How to get your skin Oscar ready

ABC News' Frank Elaridi reports from Cosmetic Rejuvenation on the latest beauty treatments that stars use to get flawless skin.
15:44 | 02/23/17

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Transcript for How to get your skin Oscar ready
Though I'm going to that unit but not correct and are using clinical practice. Well okay what is tell me about all ask you know what we see it was nasty explaining the procedures can see it yet it ridiculous. A guy's. OK so. First from here we've got a really special guests I'm told so we're gonna need her offense that. I am Hillary. Clinton who line and it. I am sorry your activities. A big socially. Active. It is all it's only about willow what's your biggest problem. I'm DJ and answer them right now so why is that tonight from different beings. Us. Into the air quickly. Million dollars at a deterrent and some yeah. Neither followed millions of dollars it. You got to tell me waiting until it. To be showing up or gold it's a new procedure in their great procedures short term. Great affect short term and at last long. Concoction. It got concoction. And that's my very well kept secret and I will think it's like this does pulled out. She is preparing for their red carpet events and that will be the get united on this before it. Let me greatly but attracting independent if its. Well let there is that as well. If so fill oh up volume Clinton what you're doing it and it and yet and the like two immediately all that private delivery device that will help but like that concoction. Sticking to those in his outs. It. Armada. They shouldn't be having grueling scheme did not want it only odd advice she. By the way I felt an up with tickets. Bill Murray. The it is it the project. She is. On time. Bank. She. Asking. Us you know it. Pensioners. And in which it slightly delaying. That often act. They. This has little micro needles they go and about four millimeters. And it is livery concoction solution that that's our report for together. He's a combination of ironic gases so. And data solution. Will Furman tighten the skin. Give her a little bit of a lift and it's the glow that the patients seem to like about I was bill. BT you're not okay. Very minimal if any pain because the needles are so. Small and so delicate and houses are has been doing this a while so she knows for the pain players are so she can adjust the pressure for each. They should elect little micro needles. All me. If it. It's not people. And yeah. That. It. Yet it's a little that is linking this in and it's going away. What's. It's. Oh Q I'm not regulate the different. Any. You heard it on camera and getting it. You. Oh god yeah. I. It sounded well and then shoveled it's not don't time. Not side effects in uncle this is what allowed Elise dives. Want and with that preparations but the red carpet laid out their car but of course. It's been absolutely especially because even this you need three days you know even feel happy about it Rachel was a gold they dot. We've just done without relation peach patience will appear as if what. All current car. Culturally they easily treated and also where can people find you. You can act on to Graham aren't embarrassed mostly as soon. Looked and and it's gonna unity and vehicles that you guys sent and we go to the next room. The only story ridiculous it is terrible but look at look at the it. But he's the ducks go and where are we going out. We're going to be you know it's okay as we're walking down there is our alluded to there's two different. For preparations as a long term in Asia term preparation in the longer is like five to six weeks which includes more invasive lasers the more invasive PRP with micro needling the sculpture in the Allah those shorter term for the Phyllis ironic gases for the phase for the eyes. The balloon a poll ballot for the lips. Archive bella for anything you know Philip with a view creator. Created or you're working on some news that new regular new innovative pillars called alum Phil I believe it's going to be the future of filler sits fat derived from human skin. When injected into the face it will stick with the patient's own filler fat stimulation fact growth and migration of the face. It's great counting your own that no we use that from may a tissue bank OK it's prepared it's it's purified it's all FDA approved and when it's injected in there it stimulates fat now that's important because a lot of retailers today are either via higher on a gas is doing little moves over the calcium based those but this is going to Stanley your own that's what's more than natural. And I believe this is where Phillips are going to go the minimally invasive. More than natural flow of the patients know what that ultimately can people start expecting this season marks called Al Phyllis on the market now we're doing some studies with a more future studies and current patients that I hadn't really seem to like it but they're going to be doing a larger. Volume of it the reform relating it sorts on the mark. Now it's called outlook they'll they LL. OFI LL. And it's available now we'll also includes jingoistic I don't know what's yes he's humans called would be the only okay. I had. Okay what it then it. The gateway do you have any escape heightening treatment gap but getting dispute apparently be ready. That he will soon. Well how OK if you couldn't real fear is again injured. He uses radio frequency as well as ultrasound before so it penetrates deeper more superficial. And it targets the fat cells which will break apart the fat cells and also target the college's whole stimulate some collagen as well make things tighter. We've been doing quite a lot at this office here patients seem to like it this is more of a longer term you need about four treatments separate about two weeks