This artist's pottery-making videos are hypnotizing

Eric Landon, co-founder of Tortus in Copenhagen, said his intention with his videos was to share pottery with the masses.
2:11 | 08/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for This artist's pottery-making videos are hypnotizing
And finally tonight, how did a ceramic artist become a viral sex symbol? Maybe it's because he's so sculpted. Prepare to be mesmerized. Eric Landon is the artist behind these hypnotizing videos taking the internet by storm, reminiscent of that famous scene at the pottery wheel in "Ghost." With just a love of clay and some handiwork, Eric is wracking up thousands of views on Instagram. This is a thing that kind of keeps me coming back. I manage it's kind of like surfing. You hit a good wave and it feels so good. Reporter: But he wasn't always keen on sharing his artistic process. My brother came with this idea that I should open an Instagram account. I wasn't so fond of new technology, you about I thought why not give it a go. Reporter: Since then, the videos he films in his Copenhagen studio have taken a life of their own. No fancy setup. Just an iPhone and the piece I just maid. Reporter: Fans commenting, I could watch this all day, and this is so satisfying. When I started these videos, my intention was to put a beautiful light on this craft I've been doing for years and years. Instagram has given ceramics a visibility it didn't have before. Suddenly we have audiences of a couple hundred thousand people. Reporter: While Eric's focus may be on his work, some of his followers are more focussed on the potter himself. The Huffington post writing, we could watch this sexy ceram cyst play with clay all day every day. Taking on this role as a little bit of a sex symbol is a little, it's kind of new for me. It's not something they train you for at the design school. Reporter: But he says, in the end, it all adds to the artistry. I think today people don't just fall in love with art or ceramics, they fall in love with the people who create these things, and Instagram is a good way to show the things that inspire us and make our work a lot more personal.

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{"id":49004468,"title":"This artist's pottery-making videos are hypnotizing","duration":"2:11","description":"Eric Landon, co-founder of Tortus in Copenhagen, said his intention with his videos was to share pottery with the masses. ","url":"/Nightline/video/artists-pottery-making-videos-hypnotizing-49004468","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}