Michelle Obama Answers Kids' Questions

Part 3: First Lady answers questions from first graders with special connection to White House Christmas tree.
3:32 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Answers Kids' Questions
As far as Christmas trees go it's pretty hard to beat the nineteen foot and it took front and center at the White House this year and a group of first graders with a special connection to that tree. Got an inside scoop on the first family's Christmas once again here's ABC's Barbara Walters. When this lady Michelle Obama their doctors and bone. Welcome the official White House Christmas time -- take. Ridge elementary school. And as a dozen parks department -- days. Vessel in the nineteen foot Frasier. Into the White House raising -- -- -- place -- -- in the -- room. We -- Jewish groups at this tree farm in Jefferson North Carolina. Yeah a bunch isn't punching and fun to. Meat and -- grade class that visited the farm and put the tag in the treat destined for the White House. -- -- very high paying kids. -- judge in Washington DC and seal lion house we couldn't take then to the White House but we could take that question. -- we Aston elementary school children in North Carolina and they had some questions idea and they did. Yeah yeah. Absolutely we exchanged presents but presidents are not the highlight of Christmas for us the kids -- They make it asks Santa for a couple things. But we often we spend our Christmas every year in Hawaii which is behind it about Santa -- salute in a bathing -- Santa Claus with. A -- -- -- -- -- -- -- shorts. Patio lit dinner -- -- House that so many great things in mean there is some movie theater here. There's a bowling -- but I think one of the best things that we get to share this house it's like a museum and that's a really cool part. Obama -- YouTube. Through water that's that's an often ask questions I I explain to them -- Personable and -- to the president so one of my. Key responsibilities. Is to support him. In any way that I care and you know -- I'll I'll tell them about my initiatives that I'm working on. Trying to in childhood obesity -- a generation and I'll talk about the work that I do with military families and -- I don't know. -- home. You know there are over fifty fireplaces. In the White House so -- a -- he's got plenty of options we've got twelve -- means. So -- is a very resourceful individual I think he confined to weigh in here. One way or another and -- I think he has a pretty good relationship with the Secret Service so they give them past. But what -- I'm happy holidays thank you -- has always phone if it was time ago. But as a matter of protocol we wanted to give the last word back to the president saying -- -- Merry Christmas Merry Christmas everybody's. In this season of giving. Mrs. Obama is asking visitors at the White House and having -- watching to sign up for what she calls operation on a cot. This is a volunteer project will you pledge a specific number of hours and then fill them with anything from mentoring a child -- making a meal for our neighbor. It's all part of joining forces which is -- first lady's initiative. To support military families.

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{"id":18072229,"title":"Michelle Obama Answers Kids' Questions","duration":"3:32","description":"Part 3: First Lady answers questions from first graders with special connection to White House Christmas tree.","url":"/Nightline/video/michelle-obama-bo-answer-kids-questions-18072229","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}