'Ash and dash'

Church offers drive-thru option on Ash Wednesday.
2:01 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for 'Ash and dash'
Finally this our aid is Ash Wednesday the first day of lands in western Christian churches and if you were able to get your ashes today there's a church offering an expedited option. For next year are remain a program has more. Today is Ash Wednesday the day Christians attend mass and get a cross a bash on their forehead a sign of repentance on the first day of lent. But here in Los Angeles with that infamous traffic and the hustle and bustle not every one. Can get an opportunity to get to mask so several churches here in the CER offering walk or drive through passion dashes to get you on your way. It basically is they walk up or drive up and I put the sign of the cross in the ashes on their far had given little brochure and they move on. We wanted to provide a chance for people who have gone away from the face to stick their toe back again and this is a way to say. The market across from the far had given as simply as we can even through a car window is a mark that god still loves them. You know we try to go to church of the can't wait to be marking parents it doesn't know the top ten so having them here we come and I read. David herding cats but please go to the chicken so tied penny ticket. To man center. This is just amazing and I'm not a member of this church. Striving Miami so they've tried fooling Norwalk fluff I think you know they they have a lot of. Different services and in different things to Tryon. Comedy everybody scheduling and get people into the church and that first year was inspired by another church I do get the idea to do it there actually is an ashes to go national group and their kind of people that are committed to bringing the gospel to bring and the good news a love of god and Jesus to people where they are and you can't get much more where they are that in their cars or walker and up. In upland California they had six cars their first year and over a 150. The next chilling that the demand for these dashboard penitence is is there and how these churches are adapting to meet the needs of their worshippers in Los Angeles I'm and yet who that you're watching ABC new is live.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Church offers drive-thru option on Ash Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"69258864","title":"'Ash and dash'","url":"/Lifestyle/video/ash-dash-69258864"}