The Next Big Thing in Men's Fashion: Socks

From pastel to polka-dotted, hosiery is making a bold statement and even NBA star Dwyane Wade is jumping in.
3:48 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for The Next Big Thing in Men's Fashion: Socks
Are you one of those scrambling to stuff those stockings? Well, celebrity designers are making socks stylish again, using luxurious fabrics and eye-catching prints to put pep in your step, from the basketball court to the office. We welcome ABC's Dan closer will to "Nightline" with this report. Reporter: Rarely on a wish list, but always under the tree -- socks. It was the butt of the joke. Oh, I got a sock, thank you, grandma. Reporter: That once dreaded holiday gift now a nearly $6 billion industry. Socks are like a very good intro for a guy who is just deciding, I want to be more STO stylish. Reporter: Known for his style as much as his slam Dunks, dwyane wade is now on his third collection. Some people who have my socks on don't even know it. Reporter: From snoop dog to rob car a dash Yan, stars are jumping in on the trend with sock sales skyrocketing in the last two years. But for wade, stylish socks are more than making bank. He says this is a passion project. My mom always told me when I was young, your life is bigger than basketball. You start understanding what that means. You're capable of a lot more. Reporter: Small business soap-preneurs quit his job on Wall Street and is following suit. You've seen the industry blow up? Yeah, not just the more subdues stuff anymore. People are more aware of different patterns. Reporter: His shelves are stocked with nothing but high style hosiery. So, your high ticket item? These right here? Nose are 100% cashmere sock. They're going to retail for 100 does. Reporter: Whatever the price point, whatever the pattern, Pinterest and sidewalks alike are proving we are amid a foot ware revolution. Which means a once loathed gift may be on your wish list. We certainly know what Lebron James is getting this year. Now I can send socks for him to Christmas because he's not in the locker room to get them.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"From pastel to polka-dotted, hosiery is making a bold statement and even NBA star Dwyane Wade is jumping in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"27807989","title":"The Next Big Thing in Men's Fashion: Socks","url":"/Nightline/video/big-thing-mens-fashion-socks-27807989"}