On the road with Dua Lipa

On the road with Dua Lipa
5:06 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for On the road with Dua Lipa
Do leave a good British show video artist. Arguably one of this year's biggest pop music disruptive. Purcell cuddled up movement is to do believe. Do it means love and Albion and reduce it massive seven hits a single don't think. You don't dynasties ever now including this boyfriend breaking event in this game you're not afraid to tell me. Did this lead geeky music video has become one of YouTube's most watched of all time. Don't want. Rwanda or billion. Plus two views on this day. Most break the battle cry I don't give a cemented rumors when it modifies its most extreme humility part of and uncover that. She. Grammy nominee yeah. They use on its. Kids I can tell somebody. We joined this singer on tour in Chicago. Two years ago should be formed here at the vick's feeder as a supporting. Acts playing like an out tonight but tonight. It's her show when I did not show I was sides until the name. And he gets the headline mandolin is facing. Yeah you needn't go in and day out there's. G openly draws inspiration from other articles. We witnessed her in her green absorbed by bizarrely the Spanish flamenco and pop sensations new song. My lamented. Okay well I think dad. Just a moment because warming I'm you. I. Money can. They say it's not what you do know how you do. It's. An aggressive threatening. The amazing even when I fast so that people like to do anything about it I think it's. Seemed even sing those songs back to me. And that feeling Nevin and they canceled an Atlanta and intimidated. I'm doing is working with some music biggest name and your most recent hits. Electricity and is a collaboration with the Martin runs and it didn't look. But success comes with challenges in being on the road most the year can be tough. I basically. By the time we cut up with them outside a do lose hotel. They have come from. Heading off severe pain left I have bills. No more now on day. I mean weight not. I know what happened here like millennium by having just guys slapcast. We have breakfast inside and I kinda makes this bill independent. An eerie scene. And that life visit had paid dividends -- news. Later that day. It's back to work. Is due to a heads out the Lama who's a music fest in the next best thing. Having that it had anything like. Last night's show. From there she heads out into the interview. I mean side. And fan meet and greets. And finally. She had ducked the statement. Tens of thousands of fame have been waiting hours. They advance it's Richard. And then. Only her. Man's name. Okay. So I'm. Do we leave offensive. An apologetic and on top of the world. For night. And exactly quiche and Chicago.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"On the road with Dua Lipa","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59866956","title":"On the road with Dua Lipa","url":"/Nightline/video/on-the-road-with-dua-lipa-59866956"}