to 2007 season when not talking about. A humanitarian situation that is just about it has been ongoing quite some time. It was set up by a pasta pasta David. And is not being supported by USA ID and that this started off as a voluntary. Initiative. Two years ago on as a sent thousands of people and now. Being. Provided fool here and that's give you some level of that that people on the desperation that's going on over the border in Venice right. Thank you so much Bruno a very tight situation we know you'll stay in top of and think you for that very interesting perspective as well.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Soup kitchens on the Colombia-Venezuela border offer food to those in need.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60915898","title":"Venezuelans flock to Colombian border for humanitarian aid amid crisis","url":"/International/video/venezuelans-flock-colombian-border-humanitarian-aid-amid-crisis-60915898"}