How Dua Lipa became one of pop music's biggest breakout stars

"I've done a lot of my learning on the job because everything has happened so fast," Dua Lipa told ABC News' "Nightline." "And it was quite daunting and quite scary."
7:01 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for How Dua Lipa became one of pop music's biggest breakout stars
disrupters. Dua Lipa. ?????? the British Albanian artist tonight performing her hit songs "One kiss" and "Electricity" at the American music awards. ??? I'm going to let you go ??? Reporter: Her self-titled Al Lumb Dua Lipa produced six hit singles. ??? One, don't pick up the phone ??? ??? you know he's only calling because he's drunk and alone ??? Reporter: Including this year's broadband break-up anthem, "New rules." The addictive video has become YouTube's most watched of all time. This is 1 billion. 1 billion plus YouTube views on this one. That's stupid, man. It is. That's crazy. It is crazy. ?????? Reporter: Her post-break-up battle cry "I don't give a" cementing her as Spotify's most streamed female artist of 2017. Even when you say it, like the number one female, streamed female, it's terrifying. I can't even say it my investment I don't want to say it out loud because I still don't see myself in the same place as these big, big global artists. Reporter: She might not see it, but life is all about perspective. Itures in five continents over the past five months. Her reach is global. I've gone a lot of my learning on the job. Everything happens so fast. Sometimes you have to get thrown into the deep end to just get the best out of yourself. Reporter: We joined the singer on tour in Chicago. Two years ago she performed here at the vic theater as a supporting act. I'm really excited about tonight. Reporter: Tonight it's her show. When I did that show. I was -- it was such a Big deal for me and to headline my own one it's crazy. You can make the argument that music is in her genes. My father was a musician in Kosovo, and he started in a band called order. What I benefitted from that was that music was always played in the house. Reporter: Though her father found substantial national fame, he moved to England before the Kosovo war with you Dua was born. And my dad kind of went to the university in evening and worked all through the day and watching them work so hard has really been a big part of why I am who I am and how my dad would always say you need to work really, really hard to get a little bit of luck. Reporter: An aspiring artist from childhood she was told early on she didn't have the voice and that's when she went all in with training and study and eventually posting YouTube videos covering other artists. Here she is as a kid singing Alicia keys' "No one." ??? no one, no one ??? I thought the easiest thing was to reach out with social media. Never had the Justin Bieber effect that I was hoping for, but it -- it created a form of failure for me and then I started getting some messages from producers and people are like if you want to use the studio you can come and just write and that's how I started. Reporter: Dua's most recent hit "Electricity" is a collaboration with mark runson. ?????? Reporter: She openly draws inspiration from other artists. We witnessed her in her green room being absorbed by rosalia's hit moments before warming up. ?????? ??? we've got something that money can't buy ??? ??? fighting your fear, biting your lip ??? Reporter: They say it's not what you do, but it's how you do it. ?????? I'm so gross from sweaty. It is amazing. Even when I first started. And people said what's the favorite thing about tour? Seeing the people singing the songs back to me. That's why I love doing what I do. Reporter: Being on the road can be tough. We're basically tour wives. Essentially. She takes photography at university and I didn't have a top photographer and I was like it would be amazing if you came on tour with us and got on the tour bus and joins us. Nice to have a friend on the road. She's mental and crazy. It's true. A lot of fun. Reporter: By the time we caught up with them outside of Dua's hotel they had company. We're heading off to a workout. Kind of feels Normal about our day where we wake up, we find a T that we like somewhere nearby and we just go. We work out and have breakfast and we start our day, and that kind makes us feel like we're kind of in a routine, and that life isn't as crazy as it actually is. Knott sthoet. Reporter: Later that day, it's back to work. ?????? as Dua heads out to lollapallooza music festival. I like this festival, and if it's anything like last night's show, it's going to be sick. Reporter: From there she heads into interviews. My first was this one here. Now I'm very excited to be here because it means a lot to me. Reporter: And a fan meet & grown. Finally, she heads out to the stage. Thousands of fans have been waiting hours. The band performed its rituals. ?????? and then it's only her. And the people. ??? Tell me that I've changed and I'm same ?????? Reporter: Connected by the music. And the moment. For nightline" I'm Zachary keash

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{"id":58399999,"title":"How Dua Lipa became one of pop music's biggest breakout stars","duration":"7:01","description":"\"I've done a lot of my learning on the job because everything has happened so fast,\" Dua Lipa told ABC News' \"Nightline.\" \"And it was quite daunting and quite scary.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/dua-lipa-pop-musics-biggest-breakout-stars-58399999","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}