Taco Bell hotel debuts in Palm Springs

Taco Bell fanatics are staying at the fast food franchise's pop-up hotel and resort in Palm Springs, where room reservations were booked up online in two minutes.
2:24 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for Taco Bell hotel debuts in Palm Springs
And now for something completely different as they say. Taco Bell has a hotel. In Palm Springs, California and ABC's remain a put it is is there. Because Taco Bell has a hotel. Pretty much remain on hot how how was it. Parents dish. Be jealous we're here at the talk about not Marty talk about out with this hot sauces flour hair thing. Also and I Fanny pack full of hot sauce ready to spot anyone at any time let's show you around because the much anticipated event of the year tickets sold out in two minutes. This is the main hub this pool area with hot sauce packet float eased their at this stage but they had DJs in light performance and it. People came from twenty when different states but of course it's not talk about hotel without some food it right. So they have some elevated Taco Bell exclusive Nielsen people here. But it club's Dan let's put the bread is Chiluba and you don't know what excellent that he shouldn't be here. In about an hour where everything is getting room service to their rooms with make your own talk I was. With some of the items he added. I cannot economy toast I Taco Bell with diablo chips NA and this is she like you left wing is some tips centers host of his feet. They kill me yesterday this isn't our chat that lights movie they have some phone today had basically eaten enough to last me if they're the end of the year and. In the end and people are taking this. Quite seriously did tonight here's a couple celebrated an engagement or got married Erin anniversary of what. Honeymoon. So this all of that is for the die hard I mean everything here is an Amsterdam opportunities so a lot of people here are ins to grammar that the pool. Hitler's pictures of each other but there is a couple here that are diehard talk about and they got married at the talk about cantina in Vegas a couple weeks ago. This elevating their honeymoon here and they let's talk about so much their wedding band or talk about theme. And they had this to say about let's they'd love talk about. To loop. Alex and eat to live having to live a going to be our president. That's what they would name their child to loop I mean. Let's talk about but not not pitched Aaron. Grameen. Thanks and good luck to you conduct your stomach can look to those people with the did. It. And at the tiny bell hotel. In Palm Springs.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Taco Bell fanatics are staying at the fast food franchise's pop-up hotel and resort in Palm Springs, where room reservations were booked up online in two minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"64884387","title":"Taco Bell hotel debuts in Palm Springs","url":"/Lifestyle/video/taco-bell-hotel-debuts-palm-springs-64884387"}