Model Christy Turlington Burns is helping make childbirth safer all over the world

The model is the founder and CEO of Every Mother Counts, which has brought essential pregnancy, birth and post-partum healthcare to mothers.
7:46 | 06/27/17

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Transcript for Model Christy Turlington Burns is helping make childbirth safer all over the world
This just happens to be one of the world's most photographed beauty is Christie trying to burns nearly lost her life after giving birth but was saved thanks to modern medicine. Tonight she takes us deep into Africa where her life's mission is to help other mothers because in her mind. Every mother counts. Meaning. Should've been one of the how do you season relying. But for world famous model Christie to Arlington earns it was almost relaxed. I had such a good pregnancy and was so ready for ratings and yet this post delivery just like tied me your delivery almost kill to. I served to have ice. It is scary it was also very painful. And I was just so grateful to have the people in the realm back. Knew what was happening and I managing my hair. I want that for every mother. Which is why with her modeling career in full swing she founded every mother counts helping other mothers. Around the world the beauty of this is that he percent of deaths are preventable and 98% of the complications that arise are also part. When I you Tiffany taking the iconic at. 48 she still models for iconic brands like Tiffany grammar and Calvin Klein's eternity starring here with filmmaker husband Ed Burns tree. She graced nearly a thousand magazine covers and cemented her ninety's icon status in George Michael's freedom. It was a fun being being super model of the ladies. It's nineties and beyond I would be like I said no. And yet they're so much that that I might that doesn't feel like me and now I can never really escape it at the job itself. It's very stimulating. So thirteen years after that harrowing child birth she's here in rural Tanzania. Pounding the pavements. Wear down a dirt road past the vibrant colors of the African countryside we see her life's mission in action. She came yeah yeah. Where at the maternity ward of fame medical. A life saving oasis in one of the most underserved areas in the country. 500 babies many with life threatening complications were delivered here last year alone thanks in part to Christie's foundation. Everything back on its ground. Accidentally in this building didn't exist two years ago. District anyone's standards it's incredible eyewitness for free Gifford here then right. She first fell in love with Tanzania 25 years ago on issued for British vogue with photographer Arthur abort. She since come back with her husband and kids and today on her tenth trip. This. We see how the grant to fame is put to use. This is a gift from ever not a county it's icy so there's diapers. So. Patrick. Think. For the mother to Karen Amy science it's very very cool because all these women here they get for about. Two dollars and 25 cents gets the full prenatal program where they get ultra sounds lab work every and we couldn't have afforded and they couldn't afford it without written notes doctor frank. A little postpartum very. I'm pretty soon she's. This had happened. Doctor gave real Kassim is one of the eleven Tanzanian doctors who trains here when you have a moment like. Yes you please just save somebody's life you. What professor in my Mother's Day feel they finally. We're whom decision. Brewer who was single mother I think homeowners like groups in differently than citizens you're paying them. He says mom what's his name names Dennis. Down the hall to severely premature babies both under two pounds poor fighting for their lives. His. Zero players Facebook you know ground and that's fun you zero point eight to learn. The babies were delivered outside fame then rushed here. And he was a twin. He had enough one. How many hospitals how this kind of facility for premiums. Just this place. Maybe we'll. It is. Six weeks later the babies are strong enough to go home. Unthinkable had they not come here. And indeed at a clinic a few hours away the resources so scarce health workers often don't have electricity during nighttime deliveries like beets. Sometimes efficient in getting season needs moment in his bout your forces deliberately used in the dark sure. Some thing which is why Christie's organization is partnering with we care solar. To provide nearly 200 solar suitcases to health centers like this one this is your Seles advanced. And it's going to be going on the wall there when we finished that training the energy they harness used to provide lights and power medical school was an anti. You. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Now we have seen in a moment that coming would be very amusing and I teachers spend on credit yet. To date every mother counts is provided more than four million in grants. Helping mothers and eight countries including Bangladesh. Haiti Guatemala. And the way. Of course healthy pregnancies often means educating future mothers. Like assigned girls but wait a secondary school any of these girls are fleeing a culture of forced marriages lessons and reproductive health can empower girls like fourth. Funerals Laurie. You sleep enhancing. Its love thing. Phillips. He's my game better. Why do you want to have an education so that I. This picnic. Comes at a live look at Snoqualmie. Here's your family happy that your hair. You know how come. In 1990 from the united she says her sister followed her father's wishes and now she's that it's getting. Held a shame. He's going to be as good enough but then she's twelve years old and she has two children yeah because of the united. So to raise funds and awareness for mothers and future mothers all over the world. Okay. Kristi and her team cap off their trip. By running the Kilimanjaro half marathon. Motivated by these extraordinary but in every step of the what do you think about this whole notion of motherhood I think it's assistant head. Pass it to carry a life that unites women and girls. It's a powerful faith in you on all mothers to survive pregnancy. To survive and thrive. For more about Christy Jones and burns and every mother counts go to Slash Nightline.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"The model is the founder and CEO of Every Mother Counts, which has brought essential pregnancy, birth and post-partum healthcare to mothers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"48296828","title":"Model Christy Turlington Burns is helping make childbirth safer all over the world","url":"/Nightline/video/model-christy-turlington-burns-helping-make-childbirth-safer-48296828"}