apart. Patience we'll see the results after the second treatment but we recommend to fortify treatments. This isn't something you like right before the party like it like a month before I mean Jack might exactly that and ready should be of them very little down time with this yeah. Side effects you know some redness that's about as. Our. How do you feel that and it's an. Okay Italy yet it's getting kind of pinks. Why thing. And that's ugly view I'm Antonia Lamar Owens missiles missed. And it. Lamar propose that you're acquitted yes PR. Well and Philip do you plan view combatant that he treatments have chorus yet let have you been done before announcement. And news are you focusing on justice and equity. Would be doing the body. With. Oh but Whelan generally what parts. And I can hear all about it. Show worth. It's like it very. And where equity can stand the dollar here it's a temperature and Oz is keeping the temperature about 39 degrees because that. 4039 of forty too good to degrees is basically the target temperature that we want to get the most effective results. With the with the radio frequency so it heats up the skin so that's where we're gonna get the actor results. Those youthful audience Freedman they're dealing it is there's heating it up quote. Body frieze. We're we're talking about the the other treatment. Equals go O Nicholas this is called PTL acts it's the radio frequency as well as an ultrasound so uses more heat. If there's a bunch of different modalities that can get the energy into the skin. And this uses heat and ultrasound. The cool scoping uses. Cooling it freezes the skin to get to skin down with a fat cells exits fat cells. Well versed and I and I'll be metabolize buyer buys so two different modalities have the same effect they'll look nine those look kinda result that the secret from the and like. Lou look election law to keep an ugly Geithner. Well actually. We Winger. We waiter patients and we take some readings on our patience for the metabolism before and after each treatment and we can determine how much they've lost and things like that we also tell patients to do moderate diet in general exercise. We don't want the patience to lose the will fat and an almost immediately and get right back so it's it's. It's it's it's a teamwork. You know who's the perfect candidate. A big guys we've seen this now I feel like I've there's one more thing for us but initially in the facial that you want me there well. They double a by. That's critical. Year yes. Right here. The violent only and only got like. The huge ten years are again. Huge incidents are an anti gay and one rumor that he got you know and we Lamar this in the other room I love this. August I think I'm gonna get a facial now right. And Aaron Myers beat I knew I Lara. Everybody it. Though that you guys have looked at my skin and decided IA in the eighties she drive right and you need and that that's light in this. Laughed chosen this because. The high occupational and that's cheap that's basically what. But the album. Clay just can't exfoliate hydrates and also on extracts all the beauty center used games this is a non invasive treatment. So it's adequate treatment only takes less than thirty minute this is on the that you can do and then be on the carpet into dating fine you could even do a day before. And not imitating and not redness. You get a group lonely flawless. Tolerance. I KLA gala at the hey guys OK we are bath. We had a limited technical issue I'm regular meeting on the dollar doctor Cohen and admire. OK Meyer you're you do this high official in the right hire let's get started with nearly any time. I'd already leaked out. GAAP net funny what this does and. Well me and ain't. All he OK I think that only lukewarm. In making news. It at that don't wait. Mary. That we currently in use that like calling it happen in open court. There are. Extraction. Later OK hold on we check out on camera. Let them put that on the evidence. I'm just thinking about the viewer Aaron. Dying you have an offer rate viewers. And notable. Commercial. Well. OK so. How long can I went with the result and along a mile. I. The weak. 18. Have if it. But it is not mine. That I have liked me and what can commit him making he thought about the machine using. Here is that hot. That the lightning in. Action. Okay take out of the different things that did it only hit it thank captioning yes you know and that it. Wow. Rightly. My grip and it has are recommended for our clients immediate events like Reagan. Solutions. Are because it occurred right away and that some of you that we use. Everything. That if a larger entertainment and. One irritating feat that someone is adamant that I haven't read and that he liked. That comes out that redness and affiliated with any invitation. The good. They've let him go out today and. Look for what you drink. I think know the. I have based on it closed up over gonna finish my facial. I wanna be Oscar ready I'll be there on Sunday I'll take photos and you're going back. And but that they you as a pleasure or logic. Make sure that check out all the differently there's still up having done this week with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak to your body ready at probably look at you right now cosmetic rejuvenation and also. On the celebrity hairstyle that we showed you earlier in the week and I'm off. Thank you so much and I'm gonna finishing my facial now a full bath. I don't want to expose party.

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{"duration":"15:44","description":"ABC News' Frank Elaridi reports from Cosmetic Rejuvenation on the latest beauty treatments that stars use to get flawless skin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"45691235","title":"How to get your skin Oscar ready","url":"/Lifestyle/video/skin-oscar-ready-45691235"}