Demi Lovato: 'Warrior' For Life

Pop star talks about how fame can mean pain, and what she would say to Lindsay Lohan.
4:30 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Lovato: 'Warrior' For Life
Her sons are infectious brimming with a kind of folks that seem genetically engineered to provoke you to turn up the volume. On a sunny summer afternoon but for that twenty year old pop superstar Demi Lovato. Real life has not always been so sugary sweet. As ABC's -- robot learned in this raw and revealing Nightline interview. -- could sound and fury -- And from twenty year old pop -- -- you. Having -- and it's still beautiful but this time around. Fans and wouldn't you know mobile and -- criticisms -- Christmas film. Yeah success. With your new album release. I saw people online saying you've saved their lives. That is. A tremendous amount of pressure I mean it's fantastic minutes -- lot of pressure -- I don't feel pressure anymore or is he continuing on -- And it's. New self titled album. -- doesn't hold back. -- self empowerment to heartbreak. I saw that former -- Joseph Jonas sent -- a tweet. Congrats at DD Lovato on new record happy for you and I suspect elation that maybe he was some of the inspiration. Well. We -- our relationship and we broke and at one point I was really mad at them by. Today in this mummy which is the moment that I read -- and we have a great -- I was looking at some of the titles let's see. Really don't care warrior. Fire starter used only a tough cookie -- -- a tough -- -- -- She had to grow up fast a senior at age five. A child actor at just seven I -- -- you and I satin and you've been in this. -- percent and it wasn't -- -- has about fourteen when. I was on gossip sites and people are leaving really mean comments. Like many teenagers -- struggled with her weight. But under the harsh Hollywood lights and pressure to be -- it took its home. When I -- -- was growing up. I had no until it got to in the spotlight that -- A regular size curled like this -- retirement socialites -- Very very fan and we're going to clubs and that's what I. Had on my wife had pictures of these girls -- horse like. So tiny I have a ten year old girl who looks in the mirror and says I'm not skinny I wanna be -- I said that when I was like four years old. And that there's something around. Denny became -- and -- age eleven secretly started self mutilating her wrists. At a low point Demi entered rehab in 2010. I neo. That I was in trouble. And I knew that I can do it on my accountant the difference is now as when I don't want to -- -- I want to throw out after a meal. I tell somebody and I instantly takes so me. The power. Of what that has on me if -- -- when you see somebody. -- will you have words of wisdom for her I love Lindsay she's one of my friends and a will always be there if she ever reaches out but it's not my place to get her words of advice like I can't -- here and say. That I and miss recovery. That I'll be battling for -- -- And three years later it's still a struggle but Denny says she's finally being honest with herself and her fans. I've had tons of young girls like. Say that I saved their lives in -- that's something that they can't really found them all. She is spoken up for victims of teen bullying and just this month -- was honored by the Department of Health and Human Services for her work. Supporting teen mental health issues. Right. Moving on for Demi and is all about mothers who she is now I'm. Definitely heavier than it used to be that. I -- now yes. And it's -- I'm happy linked. Take care of myself so. Your new tattoo says something what does -- say now I'm away here tonight elect a warrior forever are not like I have no choice it's a for Nightline -- -- robot in New York.

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{"id":19198956,"title":"Demi Lovato: 'Warrior' For Life","duration":"4:30","description":"Pop star talks about how fame can mean pain, and what she would say to Lindsay Lohan.","url":"/Nightline/video/demi-lovato-warrior-life-19198956","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}