Faith Friday: Bishop Allen with encouragement about the road ahead

Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen discusses the importance of faith during these difficult times.
4:36 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Faith Friday: Bishop Allen with encouragement about the road ahead
It is -- Friday here at ABC and with states around the country beginning to open up a little encouragement about the road ahead could go a long way and who better to share a good word with us then my next guest I'm joined now by bishop Oliver Clyde Allen the third senior pastor of vision cathedral there in Atlanta. They should thank you for being with us and I know you were hospitalized. In fact you nearly lost your battle with coded nineteen but here you are today look angry you can eat all would you just made us about the importance of faith. During these difficult time. I will say that small acts of kindness. And got me through the nurses and the medical staff there north side. They were small things that they did them really. Made the difference for me one day I said. And to my nerves that I wanted to die at home I whispered I couldn't really talk. It's that I want to die at home and I couldn't. Stands would be in this space where I wasn't surrounded by my family and the nurse came over. And rubbed my hand and my my spouses. Eighteen years at framed picture that he gave to the nurses to give to me. She put it up in the window ledge and it gave me hope and so I think sometimes we think you bear these huge things that have to be done. To encourage ourselves and to encourage others through this difficult time but. Small acts of kindness small things that are done out of love out of compassion out of grad student. Among other things that can carry us all through during this difficult time. That is so beautifully set I couldn't agree more and I knowing you know so many people out there. Are still having such a tough time with the isolation and the social distancing so. How have you and your members interfering with your virtual worship surfaces through these times. Well the truth is this all happened right at the beginning of the time when we decided to go Burks bull and be fully digital. And I went straight to the hospital our next service was going to be that Sunday. And I was you know not knowing what to do and not knowing what would be done because I was of course hospitalized. And my church division surgeon Atlanta stepped up to the plate in a way that was. Absolutely. Amazing. Feat innovation and creativity that was unleashed. Through our members in the faithfulness in the commitment of people. Who are connected to our ministry in charge was just beyond anything I could have. Imagine you know what I have found is that challenging times. Of birth. Innovation challenging times birth. Creativity. In ways that help to push the vision are all visions are. Our own little missions in life forward and so our church has been. Absolutely. Amazing to our virtual worship services. That we have on line of course and all of the different activities that we have our leadership and all the people connected to us. Have been absolutely. Amazing. I mentioned. Yet now I you can see it on your face it it's it's the energy that your pouring out his speaking volumes and I know many people. Still dealing with loss and fear you've faced it her seasonally. I'm curious how have you personally changed and I'm hoping this is a message of hope and encouragement for the rest of us what you personally change after going through. Your experience with covet nineteen. Well this is talk. We. To be absolutely. Brave in the midst of challenge. One of the things that my spouse Rashad Burgess has helped me. To understand my church vision George of Atlanta's help me understand in my community. The black community of LG BT QI community. This community that we live in Atlanta. I'm learning. That. We are a brave people this braved. Generation. And this generation will be known for its acts of braves miss it. The compassion then and you know when people have lost the sense of faith or a loss. Of focus or. Just feeling absolutely discouraged I would encourage all of us. We'll look at the positive things the beautiful thing state brave be brave be bull. Bieber eight. Hi love it courage and compassion. Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen the third we are sold glad to see you doing so much better and thank you for inspiring us all we appreciate it thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen discusses the importance of faith during these difficult times. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70839267","title":"Faith Friday: Bishop Allen with encouragement about the road ahead ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/faith-friday-bishop-allen-encouragement-road-ahead-70839267"}