Continued airstrikes in Syria kill hundreds in East Ghouta

Syrian government's offensive has escalated humanitarian crisis, warns U.N. as aid fails to reach people.
5:58 | 02/23/18

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Transcript for Continued airstrikes in Syria kill hundreds in East Ghouta
If you thought the Syrian war was ending, think again. .language ]. Welcome to what the head of the U.N. Calls hell on Earth. G ur ghouta, Syria, rebel held district where life and death has meaning. Since Sunday night has been a state sponsor campaign of mass slaughter, the president and his Russian ally are accused of unleashing all out war of the people there over 400 killed just this week almost a quarter of them are children. This is a rescue worker here, two weeks ago he rushed to the scene of one air strike only to discover his own home hit. And his little baby boy wounded. . . Found my son injured by people'ses pieces of glasses and wood. He's my only child I patiently wait the for him four years and god blessed me with him I walked in saw him injured in the face. He suffered shrapnel wounds from the blast. In ghouta where death is never far away. This passes for good luck. He shows us where his boy was sleeping when the blast happened. Today the baby boy is doing well. But in gouhouta there are no happy endings. As bombs continue to fall. As rescue workers scramble to help. And children plead from collapsing buildings. Destruction kapcaptured by camera man who saw his own uncle's house flattened by regime bombing trapped inside his grandmother pregnant aunt and her four young children. Where are they he shouted his uncle. They hear screams from under the rumble. All is okay. We're coming he says. The children scream for help. Bloodied, traumaized and trapped. Pull them out, pull them out! He says. As rescuers dig deeper he tries to calm the kids down, we're going to get you out he promises, he reaches one of the children and says give me your hand. Incredibly everyone was freed from the building, bruised and bloodied but a liver. But alive. This week hundreds of mortars have been fired on civilian homes and hospitals, deliberately targeting rescue workers and medics. The regime say the war is against the rebels who fired against the capital Damascus and killing sicivils and the response has been massive bombardment. Residents call it a living nightmare. I've seen the same tactics use the by the government else where in Syria, this was in aleppo where fighter jets and helicopters relentlessly attacked civilian areas. In the last ten minutes two bombs in this area. Emergency services just arrived. Men from civil forces gone in to see if anyone's injured or worse killed. Ghouta had a chemical attack five years ago prompting America to send air strikes. This timeout the world is largely silent. Okay. Now actually, will be in the sky. You can hear flying in the sky right now. Yeah. Virtual young media activist in ghouu gauft gaufta . This latest round began -- Was that an explosion? Yes. Explosion from Russia war plane. You ??? ??? You ??? ??? You okay? Yeah, yeah. He speaks when he pleads for help. What's your message to the world to president trump. Stop the Russian and stop the Assad government where the war planes fly and hit the building and the children in goufta we are people who just want to live and go to school just want to live in peace. Russia is blocking seize fire from the U.N. America is demanding immediate end to the fighting and access for aide. These are not terrorists, these are civilians ordinary people under attack by a bent Assad regime. The only thing that changes here is the death toll. For "Nightline" in London. Up next. The country was made up. But the language is real. South African singer teaches us how to speak the clicking

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Syrian government's offensive has escalated humanitarian crisis, warns U.N. as aid fails to reach people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"53297330","title":"Continued airstrikes in Syria kill hundreds in East Ghouta","url":"/Nightline/video/continued-airstrikes-syria-kill-hundreds-east-ghouta-53297330"}