Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery

Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb gives "Nightline" the latest on rescue efforts in Moore, Okla.
3:25 | 05/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery
Is tough nights in Moore Oklahoma. -- to get tougher as first leg breaks over the searchers. Combing the rubble for those lost including children believed to be trapped inside their elementary school -- short time ago. We -- a chance to speak with lieutenant governor of the state of Oklahoma -- -- Thank you so much to take its time out of horrific day. Can you give us the very latest tonight the search and -- on search and recovery what's happening there. Albeit bill search and rescue search recovery. We never give up hope of finding out still -- -- that may be a lot of buried in the rubble. And the latest reports. Of course this could change America -- We have roughly 51 of the confirmed there 51 -- seven which are children. At one of the trauma centers in the metropolitan area -- there -- 85 complications. I believe -- sixty of those are children. And generators -- -- -- -- will review the search and rescue to search and recovery boat. The -- evening a lot -- will be powered up. We'll continue to look for family members -- loved ones and our neighbors all throughout the evening. Give us any sense of of what happened to those children were they. Where they huddled for shelter somewhere in the school and and the structure gave way do you have any idea how to -- -- -- right now you'd be the drill and on the tornado's coming. Student leader class -- to go to the hallway because that board or newspaper the Hartford advocate -- -- -- They are they're back -- put her hand over the head -- -- stayed out until the teachers tell them that they can get up. So that's -- the students are -- groups -- Is there any sort of early warning system that would have mattered. There today and more. Well the reality here is as much records are looking at right now very good -- different work. For the early warning systems we have an Oklahoma. Yeah -- -- sheltered we have an Oklahoma. Without a first rate meteorologist we have an Oklahoma man that loss of lives whatever that total number little equity. Depth of the -- but it would have been much greater depth -- -- -- -- -- warning system that we have an Oklahoma. Lieutenant governor have you heard any stories that -- that give you -- respite in all of this tragedy. Oklahoma is good at responding to a board tragic event we have a resilient people. Very tough very strong people -- very very -- People and once again -- neighbor helping neighbor people to showing up to help our fact within an hour and a half. We were Max capacity of volunteers. In Moore Oklahoma and parts of Oklahoma City where all the volunteers we could handle had to turn some away because people want to come to show up. And help those in need -- -- -- know what they may not be related for the record but the fact their neighbors and Oklahoma border help. Lieutenant governor toddler. Good luck teams coming days and hope you find eastern New. Mexico. And for those who considers themselves neighbors on an American scale who want to reach out the Red Cross is there. As our national proxy and anybody went wishing to make a donation to support their efforts can visit Red Cross dot org dial. 1800 Red Cross -- you can even just text Red Cross to 90999. As ten dollar donation will automatically go their way.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb gives \"Nightline\" the latest on rescue efforts in Moore, Okla.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19222613","title":"Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery","url":"/Nightline/video/oklahoma-tornado-survival-stories-19222613"}