Josh Groban: On the Town

Grammy-nominated classical and pop singer talks music, Twitter and being a goofball.
3:00 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for Josh Groban: On the Town
His golden voice is one in the hearts of millions of diehard fans and peace all over 25. Millions albums worldwide now. Josh Groban is made a burst back onto the charts with a six album but. Despite all -- high profile accomplishments. It was -- ball skills that made a lasting impression on night -- own juju Chang. When they went on the town. Josh Groban who loses that -- nice guy appeal. That booming hop meets classical baritone has sold more than 25 million records. But there's a dark side to -- rarely seen by his. -- -- Right now at Dave and -- arcade in Manhattan Brad Pitt and we're excited to. I'm pretty sure he's cheating it's -- It was a valiant effort -- -- anti hero worthy opponent denial. His operatic range and vocal maturity commands praise and admiration and yet. Despite a long term romance with January Jones where he admitted to being madly in love and a rumored fling with Katy Perry. EUS. On screen like in crazy stupid love -- -- hapless guy who can't get the girl. -- some time. To figure out how I feel. Thanks. -- -- to act against type you know I think it's it's fun for me because music is that up on a pedestal banana tree and time -- -- -- voice you know yeah. And helping -- tonight and yes. Perfectly -- little -- -- Josh Groban is an utter and complete. Goof off. That's a bad thing. Even just -- -- has its own Twitter handle you've done a little hum -- tweeting in your -- yeah I you know look at -- and after the studio we have little you know we've skated to sell the owners and you say. The season Sandra but. -- got a lot of this one looked up and -- wake of the morning go Lisa left I find -- The okay. Little -- wouldn't. He may not take himself too seriously but his music very much so growing up in LA he was always musical -- again. But then. Hold a lifetime from family friend and renowned music producer David Foster to becomes stand in for the legendary untrue and -- -- at a Grammy rehearsal. It was an panicked so I called jockeys who I can't sing and key message you know -- you really can't just you know every campus in Josh. I'm telling you right now you can sing it in that he get down here right now you can now let me down. -- was -- so nervous. When the rehearsal was distinctive prayer in a duet with certain deals. Don't pressure. His father -- closing on video Josh was just seventeen years US. News. Error yeah. I have this -- -- like he's seventeen years old in a recent CBS concerts are leaning were called -- first time singing together. This kid comes on speech he looks like he's twelve years old accused same. He's got this early. Here I speak like distance. She helped me she saw him shaking incident took him you know and we're gonna be particularly -- And if -- -- It's so she just kind of like knew the little tricks like how relaxed as can move it. He's very kind and and I'll never forget yeah. And. All these years later after mega hits like you raise -- There's still a perfectionist. Street yeah. Even if it's a bit tongue in cheek I think there's one key change too many injuries -- Think that every time it goes that lasting -- ago. In the movie and you're just -- It sounds like the type of melodramatic critique you get on the whole school where American Idol so -- -- Would ever be and judge someone on the -- I would never say never I prefer to. To do that kind of mentoring out of the spotlight more and again I think that it's I prefer to meet with. Classroom not so much how to get -- you know which is exactly the mission of his find your life foundation which supports arts education across the country. We want -- help put instruments in the hands of kids and at that dance program back at that school and -- -- musical to two run at that high school it's like the police foundation it Cunningham. Chicago but we -- even appeared in an episode leaves today I came here to tell you yes -- Stop emailing me. This is a restraining order. 31 he's checking mature look on his just for -- -- six album -- that echoes features songs about looking for loan. -- kind of -- when I wouldn't say that an -- -- -- -- think -- I think you kinda guarantee you must have a lot of groupies let's be honest. I think it -- would imply that I do something about it not which I don't so you wouldn't sleep with them. When you would a woman I would like a fan I would like to date somebody who likes my music -- What is that well the difference -- it I wouldn't eyewitness than what that person to feel comfortable throwing their underwear on stage balancing -- maybe I would now. Maybe hell yeah I would maybe I want my wife. One day to be the first person to throw -- on stage. -- -- bad boy lady killer cred might need a little work especially since he's hamstrung by his true. -- ideals and happily ever after. When I fall -- -- again when I have a family and have kids I wanna be the dad that my dad was to me you know I want to be. The best dad in the world and -- husband in the world all those things. -- -- But first and have to get the -- For Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York operations that.

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{"id":18415963,"title":"Josh Groban: On the Town","duration":"3:00","description":"Grammy-nominated classical and pop singer talks music, Twitter and being a goofball.","url":"/Nightline/video/josh-groban-town-18415963","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}