Wineries in Europe turning wine into hand sanitizer amid COVID-19

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports on wineries in Europe turning their wine crops into hand sanitizer, detailing their hopes and struggles as they endure the pandemic’s economic impact.
6:10 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for Wineries in Europe turning wine into hand sanitizer amid COVID-19
Earlier you heard about the threat facing many wine growers in California as those wildfires continue to scorch the region in Europe wine growers have been facing different struggles reduce consumption from the pandemic. And need for more hand sanitize or has dramatically altered vineyards in places like France and Italy. As our Maggie rowly explains. It's something French wine growers surreal for cars would have never imagined just two months ago. Turning his crop his line it's. From this. Tip fewer clear alcohol. Not the kind you bring the wooden used to disinfect. Here it's institute and its it to ourselves there was an emergency method we didn't have that choice we had to understand the situation and make a decision. Not constrained there was a global shortage of hand sanitizing. So the French government can't create that turned to their wine growers for health and excessive heat but being honest president can this man. Everything happened quickly and in a matter of weeks we were able to send thousands of gallons of French wine due to the distillery and a. Yes the distillery is where thousands of gallons of ready to drink wine was sent to be processed into this cleaver liquid. When this thing is Apolo the alcoholics here we'll be putting tanks and Libya sends you on industrial pharmaceutical groups. To be conforming to and from its highs up. It sounds devastating turning renowned French wine into a sterile product. But she really didn't see it that way he saw is something that could benefit his business and his country. The French government set aside 250 million euros to ensure the wineries a source of French national pride survived. Or fairness and we did our duty but perhaps more importantly shipping off last year's products meant there was now broom for this year's exceptional harvest. I think you think Clinton knows I'm his home because I'm. The vine this year was generous then left us a lot of critics we didn't even need to triage them a 100% of the Greeks were perfect. When I probably being. Only rarely had wind sent only after 56 days a fermentation tasted since magnificent. Stimulus is very promising. It's still among a lot of wine growers dealt with during knocked down three helmet on Monday anti alcohol and just sitting in these caves. The Laura weddings you know more people are meeting and it is not. Perception of showcase in front and things. What a country to. Champagne drinkers are reals in nova bombs says so the region had to resort to Saturn needs to prevent overcrowding. Dumping their crop to rot and fertilize this morning. So real decided to harvest all of his crop his sales have already dropped 30% this year. He really cute trucks 161000. Voters in this that are. Which. No me oh when. The sort of but it's not all doom and gloom like any fine line and he uses only going to get better with age. There are here. There where it's. Sorted through that great times and it gives. Momo fame are different programs otherwise you. It's a bet on bet our homes. It's an apartment to wait for the widening of the economy needs numbers. Kind of decisions. In case Kia and I only just off the coast of Naples Italy. Saddam bro whips through her things vineyard. In her hot pink vest. Generations of wine makers according their soul into this volcanic kills night she tells us that this year the vineyard sales during March and April. Or zero. We still wasn't going very bad enough but is customers came out of lockdown business comes back from. Ford has come a time was up or the sending out when Mary fox not unlike any we sold more than we thought them. She had predicted a whopping 50%. Drop in sales for now it's only twenty. Her products sitting in these steel containers around one half million dollars worth of wine in them. Now there thinking on the uptick in sales from the summer to continue through the salt to get into. Group we actually have no plan via go anything he's going to be 98 the global market was ended by the pandemic. Northern Italy is known for its premium grapes and wine but under lockdown no one was really celebrate handed sees big expensive vineyards that have been hit hard. And let's turn. Just say when or if sales will go back to what they used to be one make their mark his age Giacomo continue adore her says. This does bring some hope he says he expects this harvest to make some of the best why he's seen in decades. We had an incredible great and the perfumes. In the one absolutely. Incredible. Under lockdown there was almost no travel and air pollution levels plummeted no lack of pollution. Whooped us. A different climate change. Much stronger food and much more life. And do this kind of very dry ice and. An extraordinary harvesting in the middle of hardship. Young composed says it's not the first time something like this is happening. One of the best of intentions. To pull of history we'll bring you symphony humanity even though the French revolution. So you mean. I mean I think wian has an independent. Who historical. Events. Survives for has survived for more difficult for. And while perhaps the world has little to toast right now. Wine growers are hoping their when he twin vintage. We'll meet this year a little more bubbly bishops without I'm particularly happy to have received this vintage. My heart rejoices knowing the beautiful winds we'll get the public this year. I evenly ABC news Genoa Italy. We have to imagine the lion will become finer we'd time our thanks to Maggie for that.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli reports on wineries in Europe turning their wine crops into hand sanitizer, detailing their hopes and struggles as they endure the pandemic’s economic impact.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73303197","title":"Wineries in Europe turning wine into hand sanitizer amid COVID-19","url":"/International/video/wineries-europe-turning-wine-hand-sanitizer-amid-covid-73303197"}