Could ‘Hot Vax Summer’ usher in a new era of sex positivity?

After more than a year of being kept from mingling, millions of Americans are eager to return to exploring play and pleasure. Adult stores anticipate growth of over $8 billion.
9:28 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Could ‘Hot Vax Summer’ usher in a new era of sex positivity?
Reporter: Clarke Masterson is getting ready for a night of flirting and fun. I was one of the lucky people that was able to leave the city for the first couple of months of quarantine and put a total stop to my dating life. Reporter: The ritual of picking out an outfit and getting done up, something she sorely missed. Now vaccinated, Clarke is not holding back. Soon as I felt safe, I was ready to go. Reporter: The 25-year-old new York native is ready to let her hair down for the first time in over a year. Pre-pandemic I was looking for maybe a relationship and definitely for this summer that is not what I am looking for. The people that I know just want to have fun this summer. Reporter: Clarke is like millions of other young Americans who are hoping summer 2021 is one to remember. This is hot vax summer. I am so excited. People are finally ready to go hard. Make up for lost time. Reporter: When you hear the phrase hot vax summer. An opportunity for people to let out energy. People are so thirsty to play for connection. Reporter: Vaxed and waxe. So much so it is the latest dating app biomust-have. I also have vaccinated on my dating profiles. I also see people putting which vaccine they got. Reporter: It is no secret people are feeling friskier than ever. It was promising to see how many consumers. When the world got tough, they stocked up on toilet paper, first aid and vibrators. Reporter: The numbers are there to back it up with global adult stores anticipating the growth of over $8 billion due to covid-19. All of the clients, some are seeing as high as 345% increase in sales. Reporter: Anything from sex toys to contraceptives and with sales continuing to rise, seems like everyone is ready to party. Are more Americans going to be having sex this summer? Absolutely as they are coming out of a year-plus long time of sexual repression, there might be a difference of how they are having sex, when, who they are having sex with. I think everyone is very much looking forward to getting back out there. Reporter: Melissa is a sex industry insider. As the world shut down she said people had to find new ways to experiment. We saw a huge spike in commentary about people buying sex toys for the first time, and it did not stop. People kept buying new toys. New supplements. New pleasure oils. Reporter: The idea of being free sexually I the latest bucket in this greater conversation of wellness. We are definitely trying to bring a lens of health and wellness, because it is so Reporter: Experts are bracing for another sexual revolution, as America is reopening people are more curious than ever, turning to places like sex positive clubs and membership groups that encourage sexual freedom. One of the organizations, nsfw or the new society for wellness. Have you noticed an up tick in memberships and enthusiasm around this world? Yeah. Through covid-19 we doubled our memberships. Right now we are tracking one new member application per 30 minutes. Reporter: They host play parties like this one, exactly what it sounds like and were kind enough to host a pg version for our cameras. It is different. Reporter: How? It is not just a play party, you are mingling and meeting people. It is not just gay. Anybody can come and anything Since I moved to New York City, my community, friends and close group all come from nsfw, plus we all hook up too. That does not hurt. Reporter: Zachary has been a member for years but his boyfriend just started to come around. Reporter: I know Zachary brought you here for your first time. What that was experience like? Were you nervous going in? A little. I have never been to a bisexual space. It wasn't as sexual as I thought it would be. It was more of a dance party, hanging out, networking, connecting with different people and dancing. Reporter: Zachary, a sex columnist for men's health magazine hosts events for members of nsfw. My job is to promote sex positivity and sex education and make sure everyone has a happy and healthy sex life. It impacts so many aspects of your life. Gender inclusive, making sure that the conversation, I think reaches both men and women. Reporter: He is more comfortable than most talking about sex and hoping people come out of the pandemic feeling the same way. Do you think that conversation is translating into the world of sex? For the people that are super in to it, yes. For the people on the fence, these are the people who hot vax summer is a real thing. They will be more adventureus and go to a space like nsfw in a way they always thought about but never did before. Now I think they are going to do it. Reporter: He and his boyfriend believe their open lifestyle, long considered taboo, can be more normalized. As we head into the summer, do you except places like these to just boom? People are ready to party and to go out and let loose. You know, not be trapped in the house. I think people are ready for it and people want it. Reporter: Nsfw has two houses in New York City, but are far from the only ones. Across the river in Brooklyn, Clarke is partying at hacienda, another sex positive membership club operating in four locations in New York City and one in new Orleans. We are a group of people and friends who socialize around sex and we have values of consent is the most important one. And being able to authentically express yourself. Our book is sex. Reporter: Beth is the director of events here. We started to host in-person events again in early April smaller, sexy daytime brunches. So we wanted to start out small, just to keep it a little bit Reporter: Hellbent on making them do it safely now they are back at full capacity. Since we are just coming out of the pandemic, you are going to have to show your I.D. Or a negative covid-19 test at the door when you are checked in. Reporter: They are continuing to practice safe sex too. Beth is top dog but it is his business partner who is the face of the party. I love building spaces that make people feel comfortable. Reporter: From performances to sexual education, all of the way to lighting design, Kenneth's goal is to make sure that people are having the best time possible.p As we go into the summer everybody is saying it. Hot vax summer. Are you ready to lead people back out there? I am so excited. I think people are craving connection more than sex. They think they want to go and get off and go home. Most people actually just come here for the connection. Reporter: He says places like hacienda are a safer alternative than what most people are used to. You go out to the bar and find someone you want to hook up with, you have to take them home or go to a hotel. We have all of the space available, all of the supplies and support. People want a higher quality, more elevated experience and we educate people on how to be better in the bedroom. Reporter: Are people becoming more open? I think so. Every day life folks, programmers, accountants, lawyers, artists, musicians. Doesn't matter what they do but it is a part of their life when they crave a little bit of novelty and social. Reporter: They are hoping this summer will usher in a new era of pleasure for all. I think that a lot of people are just, you be, ready to say yes to more things. I think that is the mentality behind the hot vax summer. Everybody should be having sex at all times. Makes the world great. I am hoping the pandemic has made people more open to more sex positive lifestyles. I am really looking forward to the ways in which people will

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{"duration":"9:28","description":"After more than a year of being kept from mingling, millions of Americans are eager to return to exploring play and pleasure. Adult stores anticipate growth of over $8 billion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"78414930","title":"Could ‘Hot Vax Summer’ usher in a new era of sex positivity?","url":"/Nightline/video/hot-vax-summer-usher-era-sex-positivity-78414930"}