David Gandy, Life as a Mega-Successful Male Model

The face of Dolce and Gabbana explains why modeling fame isn't as simple as looking good.
5:34 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for David Gandy, Life as a Mega-Successful Male Model
Someone asked you to name three supermodels you probably have no problem rattling off the names some gorgeous women. -- dimension a god surely they recognize their faces from underwear in Cologne ads but the number of men. -- made it into the zeit -- since Mark Wahlberg famously -- his boxer briefs. Is less than noteworthy let's say. David Gandy is looking to change all that here is ABC's and hero. His face and body are everywhere. He -- the runway just as well as those rugged and lucky jeans and he's eye catching those -- in the Obama campaign. -- not know his name but you can't miss bad taste and well everything else. David Gandy is arguably the most successful male supermodel ever you now have -- -- -- richest male model on the world. -- -- -- -- -- Where where where these calculators and the hardest item and then whatever intelligence on the tonight that a relative to have some -- idea I ever to destroy the records of the the top of the day. At 32 with his athletic build and smoldering glances Gandy is indeed at the top of the game. In an industry where female fashion models lead the way. How does that compare in terms of what the women at your level are paid less -- the disparity it's -- and there are -- very small percentage of the for male models attaining super model status has been challenging. Inoculate to be a funeral signal. If you're immortal they get an incredible amount of money in the government coverage and people know the names and going as -- world but they never -- there models and why. I think that's what we think it's time to -- But the -- -- Suzy landa. Yes that's. Well I guess that would -- best known for its -- Steve. Starring Ben Stiller as they dimmed gained self centered male model Ben Stiller cured -- -- -- -- things -- help -- love that -- But it's no joke that the men's fashion industry rakes in more than 400 billion dollars worldwide and his growing. And Gandy has changed the perception of male models breaking those cliches and pushing through stereotypes. Ever since a friend entertain in a modeling competition he later -- What are your expectations when you went into that show. I've heard hadn't I cannons in street from investments -- North won the competition important functions -- we could before it was an eventual. With his masculine physique it was difficult for -- -- first. He started off doing catalog shoots at a time when even male models were expected to be ultra thin almost feminine. Can -- in the trailer park the trends. I'm -- from saying these Christians Christian and that is different reform -- -- -- -- But that manly physique is what set him apart. And -- 2006 dolce and gabbana took a chance they featured candy wearing the barest of bathing suits for their light blue men's fragrance. Millions of people saw David -- in those tiny white trunks the ad brought him icon status in the modeling world. I have a personal love about picture changed my life but that -- was that it changed the industry. Authorities who thinks that today candy can pick and choose his assignment he's dabbled in film history. Seen here in the short film to wait -- day. There will -- dissidents and created style and fitness apps carefully managing his image. His breath as he calls it. I have a our. -- We caught up with -- at a cover shoot in New York City for a vote on -- latest issue. Dunn is -- tuchman there patient looks like Paris they -- me -- it's a positive. Courtroom at this stage of his career he knows what works and what doesn't and has the power and clout to call to shots. He disappears to get his hair redone -- -- Care issues. One issue this. But everything from what we're talking about today and you have a brand and that you aren't intelligent and that's a big part. Making sure that you're here goes after she wanted that's exactly and his success keeps him on the road constantly. Since the beginning in January I've been telling you think three times until you put forth arms across -- between Milan and and London. Hard to had a personal life it sounds like. The little bit yeah. Through yes that's right the world's most successful male model. Is single what is it like in terms of relationships -- -- -- to you make a point to not date other models how do you balance that. It is too racist -- during the before burning tree and you'll often they did annually -- believing that isn't that toddler in his twenty Italian sort of -- -- it's not romantic. A moto wants them so I think I can't figure -- -- don't send them positive. If she wants -- Johnson's -- please send them to me that. And -- At an age when most models have retired to Gandy is hitting his stride. And looking for the next opportunity. I. And viewers will be -- -- Singapore -- for the worst and I'm an option to repair in the hearts where where -- We've always pushed for Nightline I'm -- -- in New York.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The face of Dolce and Gabbana explains why modeling fame isn't as simple as looking good.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19353909","title":"David Gandy, Life as a Mega-Successful Male Model","url":"/Nightline/video/david-gandy-life-mega-successful-male-model-19353909"}