'The View' special report: San Juan, Puerto Rico, struggles to maintain normality without electricity

Sunny Hostin of "The View" traveled to the island to see how the island's capital is recovering after Hurricane Maria.
6:47 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for 'The View' special report: San Juan, Puerto Rico, struggles to maintain normality without electricity
Jim administration has descended into the recovery efforts are a ten. Lots of ten out of 100 lively and I've said that many times. But you know who grinned from Belgium. Well what can handle your integrating themselves. Rather than save. Nothing is ever enough when people are surviving. Our. Just from working between life and death. That was on one mayor Carmen you lean Cruz who has. Had a very public clash would Donald Trump over relief efforts in Puerto Rico. She says it's a life and death situation a rule areas but even in San Juan the economic hub of the entire island. You won't believe how people are still struggling take a look. We are approaching left that allow which is where my grandmother was born in my grandmother lived I was here last year. It's completely devastated it doesn't look anything like it looks. Just just last year around Christmas time. This is the church that my family would go to an old son Juan. What I'm most shocked at is that. There aren't. People inside tourists usually here. I spoke to one of the priests here and he said that they have been opened since the week after my idea but that a lot of people seem to think that their clothes. This is but can that last final months it's usually packed with tourists feeding the birds today's is just packed with birds looking for food they are so hungry. Usually there's so many people here feeding. That today it got to put their lives is always pack. I can't believe that I can actually looked down and cannot be people. If this little act of terrorism we'll definitely. I need you here all that nice get everything running on generator you have the generator right there. When the. So how is business in existence that not nonexistent this hundreds but. If we open middle moon agrees. Yet you're here convince people will come back yes we have maybe 40% of the jobs often that we could go maybe. Right next door to the hat shop it's a big day at FAA enable them. This is the first delivery of fresh produce and meat since the restaurant flooded during the hurricane. So today you're opening. I hops. Seven weeks no electricity. No business. Not news you need to tourists to come back yes is that the message for our viewers yes. On the other side of some on this popular local bakery reopened immediately after the hurricane but at a great cost. He is paying 15100. Dollars a week to run. The generator because of the cost of diesel fuel. He will not be able to continue operating if he doesn't get life. Very soon electricity and very soon. I'm since this Olympian there was some. He says that he is losing money he's not making money but after forty years he has to serve his community and also he employs people. And so without work when something works. They won't have anything to do in the spirit of what everyday people. I laugh I had a chance to meet up with the may have some money and she is well aware that the number one concern of her constituents isn't electricity the truth is that without power. The economy will not spare room. Good about the economy not starting to roll. People cannot go back towards him our students to not go back to school our medical system is not functioning normally its coast. So. In more ways than one until about how. About 8 o'clock here in in Puerto Rico the big box stores like Sam's Club their clothes. But in each area Puerto Rico you'll see dozens of cars waiting like this. People are in their cars and they're waiting for the same thing that they have but on the planet. Oh lead in Atlanta owning and a quarter. There are people that have been waiting here since in the 1 o'clock in the afternoon it's 730 now the missing that a manager will come out around 1030 and tell them if they if there are they gonna get a little ticket. To let them know if they can even buy a generator if the manager comes out and says no generated then they'll just go home and maybe come back another day. In parts of some want it certainly appears that life is getting back to normal. But much of that life is still being powered by generators and San Juan and the rest of what the leak still have a long road to recovery. Beckett that I have let go of an awesome that I legacy and saying thank you so much for even shining light on what the real recovery effort is because. Date they want people to know that this is the reality. A way. So I mean that that's what I found what was I wanted to share this. The mayor Puerto Rico loved my view had so much it's a government and they gave a tour and she sent us these existing policies at the very hats. Outfit didn't I see if they grill Friday seemed a real fighter and again I think we need to remember. You know it's no electricity no power for two months. There has to be some think the ceremony there has to be some kind of change. And and I know people have been emailing me asking me over and over again. How we get help I myself and still trying to figure that out and in time I wolf we will posted up on our website asked how. You can help. More than it big but so go to our social platforms are web site to learn how to help and in time I'll provide more more information I. I'm still trying to wrap my my head around. What I saw I just I I honestly thought it would be better. You did I did what he were president now. I want him to know that the recovery effort is not a ten. It's it's a zero that's what I saw. Clear I'm not talking about the first responders there were people there of course and and that helped. And the Puerto Rican people are resilient people very very strong. Megan Compaq and other at this presidents that will Puerto Rican people are are asking for handouts that is not true. That is not to look at what you saw in terms of the ingenuity we're not asking for handouts but as US citizens were asking what this government does what we deserve. That befell.

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{"id":51018138,"title":"'The View' special report: San Juan, Puerto Rico, struggles to maintain normality without electricity","duration":"6:47","description":"Sunny Hostin of \"The View\" traveled to the island to see how the island's capital is recovering after Hurricane Maria.","url":"/International/video/view-special-report-san-juan-puerto-rico-struggles-51018138","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}