YouTube Parents Sam and Nia on Their Quest for Clicks

After their surprise pregnancy test went viral, this Texas couple became Internet celebrities, but are they going too far?
6:54 | 08/25/15

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Transcript for YouTube Parents Sam and Nia on Their Quest for Clicks
What's in your wallet? Speaking as a new parent. It's hard to resist the urge to share pictures of your kids on social media. This is my son Alexander, cutest baby on Earth. I can say that objectively. When do you cross the line of sharing and oversharing? The question facing the parents you are about to meet. Here is ABC's aditi Roy. Reporter: You are watching a husband with a plan. Samuel Rader I about to discover if his wife is pregnant. Brought home a pregnancy test. This time around I am going to be doing the announcement. I hope. I hope so bad she is pregnant. Reporter: Texas couple. Sam and Nia Rader, found themselves in a firestorm of controversy after posting this video. It started out innocently enough. Using a dropper, he extracts a urine sample from the toilet and minutes later. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Armed with a positive result, he surprises his wife with the news. What did you do? Did you get a dropper out of the toilet? No you didn't. I did. No way. Are you serious right now. No way! Are you serious? Dead serious. Reporter: The video quickly went viral. Skyrocketing to more than 14 million views in just two weeks. She wrote me and work ad and said I am two weeks late. I was like I have to got on this. Take some pregnancy tests. That morning. Came hope. The rest is in the video. So I'm pregnant. Yeah. Your's pregnant. I'm going to have a baby. What made you think of the yesterday to test the toilet water? She has been doing this since we've been married. Doesn't flush at night. As gross as that sound. How else would I get urine without her knowing it? Reporter: It may sound extreme. But they are part of a growing group of families who are sharing every moment of their lives on youtube. And making lots of money. It's been amazing. Just so much fun. Especially like looking back on the videos. We are getting to see our kids grow up. Reporter: From birthing videos. Oh! Reporter: To babies at the water park. Yea! Reporter: And even doctor's appointments. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Bless you. Family blogging is a huge new trend. We see a lot more people getting in on this. Not something in their spare time. If he's becoming a career. Putting of videos every day. Amassing hundreds of thousand of followers. That does lead to a career for a lot of these people. Reporter: In the quest for clicks some say the parents are taking it too far. Overexposing their children and oversharing even in times of crisis. We were so happy. A few days after the viral online pregnancy announcement. You are so funny. Nia says she suffered a miscarriage. The hardest part knowing it is gone. Once I miscarried that was difficult for me. Do I tell them? It would have been obvious on our channel if we stopped talking. And my belly never grew. Because well blog every day. We had to fill them in on that. Reporter: It was this tweet that turned sympathy into skepticism. Our tiny baby brought 10 million views to her video. And 100,000 new people into our lives. She turned our life around and brought us closer together. The couple was slammed online for touting their bump and followers post miscarriage. Some viewers questioning if the pregnancy was ever real in the first place. Some skeptics say it was a ploy to get more followers. That-up staged the whole thing? How do you respond to that? Well our simple response is we absolutely didn't stage it. We are Christians. The last thing we would do is deceive our audience. A lot of people thought as if we were gaining from ore baur baby's death. That wasn't it. I was trying to make it clear we gained so much from the life of our baby. Reporter: With the success of their vlog, Sam quit his job as a nurse to pursue the youtube channel full time. The goal its to shine the light of god and get the message of Christ to the world. Our main goal as a youtube family and to show what a family looks like when god is in the home. Reporter: On Friday, the Christian couple was thrust into the spotlight once again. Sam was outed as having been a member of Ashley Madison. The dating website known for matching up married cheaters. Life is short, have an affair. Sam and Nia declined to comment for our cameras, but took to youtube. I made the account two years ago. This is an issue that is -- in our past. This was before I got on to youtube. The account was open out of pure fleshly desires and just simple curiosity. I sought forgiveness to god heave has fhe has forgiven me. I never met with a person face to face from the website. I never had an affair with anybody ever, while I have been married with Nia. This issen our past. It is unfortunate it is being dug up right now. But you know our marriage is worth fight for. It always will be. The Ashley Madison scandal has tarnished their image. People are calling them liars. Actors. Fakes. Even questioning whether or not they are real Christians. Controversy seems to follow this infamous couple. This past weekend after packing their bags and heading to a vloger conference, Sam was reportedly thrown out after fighting with a fellow vloger who he says ridiculed his family on Twitter. What have you got there, babe? For now, Sam and Nia have no regrets and plan to keep sharing their les online. We'll do the same thing all over again, if we, if we are lucky enough to have another baby. Life has ups and downs. We shoef tw the ups and downs. And try to stay as real as possible. Sure. Reporter: When your kids are all grown up, when they look back on this, what do you want them to get from this whole experience? That we loved them so much. Awe thought we love them every single day. They made our lives beautiful. And I just think they're going to love it. I would love to look back on my life as a kid. Even if we quit a couple years down the road and do something else. Looking back on their early years, I think that would be amazing. Reporter: Do you think they will be embarrassed of anything? Yeah, I'm sure. Do you want to give her a bubble bath? Yeah. Want to take one with her? You will look back on some. What was I thinking? Why was I saying that?

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{"id":33296478,"title":"YouTube Parents Sam and Nia on Their Quest for Clicks","duration":"6:54","description":"After their surprise pregnancy test went viral, this Texas couple became Internet celebrities, but are they going too far?","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-youtube-parents-sam-nia-quest-clicks-33296478","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}