Actress Catherine Oxenberg concerned for her daughter inside NXIVM

The "Dynasty" star said her 26-year-old daughter India Oxenberg became more secretive after joining NXIVM and told her she was branded by a secret sorority.
5:54 | 12/16/17

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Transcript for Actress Catherine Oxenberg concerned for her daughter inside NXIVM
When I first came, I had on the surface something that seemed to be like the perfect life or a pretty good life. Reporter: This Nexium testimonial is a far cry from the role actress Alison Mack once played on "Smallville." She's among several other young actors whoave at least dabbled in Nexium. But of these, Mack is the only one confirmed to have stayed with Nexium long-term, even ditching Hollywood to move to Albany where she became part of Ranieri's inner circle. She even appeared in this video with him. So one would say, authenticity is being as you are. Reporter: His words literally moved her to tears. I don't know why that makes me want to cry. It's beautiful. Why? So emotional for me? I don't know, it seems like it's -- something that I just -- I feel like I want it. Authenticity. Reporter: Sarah Edmondson says it was Mack who started the secret sorority in Albany along with Ranieri. As proof she pointed to her brand. The humiliation, the mutilati mutilation, they're branding women with Keith's and Alison's initials. Welcome to team talk, I'm India -- Reporter: Another woman who may have had those letters seared onto her body was India oxenberg, also a young actress whose mother is in the business too. Katherine oxenberg, known for her role in "Dynasty." My name's Amanda Bedford. Reporter: Later she appeared with a young India in this movie. Oxenberg hasn't seen her daughter in months and is both gripped with fear and racked with guilt. Because she herself brought India into Nexium. They went to an introductory session together in 2011. I just couldn't wait to get out of there. And I said to India, what do you think? She says, this is for me. And I was shocked. How old was she at that time? 19. Pretty young, pretty impressionable. Reporter: She says trouble started when India, seen here in this Nexium video, started taking classes to become a coach. During this time, oxenberg says her daughter burned through her inheritance, largely she believes to pay for those classes. Once she moved to Albany, she became very secretive. The end of last April, a defector called me and said, you need to save India. Reporter: Oxenberg says this is the first she had heard of that secret sore sortie. Once I found out about the branding, the slave, I went nuts. Reporter: Soon there was a rare opportunity to confront India. I said everything wrong. I said, darling, I believe you're brainwashed. Did she admit she had been branded? Uh-huh. I said, try and convince me that this is a good thing. And she said, it's character building. And she's over 18, and so legally there's nothing I can do. Reporter: India do $not respond to our request for comment, but she recently posted on Facebook a public rebuke to anyone questioning her condition saying, I'm absolutely fine, great, actually. You are absolutely convinced in the deepest core of you as a mother that your daughter is not great, she's not fine? She's anything but fine. She's in danger. In my opinion, she's in grave danger. Reporter: But the more oxenberg speaks out, the more she could be leaving herself exposed to Nexium's most common counterattack. Lawsuits. His weapon of choice is the legal system. Reporter: Terrorism by litigation is what Ranieri's ex-girlfriend Tony Natali has called it in court filings. She's one of a number of former members whom Nexium has sued doggedly and repeatedly. She says so far the suits against her have been unsuccessful. I believe that the reason that you haven't heard from more people is they're afraid of being sued. Reporter: Keith Ranieri's group has claimed its litigation is just an effort to protect its they can wall property and reputation. Those efforts have likely cost them millions of dollars. But as reporter Brendan lions found, legal filings allege Keith Ranieri has a secret weapon, the brothman sisters. Their late father was the multi billionaire philanthropist and E have given up their life savings trying to defend themselves. They're up against the millions of dollars that the brothmans have at their disposal. Reporter: Ranieri might now be in Mexico. Someone sent this photo of a man believed to be him in Monterrey. Perhaps he is there because there are reports of new heat in New York state, a possible investigation by the office of the attorney general. But people who have crossed paths with Ranieri are worried that the worst could be yet to come. What frightens me is where does he go from here? My biggest fear is the kool-aid situation. Like Jim Jones? Yes, I do. Why? That's a big step. Not from what he's done. I mean, the level of manipulation? If this is about power and control over people, one cannot minimize what this person is capable of. Our thanks to Elizabeth for that report. We repeatedly reached out to Keith Ranieri, Nancy Lauren Saltzman, Alison bank and the brothman sisters for comment, none responded other than referring us to the group's website statement. Just this week Clair brothman posted online a lengthy statement defending the group saying, I've seen so much good come from both our programs and from Keith himself."

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{"id":51830259,"title":"Actress Catherine Oxenberg concerned for her daughter inside NXIVM","duration":"5:54","description":"The \"Dynasty\" star said her 26-year-old daughter India Oxenberg became more secretive after joining NXIVM and told her she was branded by a secret sorority. ","url":"/Nightline/video/actress-catherine-oxenberg-concerned-daughter-inside-nxivm-part-51830259","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}