L.A. Lawyer Brings Hope, Learning to Soweto AIDS Orphans

Inspired by Nelson Mandela, Jose Bright went to South Africa for a year - and stayed 18.
5:57 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for L.A. Lawyer Brings Hope, Learning to Soweto AIDS Orphans
Nelson Mandela still in the South Africa hospital in critical condition the final chapter of his life. Is being written but his legacy as an inspiration to his country and the world is indelible and it's reverberated right around the world. All the way to one American lawyer. Who heard Mandela speak nearly twenty years ago that moment changed his life. And in time the lives of hundreds of young south Africans he has helped. Here's ABC's Byron -- You. Ed who. Well yeah. Were chosen by the hundreds -- in the ghettos of south African township -- -- Prayers for a better life for being answered by this. Well Dennis Michael. OK guys and -- bright. Baritone voice Compton California but -- long we've come California. Oh yes I've been -- -- -- -- And this is bright runs -- school -- -- -- is the African named the locals gave them. Roughly translated it means a gift from god we -- most of the students ages eight to eighteen -- or. Acts that your kids who lost one or both parents in this country lung ravaged by HIV. It's -- -- act -- an honest to that's up my grandma -- -- kids like seventeen year old Elizabeth. Her mother and sisters died for me it's where she lives of the small house with their grandmother and five other world. -- you can see this -- and then continuing its head -- to life is only seven people share one table with two tiers. He uses hot links to cook meals and keep the house it's -- in South Africa. Good night temperatures can drop into the thirties but there's a bright spirit to Elizabeth dark circumstance -- -- -- thinks he says to -- heretic who came into her life. My and I see him. The only reason that makes me wake up in the morning and -- going to is going his cousin is the -- thing. I wish people could see what I see every day. I wish people could see how brave these young people to walk so far on an empty stomach because they want to get an education for many in and this is the only -- that I have today yes absolutely. Absolutely and it's to breaks my heart sometimes to no effect. Children who come on a Saturday to to get extra classes because they now value the quality of an education. The menu that -- visited the in this corn potato. Children here don't complain don't ask for seconds. This is a measure of gratitude determination. That defines the hardships each face because this -- the freedom generation. -- -- -- -- You refer to the children in the south African coast especially those in -- what. Here where they inhumanity of a part time was at its worst people's -- -- of the Soweto uprising in 1976. Its most intense. -- Nelson Mandela first defy the government. And it this year decades -- Jose Franklin's. News making -- different. -- this is a country where. 7% of the young unemployed. -- -- unemployment is north of 30%. Has on the highest rates of murder and -- in the world. Absolutely and only less than a third of the population has a high school diploma. But all I can talk about -- one child at a time. I don't -- these links found. -- -- -- Most of these children were failing in public school deemed un teachable and unwanted. HIV aids is still -- badge of shame in south affixed to those stricken by the virus and their children. In Jose bright school those children are encouraged and the results speak for themselves. And twelve years we've had a 100% pass rate in twelve years none of our girls have fallen pregnant and twelve years none of our children have been involved in the criminal justice system. Your opt to -- I have no choice I have to be an optimist because I see the miracle every day and vote. Okay I'm still not happy. The pistons go on the college out of his classrooms have come teachers voice isn't -- down it. -- -- the right to -- teacher quality pizza and Fries. He makes us if you will -- -- in a place so Williams -- But in this country at this -- with this would be -- one man can do so much. As we painfully reminded as he stood in the kitchen with Elizabeth after school you're only -- today was -- -- -- school eats. How often does that happen. Talk to me. Insist that -- It -- need to Sissy. Has not had -- -- I don't think about myself and our hopes. But I think -- my grandmother had not. Since then picked since gotten it hasn't I think about old date if we don't pet foods yet house. Cousins -- tonight after being. Tonight in -- who they -- children by the thousands like to visit her dream she told -- college and -- -- quote. Take myself far. It's a dream -- may not be deferred because of one American who heard Nelson Mandela's call. And -- -- so for Nightline Byron it's so what. One man making a difference thanks very much the Byron Pitts -- that.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Inspired by Nelson Mandela, Jose Bright went to South Africa for a year - and stayed 18.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19583362","title":"L.A. Lawyer Brings Hope, Learning to Soweto AIDS Orphans","url":"/Nightline/video/la-lawyer-brings-hope-learning-soweto-aids-orphans-19583362"}