James Dyson, Making Homemaking Sexy

The self-made man whose empire is worth billions revolutionized the vacuum cleaner.
3:00 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for James Dyson, Making Homemaking Sexy
There are a few -- -- in history who really understood that a good tool is handy. But a beautiful to -- loved Steve Jobs was one guy who understood that marriage of function and design and James Dyson. Is another he decided that most vacuum cleaners suck. And not in the good way so -- build a more elegant way to clean our floors and -- our hands and cool our homes. And this tinker. Became a billionaire night. Here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis. My solution was a radical new technologies and trees live is constant and -- He's one of the 300 richest people on the planet and a British billionaire. With one deceptively simple goal to balance your Alabama action -- Powerful -- from with a small light mesa and simple Blackberry phones -- -- It's a promise that's one James Dyson a near cult following and a reputation for making the vacuum cleaner sexy. Personally I find good engineering -- designed six. Maybe outside the strength but the -- -- -- today. He's sir James -- -- in 2006. In visited by the queen during the golden jubilee. But in person James Dyson is as down to earth as they -- you walk down the street do people know you as the guy from the dicing commercial. I've got no idea and I had not. I dislike people remember the moment. -- -- the commercials. So how did Dyson who started with almost nothing in the bank. Make nearly four billion dollars and transform a seemingly dull household appliance. Into a must have status symbol on the order of -- high -- handbag or Smartphone. He's one of the few design innovators -- -- recognizable. As a personality. It's science believes Steve Jobs he did that by a the -- -- staffer for it. He is there aren't many people on the world who it -- over 5000 prototypes and ordered to. Get to the perfect idea have you ever been told by Air France terrible idea and gone -- anybody else. People tell -- the -- contain you know go bankrupt and it was a mad scientist who missed and reported to what kept you going. Paul from the very -- and drove to the bag comment you got a good thing in I knew I was guessing -- -- it. It all began with his mission to build a better vacuum. Most of us probably remember Dyson is best for this simple and humble tagline. I just think things should work that he was -- character that consumers had never seen before party inventor artist designer engineer. And as it turns out. Pitch man rather than that house cleaning up after the kids he put -- -- in his commercial. Let's solve the oldest problems whatever it takes -- members of good thing to do we remain a member of how to say it -- a lot to do is. Given the company -- When the DC seven appeared on the US market in 2002. The average price of an outbreak backing. It was about a hundred dollars you really need. Thought a product that everyone had overlooked. Whereas Steve Jobs. Invented some -- that wins. Sexy and cutting edge James place and reinvented something that we all took for granted and Dyson needed to convince the average American already satisfied -- average -- That they wanted and needed -- -- which costs three times the price. Pretend its -- -- -- wouldn't -- be famous -- do it because we've been recently found a way of making something work. -- you don't do it to make money. Then why charge for why not give it away for free when you -- if you do that you don't own doing what you're doing and have to be profitable. We have to do products that people want to -- And -- they are about one in five vacuums -- sold in the US is a Dyson a big chunk of the five billion dollar market. Even rising during the recession. But critics complain that -- Dyson is too expensive and that a bag less vacuum puts -- any when -- -- canister. In Dyson brushes that off and says his seat Grady is in the motor. It's so -- -- generates more than 100000. -- of course three times the force of a bullet shooting from a gun. I'm very very determined and -- stubborn yes that helps it helps the -- in April to sometimes. Listen to people's advice and sometimes more listened to. And you go -- -- system. In doing what you believe it. Still not convinced well Nightline got a sneak peek at his newest product -- The -- and hard it's a mob vacuum hybrid that not only sucks up dirt and it also wipes with a -- clock. So with a name like Dyson car unit devoted to the test because spaghetti food but yeah. -- -- James I would gift for you in the -- and hard -- and Sebastien actually left that can you help. How fast do you think you can clean the whole kitchen pretty -- I'm in two minutes you're up for the challenge yes two minute yes. Adding that was about sixty sec it's based word. And is doing the right side this -- -- a maximum load times. For Nightline I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New York.

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{"id":20089439,"title":"James Dyson, Making Homemaking Sexy","duration":"3:00","description":"The self-made man whose empire is worth billions revolutionized the vacuum cleaner.","url":"/Nightline/video/james-dyson-making-homemaking-sexy-20089439","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}