Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for assault

Cosby, who was taken into custody immediately, had been convicted of assaulting Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.
7:04 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for assault
Reporter: Did you ever Thi that this day W going come? I'vere of this day for ye and I turned 50. The best bresent ever. Reporter: An emotionalnd 'seen a very long road for eom who H CEO be known as theosby accuse Y a sple and disgusting human being, until death, you deserve every of that jail timend prison might B to U. Any comm sir. Repor the comednnce known as America's dad bill Y taken into custody Tay after being sentenced to tee tenrs in total coin eithe count jail O prison it's conclusion to the 'S decisio back in April that found himuilty O druggingnd sexually assaulting former university employee Andrea condn 2004. R-oldby now classified asuallylentator. The fact that he wasmed visexual predare meoty I he going too beedferently while in but whene gets out, if he gets out, H gog toave to register wherever he lives F T is life. The hashtagme, too movement. Dozens of the women hav filled the cover of "New yorkagine" in 2015. Says a encounters with nd and theth were ensual and plans to appeal his cision. As B the sexistriale united States. Reporter: Cosby choseo remain silent. Hisccusers did not.constand wte five-page victim impact statement which E jumping referenced dur hintencing. Bill cby beautiful, healthy youngritshed it, she wrote. His wife of54 Camille present in C da B claiming the D.A. Used falsience agast her husband writing in a state we willowearn and prove that bill cosbyaseniedis rig fair trl. He'll have to serve at least three years inson. Not day less. At thatoint he M be for relee. Question isoing to survive that T in prison? Reporter: Six months a the comedi W found guilty O ts ofregated a indecent assault. A jury of seven men women taking hours to unanimously dosby wasty of andually assaulting aa constand a pnsylvania home in 2004. This is life-alt pe woman, victim, andhen who I needs to be heraldor what has done isdrea. Forom ce knot wholeso image. We knewor his Hey, reporter:is and, of course, the -O. You knowow the ks LE Jell-O pudding. Reportee was a CULTURA trailblazer. In 1965 cosroghs thrst black actor to star in a lead in network show "I spy." S Leth, and they are at thesenendnhe 1980s who out "The cosb show." It would be the most watched show of th entiredecade. He made people, especially I the african-ari community feelhathe depicti of a dad who was a or,as married to a wife whoas accomplished and H loved depicted something about themselves. Reporter: Post show he transitionedm 'S fatheto perhaps 'S croty grandfatr. E knows it's im to speak eng ex knuckleheads. He was sharply cricaith the W pere bringing up theildren andharply itical of E young people were behaving. R:arly ton have been signs of a darker sid least in hisomines. Now everything about Spanish fly. Repr: One of hisost popular gags, giving a aphrodis UT us in H drink. Repor R his havior seed spa for years but what sparked the exn came fro another codian, hanniba Burke. I canalk down because had a sce sit. Reporter: When this clip fromburres' stand-up act went viral in 20, flood O women came forward withtrikingly simil Stors that span decades and seemed to follow pattern that coy aegrugged victims and then assaulted them whilehesed T. I sat down with in 2015. Good to E you. Reporter: As he promoted a nofitrgn and W defiant in the face of the women's claind effect theyht have on his legacy. At a THA given allegatio THA that may overshadow yourge? It's inteing. Reporhis is a situation that's edented. My fy. My friends. I have been in this 52 years, and I W -- I've never ennythingike this, and really is thesituat and I can't speak. Reporter: Mes up to Yo says, know, my mom say you'veon sad how will you answer them if T areg you? Are you glt did you it? Are the allegatioue Im prepare tol T ungerson T truth Abo life. Months aer at inrv a bombshell CI deposition was released. Cosby and Andrea constand.sby's own wing the first R cracks in his public im tonight the man who so ma women S elude punishment for G I S his first manybehi bars. Now this caseasbo and constand, does it F like vindication for both Yes it one of the things I was M stick todayt he probab ha had the first sense O helplessne that he' ever had in his life. He wasenhere hen'tnt to by people he didn't want with to do something he didwant to do, a that' inflicted on us.the whole Thi is S it's not a day for celebrate it'shame T it ever happened at all. Rorter: For "Nightne," M lindseyav I norristown, pennania. We'll bright back.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Cosby, who was taken into custody immediately, had been convicted of assaulting Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58087066","title":"Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for assault","url":"/Nightline/video/bill-cosby-sentenced-10-years-state-prison-assault-58087066"}