Murder for Hire? Woman Allegedly Solicits Hit Man to Kill Husband

She said it was "easier than divorcing him," but an undercover cop captured her alleged confession.
3:00 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Murder for Hire? Woman Allegedly Solicits Hit Man to Kill Husband
Your spouse was getting away with murder. Well one Michigan woman actually tried to do so by hiring a hit man to get rid of her husband. And she isn't the first to take drastic measures that might make divorce look positively. Kuwait. Luckily law enforcement has spoils some outrageous plots here's ABC's John Donvan on marriage gone terribly wrong. A car door opens a woman gets inside pleasantries are exchanged. -- Sorry it's got a business scraps and and then a murder is -- in one of the most staggering conversations -- -- ever happened to over here because listen. -- -- -- -- Henry -- and Mike. That's. Had a bad. When I want attack it is her own husband she is talking about killing -- wrote in the breaking news about -- We're talking about -- aspect and -- back in the house. And harassment at me. It then it means she stinks that we got -- peninsula that got. You know actually want to know she's a Democrat and I didn't and -- me. -- -- And the guy she's talking to that right hand there that's whom she wants to hire to kill her husband she talked to him twice. And he was full of question. Look just like there. That's kept him and I think that's what -- said the -- of gunshots are graphic damage. Yes unless you can do it -- let -- act that would wrap up. -- Right. It's quick -- needs to do that perhaps it was paint us asking us. That should lot of old casket -- guess what you want album casket. And the stuff she's worried like the -- it might make -- and you have to practice what about. -- -- you'd have to have -- -- Absolutely can't Arab actors and grab it. -- I -- I don't I'm not understand. -- -- -- -- She didn't really need to worry because her husband is still alive and Julie emerge felt who wanted her husband dead. Faces sentencing for her crime on July 30 one mistake she made. Talking to that guy in the car he was an undercover police officer with the Muskegon county Michigan sheriff's department. Another mistake thinking she would get away with this amazingly the number of people who tried to pay someone to kill off a relative is more than you can count on one hand. Nightline has covered several such cases in recent years and and all of those the -- was caught in time. As former FBI agent and ABC consultant Brad Garrett told us these people keep making the same mistake. Or someone that they knew in their past and what happens in a vast majority of the time the person they step to go to law enforcement. Like Matthew Campbell who is now serving time for trying to hire someone to kill his own mother. Up -- she heard about from the police. -- -- -- me out of private and he said I hate to be the one to inform you of this of but. You bears we've been notified that there is -- contract down on your life -- -- -- contract if you like it just sounds I towns insane. But Matthew had approach someone to do the job who went to the police -- -- Or take for example the case of delegate -- Leno who like Julia -- -- Was taped making a deal for her husband's murder with an apparent assassin who was actually a -- -- -- She went so far as to put on a big -- performance when they told her falsely of course that the -- had been done. Telling them the. -- -- Back. Indeed -- case it was the typical miscalculation. If she turned for help to someone. Who then went to the police she is currently under house arrest on half a million dollars bond as her lawyers appeal her conviction wouldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the cold blooded Vista comes across of these stories. How into humor filled case she nonchalantly discussed the details of opting someone wouldn't part of her life whom she presumably loved ones. -- -- -- -- -- thinking. Act the eighteenth it. -- Wonder how can it get from loving and marrying two wanting to kill and planning to kill. She does turn this over again and again in her mind to so many times. She doesn't even see her husband is a real person anymore at this point he's just -- mark. But here is another twist on it. The case of Houston lawyer Jeffrey stern arrested for plotting the murder of his wife -- on his mistress Michelle gays -- confessed to being in on it and is already serving time. But -- on the intended victim says she still loves her man and is blaming the whole mess on the mistress. Forgive him for his indiscretions. The charges against stern were dropped and the marriage who lives on and how did that happen. -- spouses have something called learned helplessness. The -- spouses sometimes don't even want to break away they feel guilty. Brainwashed. -- imagine it's -- own fault and sometimes. -- even go to the murderous spouses defense to try to get leniency in sentencing. Stern's former mistress meanwhile was plotting to have him murdered according to Stern's attorney. Michelle geyser from her jail cell this plot it yet another murder. She has solicited. -- -- Two. Murder Jeffrey stern -- 20000 dollars. So these things do tend to get -- which is just armor filled didn't want what you -- that car out about a -- -- comes back. And why not just divorced her district well there was insurance money to be had if he were dead and then there were dispute leads to consider. And pesticides -- -- it's not a -- let me -- us it was easier. News channel task is easier divorcing and got it right at the gentlemen -- -- -- -- worry about breaking heart. So like us -- attack. Clean. Breaking his heart yeah sounds like that would killed. For Nightline I'm John Donvan in West Tisbury Massachusetts.

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{"id":19623524,"title":"Murder for Hire? Woman Allegedly Solicits Hit Man to Kill Husband","duration":"3:00","description":"She said it was \"easier than divorcing him,\" but an undercover cop captured her alleged confession.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-hire-woman-allegedly-solicits-hit-man-kill-19623524","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}