Actress Michelle Rodriguez on her spiritual journey and lucid dreaming

"The Fast and the Furious" star traveled to Mexico, where she took part in a five-day intensive spiritual boot camp with Sergio Magana.
8:02 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Actress Michelle Rodriguez on her spiritual journey and lucid dreaming
I didn't meaning probably amount to CE. Who beat him for. We're on a spiritual quest with blockbuster actress Michelle Rodriguez and nobody's ever been in there so I never showed. Hear. Each and ruins of TNT plunging Mexico she's on a five day boot camp. Her personal tonight. Is renowned teacher Sergio look Tanya. My goals for this trip fired two find some techniques tapping into the subconscious and be able to identify. Patterns that are destructive in my life. Quite a departure for the shells Hollywood image as the toughest game. Leading lady of the billion dollars fast and furious ring tones. She's been on a two year sabbatical from acting. Hoping to find some balance in her life. Everybody's like poking it like Michelle when you coming back but my age and you know my friends are like Michelle you know you haven't partied for two years led were worried about you you just locked up in your house. Qwest taking her to Mongolia and true. I wanna be able to see the beauty in everything I can't do that by party around the world in living each dreams and having sex with top people lower life. You know hanging out with powerful people are you know this one's beautiful mountains it's on putting all of my value outside of myself. By doing and I want my value to be inside. And so I guess that's why these Janie is so important to me. Sergio her teacher here in Mexico is these leading expert on the indigenous told tech tradition so secretive it's only been passed on verbally. His specialty is lucid dreaming. The belief is that if you're aware that you're dreaming you can influenced your dream it will plants an idea or even redirect your self consciousness. And bring about real change to your waking life what do you say to critics who say. This is just nonsense on. Is -- having a lot of critics and actually we see elected kind of father so cycle that from a Colleen you know. They sit that the most important part of Everett where the trees. Her work starts here on the busy street in Mexico City in this empty office turned classroom you change Heath. Do you will we knew in a different way. He will create repetitive plots could be good relations dias is the most sacred. And object of ancient Mexicans among the lessons on the curriculum the city and near the aid of volcanic rock and we wish. You can be game changing your reflection. Legend says it can reflect your true self guiding you toward what your focus should be clothiers. Take every breath he says that with time and concentration. The shows reflection should disappear and be replaced with symbolic images when he without. Takeout hold a hand you know. So quick to mirror in front of your faith. Open your minds. Look at your reflection. This is the normal perception of these reality. Not you're going to see who you really out. To one that is reflected. Hits and but with more practice and this is limited affiliate news. Wheeling days and like we like one eyebrow people. This is playing well assessment these people did not. Shame backed bends. It was weird. Did those are euros they Wear weird thing. After a full day in the classroom. They reflect on. Your session. Then there is pretty amazing I've I still like to get a better handle it I did see my AM. I did see ancestors. Or at least that's what it felt like I'll be practicing that tonight. And if if it if you. At. The next day at the holy site of Sochi take cattle their work takes place in the shadow of the giant cross. Reminded its ancient knowledge was over written by Spanish colonization. Could've gone. Merck. Merck. Their work deals right into Michelle's demons I had some ancient primal anger at the working on that anger for years. And you felt you were able to relieve some and they wouldn't leave a lot of that there I felt him like cumin out of my chest mind brain Henry later he had to do I do feel a lot letting her ferocity and anger is what Michelle credits with helping her become a star. Breakout role was in the movie girl fight what are you most angry about. It's a lot being a woman. It's it's a lot growing up in in in in the ghetto I think the women thing is being bigger is mainly. I have to pretend to be indicted just to have freedom to do what I want without having to marry someone you know or be somebody's girlfriend and I realized it was. Obviously all in my mind a lot of what's been written about the past fifteen years and even before it it's tumultuous it's about. Jail and being kicked out of school and run ins with the law I don't chairman of the kids from the ghetto dude who never graduated high school I think that doesn't hold myself. Unit anybody can not all is mag they want about me the damn proud as I could have definitely gone a lot more so than a day a defense. It's the final day of Michelle's trip. Working side by side with Sergio to honors the source of bad pattern. Ewing the beetle from it's just because it was next. Images that I am about to come on all of this leading to her final exercised their track conjecture. And take hold here. This case representing the shells on consciousness. Going to play it's meant to bring light to the darkness. She wore you wish you well we sure who she equally. Krahn. Wool hat. Take it to their chest. I hear you Hillier and systems. He struck promotions. As she walks out she graduates to a deeper understanding of the told tech tradition. We check in with her a month later. And her home in LA. It was amazing. They have to learn all these great tools they get to use fairest of my life. I was blown away despite a history of the place as far as is letting anger in there's a door there now. And and that door it cannot be open to very easily as easily as it was opened before. Even Sergio says he sees a difference she told me that she feels looked liked her. That she. She's not clear about they have not to take that she has decided to go but to work. After the for the Arctic. That she is deciding to. Tool also to her own projects like a hitch. The two have now become friends Sergio visiting Michelle while in California. Does what to say it has been to deepest one of the deepest. Financed and made his warships however. Me is lovely and I know that we'll be friends. And I grew. And I'm happy to have found he Caroline Lincoln for you Boleyn. That you can't. I had accused bank I followed for Nightline I'm Linda Davis county. Some very.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"\"The Fast and the Furious\" star traveled to Mexico, where she took part in a five-day intensive spiritual boot camp with Sergio Magana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"53702490","title":"Actress Michelle Rodriguez on her spiritual journey and lucid dreaming","url":"/Nightline/video/actress-michelle-rodriguez-spiritual-journey-lucid-dreaming-53702490"}