Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter wants to rescue family name linked to scandal: Part 2

After years of being in the public eye, Jessie Buttafuoco said she wants to “change other people’s opinions” about the family name.
8:52 | 11/09/19

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Transcript for Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter wants to rescue family name linked to scandal: Part 2
It happened yesterday -- Police say fisher walked up to the buttafuoco home and shot Mary Jo once in the head. Reporter: The story of how Amy fisher came to shoot Mary Jo buttafuoco captivated America. One of the bombshells is that Amy had worked for an escort She always gave me money, whatever I needed. And I said how did you get it? She says I'm an escort. I go on dates with guys, money's no object. When a girl at that age becomes that promiscuous at 17, there's something wrong there. Reporter: The story is a full-blown media circus. Mary Jo defends her husband Joey who denies having an affair with Amy. Amy fisher is a liar. Joe was adamant, he screamed from the rooftops, he had nothing to do with her sexually. To almost everyone else it seems obvious that Joey was lying about his affair with Amy My job now was to try to get over this injury and defend my husband. And I took that role on extremely well. Just when I thought things couldn't get any crazier, oh, it did. . Reporter: Amy's lawyer sells her life story to pay off her it $2 million bail and cuts a plea deal. Amy fisher pleaded guilty to assault charges, reduced charges down from attempted murder. This was not an assault. We were all furious. Reporter: At Amy's sentencing in 1992, she faces Mary Jo for the first time since shooting her. She confesses to an affair with Joey and tries to pass the It's also the truth that Joey knew of my intentions toward his wife and encouraged me. These things, your honor are all true. I planned this, I put her up to this, it was ridiculous. The D.A. Clearly wanted to prosecute Joey buttafuoco, at the least for statutory rape. But they had issues. Amy fisher wasn't a technically credible witness. Mary Jo buttafuoco, the victim, didn't want her husband prosecuted. So ultimately, they abandoned the investigation. I remember like the relief, like thank god, thank god's over. And it was just the beginning. Because my husband has a big mouth. Reporter: Amy fisher was sentenced to five to 15 years behind bars, but nothing could contain the public's appetite for the story. Took on a life of its own, because that's what the public was seeing, that's what they wanted. That's what the media wanted. Did I play into that? Yes, I did, of course I did. You would think after a huge tragedy like this you would maybe want to maintain a low profile, but no, that didn't happen. Reporter: Within a month of her sentencing, three made-for-tv movies are made about the affair. Whatever Amy wants, Amy gets. Reporter: Joey hits the talk show circuit. Joey went off on the clear Joey's name tour. She's the daughter after customer. That's all she is to me. Reporter: After Joey makes several media appearances, one of his co-workers goes on Geraldo Rivera's talk show. Did he ever mention a young lady named Amy fisher? He said he made love to her several times and admitted she was 16 years old. Reporter: The district attorney finally charges Joey buttafuoco. Another sad chapter in the story of Amy fisher. Reporter: In March, 1994, Joey is released after spending four months in a Nassau county jail but quickly violates his probation for soliciting a prostitute. He's always getting into mischief. Reporter: By 1996, the family relocates to California, but their problems follow them. Mary Jo ultimately seeks treatment for a drug addiction. So, between physically getting off the medication and then the counseling that I got, it made me stronger. Made me come home and realize, okay, you know, I've got to try and fix what I can fix. I can't fix him. I can only fix me. I was derailed, you know. If it wasn't drugs, it would be women, you know. That's all I can really say about that. Reporter: Mary Jo ends up divorcing Joey in 2003, more than a decade after the shooting. But the end of the marriage still doesn't end the Amy fisher in 2006, a producer approaches Joey about reuniting with Amy and Mary Jo for the TV shows "Entertainment tonight" and "The insider." So yeah, I cashed in and cashed out. Convinced Mary Jo to do it for the money. I had spent all the money I had plus had to borrow money from my dad. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. I was okay at that point, sitting in the room with them. I don't have sex with children. You did with me. You have no remorse. Thank you, everybody. We pushed the envelope pretty far on one of the last ones, where I pretended to be romantically involved. This is how insane I was. Romantically involved with Amy, which we not. We always loved each other. Yeah, we did. We did. Yeah. And I just remember being so pissed. You're galavanting around the streets of New York with the woman who tried to murder my mother? Amy, look over here. Amy? And where is Amy fisher now you may be asking yourself? Well, she's got an ex-husband, a few kids and a tragic past behind her. Look, there she is. She is choosing to be a she goes online and guys pay her money or girls, and she has sex with herself. Reporter: The current chapter of the buttafuoco family story finally seems headed in a positive direction. I wouldn't be here or be able to speak to you without having my coach, Robert, help me through all of the issues. It was like 60 years of issues. I committed to listen T safe space for him to reveal whatever there was to reveal. Reporter: For Jessie, moving on means moving in with her mother. About a year ago, my mom got diagnosed with some pretty scary health news, so it's more peace of mind for me to be able to live with her. My Jessie. That little angel, she has suffered a lot. Watching this, this debacle that has gone on between her mother and her father all these years. And I think she's paid a high price for it emotionally and mentally. It's extremely hard for me to even think that love exists. 'S really hard to change. I missed out on that. That's one of the walls that she has put up that I wish she could knock down. Reporter: But this daughter of one of the most infamous couples says she's determined to reclaim the last name that's been synonymous with scandal. I used my credit card, oh, any relationship to Joey? Just base they have an opinion about it. She says she wants to rescue the name buttafuoco. I'm going to look at this interview in ten years and be like oh, honey. Things are getting clearer, yeah I feel free to bare my skin yeah that's all me. Nothing and me go hand in hand nothing on my skin that's my new plan. Nothing is Everything. Keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. Of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. And skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. I see nothing in a different way and it's my moment so I just gotta say Nothing is Everything skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"After years of being in the public eye, Jessie Buttafuoco said she wants to “change other people’s opinions” about the family name.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66873412","title":"Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter wants to rescue family name linked to scandal: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/mary-jo-buttafuocos-daughter-rescue-family-linked-scandal-66873412"}