How one family is giving back during the pandemic

Kate Howell discusses how she and her family started making masks and raising money for local nonprofits.
3:17 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How one family is giving back during the pandemic
Many people around the country have really stepped up during these times to give back and help the community. One family in particular despite all they've been through. Has made it their mission to donate masks and raise money for local nonprofits joining is now is the heart of that incredibly kind family. Kate how old Kate thank you so much for being with us today and tell you first how your family got started making masks and donating them. Well I guess like most people across the United States we are looking for May ask where employees and weren't able to find Danny. And my niece heard that a local. In guilin school mind. It was requesting forty mask so she called her mother and said he man. It's a jerk quilt during you have spare Ricky think you could make some face man's. And of course her ma'am said yes and she called me and we got started. And then net people heard what we did. And they started asking for me ask for themselves. And we talked about it in these baggage we worried Mac NN make money and mess we were grinning. Aaron make mask and donate them to any body that. One wanted them. So. As we did people where insisting. That they don't eat some money to us or give us money for. For whatever we needed and that it it started there. We are now let to 3000 calories we've donated to. I'm with six different. And now and cramp but sinner area. And to Wear working and the seventh title we still real good about. I ask you shill letting you donated every penny you've got nine L I understand you've been through some challenging times how have your previous experiences. Influence you now to your decision to help and give away everything. In 2011. Tropical storm Leo. Stalled trade over Erie. And it flooded our how. Both of us right to the rafters. And we lost the house and everything that we own and am. We looked at it. And craggy and then I asked and then crank and I only say it can either make you bitter or better and culturally its meat and. Ever you'd shows better I don't I loved and I know from what I understand you expense despite all of that 500 dollars out of pocket correct. Yes yeah we want to tell you something Kate country archer revisions jerky heard about your story. They were inside fired by your kindness and your generosity so you mentioned how much she would spent well guess what they're giving you. 500 dollars vaccine you're not out of pocket out of anything. Com god bless them. Wiese and gently wind your clocks this there's thank god bless you were saying god bless you and thank you for all that you're doing Kate and all that you're doing. And thank you country are two provisions Turkey is well for making this. All wonderful story we hope you enjoy. This cell greet.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Kate Howell discusses how she and her family started making masks and raising money for local nonprofits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70839462","title":"How one family is giving back during the pandemic","url":"/Lifestyle/video/family-giving-back-pandemic-70839462"}