Kidnapped in 60 Seconds

In the wake of the case in Cleveland, "Nightline" takes a look at other tales of abduction.
7:22 | 05/11/13

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Transcript for Kidnapped in 60 Seconds
Don't talk to strangers it is the cardinal rule imparted any child left to wander from their parents -- but. Somewhere between five and fifteen confidence builds in a world that once intimidated. Suddenly seems a lot less dangerous ABC's Alex Perez continues his coverage of those three young Cleveland women. Lured into a stranger's car and shows us just how easily abductions like those. Can happen. It's the first Friday night in Cleveland in nearly a decade someone somewhere is -- wondering where Amanda Berry cheated his suits and Michelle night are. It's also the first Friday -- Castro is behind bars for rape and kidnapping. Today DNA proved definitively he is the father of the six year old girl born while he imprison these three women Michelle -- the oldest of the three victims was released from the hospital today like command and Gina before her. She's asked for privacy to start healing. But the main questions remain how of these three young women were picked up without anyone noticing. Cleveland police detectives and now fifteen FBI agents aggressively working this case and -- disappearance captivated this community. Flyers rallies vigils. Reporter park has got covered the kidnappings from day one and was right there when the young women finally made it home. This is one thing on the tree that just gets me. The yellow ribbon. Which are missing photo. Pound alone -- Miller couldn't double Miller's months it was the hardest thing for a look at all the time please just couldn't believe every time she looked. How did -- captivity the entire city. Well I think again to see two teenage. Girls were missing. From the same general area. Right away just gave you chills. It was right here a 106 at Lorraine on Cleveland's west side back in 2002 when Michelle notwithstanding at this intersection at -- Castro. Allegedly offer -- -- she got in the car. -- And four blocks away Amanda Barry woods here at this Burger King -- aerial Castro allegedly asked her if she wanted to ride home she got in the car. And it was here just one block away from where Michelle disappeared -- do you think his -- with standing wed aerial Castro allegedly offered her a ride home. All three girls abducted within five blocks of each other. You know for people who are not familiar with the area where they disappeared from -- Is that premiers at the -- we can trust the people around -- busy area. That that's a great question it's a busy area. So clearly this was enough -- know grab -- -- goals this was. View you know do you wanna ride. And embrace it breaks my heart how. He tricked them. You know. Because you could just. We -- just you could just picture you can picture. They must have trusted something about him to get into a -- Especially port Gina knowing that he's the -- of of of a friend that he drives a school -- in the area. Abductions like these are all too common teenagers open are the easiest targets and predators know it. Hi girls my name's Bob. -- -- -- ABC news stated -- hidden camera experiments back in 2006 to see just how often a team will get into a car with a predator. Maybe -- per minute. Bob stupor is a safety expert posing as a police officer he shows us how within less than sixty seconds. These teens will get into his car without asking once -- -- -- walking down that way. Give -- a minute stand over here -- on the police officer will make an arrest right in front of that ban -- there -- over here the teens do exactly antisense. And a police dog is out so here's what I want -- to do stand right here if you see this dog to German shepherd -- running -- -- -- jump in this -- real quick. The two teens are now standing right next to his car exactly where he wants them. Opened up dumping and regret we've witnessed in the -- -- all you gotta do battle insides go over real fast. -- Her mom is watching her daughter Caitlin in a nearby van as she is stunned that in less than a minute her fourteen year old daughter has just climbed into the stranger's car peacefully. Atlantic actually -- not really police incidents and your mom right up here. In this band -- for -- moves. But yeah it's not. Credit is always get what it. I didn't think you're hot OK that's but why did you go -- This is important. What is it that makes this team do everything she had been taught not to do. If you really don't know what to do you're gonna do what I tell you. That's exactly what happened and I had to all the way in the car. Cleveland police believe aerial Castro captured all three of his victims by luring them into the car. Next Bob plays -- would be -- setting himself up. As the hero a. She lets the air out of this eighteen year -- tireless she's in the malls shopping she doesn't even notice she's got a -- time got a flat tire. You got a flat tire -- Right here Bob is using the good samaritan -- with the kidnap or appears to be the guy who has come to save the debt. You -- use this it'll bump it up and about two minutes. In no problem I want to back up before right here is included in mind my lighter work in years it won't -- 12 before she even thinks about -- JC will get into his car do you put that in my life there's two lighters blocks. Either one should work and the keys you may have the -- the -- didn't turn the ignition try to just the -- first and dummy when -- and Bob now has his next victim. Now and I've been -- real predator I would got it right -- you would have looked up and their I would have been right behind you and I would just moved you over I would have taken off and the door was -- as I'm driving boom -- be out of the slot just a matter of seconds I was -- levels -- I think what you did it that's important the right thing. That oil spill the good news is that half the -- we approached inducted into the stranger's car. I -- I don't think so I don't. But what's frightening is just how many of them did. And did so with surprising -- just like what happened here in Cleveland. It's happening right under our noses with people that these families some of them -- You know this -- -- -- school bus driver it's -- that his daughter was missing class is -- so. You know it's it's it's all tragic. But you talk about stranger danger all the time it's so frightening that these are people. A lot of people know as neighbors as France's president -- Tonight the infamous house and Seymour street is being boarded up. Covered up this time to protect evidence they can be used to prosecute aerial Castro not to hide the secret horrors that Amanda Berry Gina dejesus. And Michelle night endured behind these walls. For Nightline I'm Alex -- in Cleveland.

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{"id":19157252,"title":"Kidnapped in 60 Seconds","duration":"7:22","description":"In the wake of the case in Cleveland, \"Nightline\" takes a look at other tales of abduction.","url":"/Nightline/video/kidnapped-60-seconds-19157252","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}