Corsets Making a Comeback

Fashion statement once worn by Marie Antoinette is popular among today's Hollywood elite.
2:58 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Corsets Making a Comeback
Yes there is the particular torture of the five inch stiletto heel but considering that there were no juicy sweatpants. At Plymouth Rock no blue jeans -- -- side. All things considered seems like modern fashion is considerably more comfortable and -- past. At least it was until corsets started making a comeback ABC's -- sun does her best to fit in -- Irish. Side of the time she. Just weren't -- and launchers -- old kinds of images. He's -- sexy smell waste lines and torture devices as icy and found out. To have to do anything except when. I was -- -- squeezed and find any. Strapped into an 1870s Victorian replica. -- this. Actually. I'm extinct. Of those more. They've been around because of thirteen hundreds and -- -- -- -- -- They've evolved from using rigid railed on for support in the eighteenth century and the days of ill fated French queen Marie Antoinette. -- just stopping Victorian English. The Griese Walt Walt west. -- -- -- -- one twist. Using metal spiral. They can be very comfortable and they're very supportive and the support you back because as an issue front. Well try telling that to Judy Garland does she was being strapped into one of the room being meet me in -- -- Judy I feel your pain but now these -- constricting undergarments are definitely a big way. From Miley Cyrus. Did Downton Abbey he did you being his hope is also -- -- -- -- a going up even -- a recession. Even the queen's broaden -- maker Rigby and how are. Is reporting a 45%. Increase in sales and -- to you. There -- nickel curator at Britain's largest Corsica elections thinks she knows why. I think a lot to fact that you can bet that lives and they -- -- Without spending -- in the -- It was -- a decade ago women were too embarrassed even being seen buying -- I think women have -- accepted that -- currently -- that old man looking for an easy fix -- with coast to trade it in Sydney Smith died of policy. Now look -- can do a lot for young. At least according to -- warrant at her affects mood -- -- and an hourglass silhouette is second. -- -- -- -- -- And and not them -- two year. Old fool you need is one of these ladies and he had said -- That heralds of the king dead that matter -- reason for Nightline. I'm gonna happen in --

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{"id":17824095,"title":"Corsets Making a Comeback","duration":"2:58","description":"Fashion statement once worn by Marie Antoinette is popular among today's Hollywood elite.","url":"/Nightline/video/corsets-making-comeback-17824095","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}