'Knitting Behind Bars' Helps Inmates Cope

Two retirees teach a group of hardened convicts the virtues of needles and yarn.
3:00 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Knitting Behind Bars' Helps Inmates Cope
Wow what do you think about hardened criminals serving time behind bars you probably don't think about -- it. But -- want president Marilyn to determined retirees are turning dozens of convicts into -- -- with the help of yarn needles. And the zen of the stitch here's ABC's TJ -- -- wire fences watchman -- Group of men with felony convictions -- because that category -- so possession. Putting criminals back. This is no white collar country club. -- -- four. Kidnapping attempted murder book listen a little closer that had been and you realize there's more here than meets the guy -- that a small head fourteen years. That's softer side appears every Thursday around -- With two unusual visitors to the pre release unit in Jessup Maryland. -- wind swirling in Sheila Robles that. You wanted to give knitting needles -- hardened criminals is that a good idea. Rob man to have picked up knitting needles and walked through that door to -- c'mon let me teach you -- -- net. -- -- Terry respond to being top and that they've already shown themselves as being open people people that want more. Would male inmates have any interest in a hobby traditionally reserved for women. -- -- Rapper and Ireland women Sheila still remember the department of corrections in initial response time. What men want an -- -- they want to net I just won't anyone admit you like it right there. Nearly three years later and believes in their knitting behind bars volunteers. -- taught more than 100 prisoners to -- while dozens remain on a waiting list. Some of the inmates have even skipped dinner to make class. I feel -- -- the yield peace in my own. It doesn't do you peace and I think you were imprisoned some of the focus on her own mind. Only Procter compares -- to hanging out at a coffee house in his leg -- -- -- books without the -- we. Just don't just show them. And John day did you get your way from non -- utilized. They're going to be people that we'll see this story and might feel like we should do hard time in. You know going to a knitting class. Might not sort of -- their idea of what serving a jail sentence should be it would say that I don't something constructive -- not to be doing a lot of work. Beyond this -- you not that we. -- not. Been offended me. That's he's become -- -- -- Felicia Stratton and on -- then. -- Sheila give all the men up five minute knitting lessons she swears she can teach anyone. Into the front door there I have one of the guys put meat through the paces and the front door -- in the front order grassy yards for me you have to set yes. And you go I did -- yeah. Everything they needed goes to charitable causes like these happens for students at troubled inner city schools. You know we get out of the wrongs of society so our businesses -- way given back do you think you continuing when you when you get out. I don't know they're -- in the house -- humble it might do about thirty -- -- -- say they've seen their students change. For the better these guys are getting out. They can't go one day from doing hard time to the next -- -- on the street they have to make transitions. For Nightline I'm TJ Winick in Jessup Maryland.

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{"id":18225681,"title":"'Knitting Behind Bars' Helps Inmates Cope","duration":"3:00","description":"Two retirees teach a group of hardened convicts the virtues of needles and yarn.","url":"/Nightline/video/knitting-bars-helps-inmates-cope-18225681","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}