Passenger Films Hawaiian Plane Crash from Inside Cabin

Ferdinand Puentes captured the moment of impact and evacuation of Dec. plane crash that killed one.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Transcript for Passenger Films Hawaiian Plane Crash from Inside Cabin
One of engine fails there's no time for questions about -- or why minutes even seconds can mean the difference between life and death. You're about to see an amazing video of what it was like for the nine passengers on board a tiny plane headed to Honolulu. Just a few weeks ago when an emergency landing on the water. Led to a race to get out alive here's ABC's David -- Two minutes after take off a sudden loss of power. The engines of this Cessna grand caravan from puddle jumper headed Honolulu inexplicably stopped -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- this just happened just. -- realize at that moment what was going on all nine people on board know there are about to crash but listen. Not a repeat. And the passengers there -- We'll screaming. -- -- padding Ferdinand went to us -- -- four -- was rolling the whole time I was thinking. Is this like for real the only sound a cockpit alarm. And the -- outside in the windowless that (%expletive) CE yeah. -- just hit. That's that second first and it did was look from my life that's. I was there this funding trying to get -- open. It happened -- -- watch as the -- immediately starts to fill up with water. Water just field or he upped their ankles the sound is muffled. Cameras inside -- -- -- amount spent for snorkeling and which turns out to be just the right there. -- still rolling as everyone makes terrorists can't. Three twice for the homeless and two minutes of Democrats -- their -- He miraculously all nine people on board survived the crash itself and. Wing was -- there. I figured everyone was questioned as -- as I did I just kept them. And up to and -- We can't there was other passengers. Once in the water went this -- the others grabbed for any piece of debris they find. The first person those behind me -- cried for help she did have make that this that passenger routes it can. And drug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was only get everybody together yeah and possible we'll leave it. Everyone is remarkably calm Alice -- ends -- like this is happening still you know what I'm gonna wake up. He managed to capture this epic self. For his camera finally ran out of batters. It is that if -- stop. And everything that you remembered in your taxes -- ones in everything in those yes. I think -- states provided him. It's. It's whether you can ask it -- -- -- insists that time to stop it. Whole -- to schools in front of the plane itself stayed afloat another 25 minutes. The passengers stranded in the water for another hour Africa. In that time one of them actually swam back to shore hoping to signal for help at that time the rescuers had finally arrived. Topic came by. It was headed to my direction with rescue cement its -- -- -- takes bats and he just came mean. Came within a few feet of -- extended out his hand in this. Just pulled me in themselves exhausted. -- all but one of the nine people on board this was your -- periods. The -- -- Friday in -- -- -- wasn't so lucky she survived the crash but struggled to tread water at one point grabbing hold of and other massacres. She would paddling with their feet you know she wasn't exactly relaxed at some stage. She had lit go his hand probably fear that gripped tightly in connection with him. And then. He must like to see if you could get a response -- -- -- had there was no response from that time on. Friday it was a local celebrity Hawaii's health director in 2011 she found herself at the center of the uproar over president Obama's birth certificate. She ultimately released the document the fact that she was the lone fatality briefly became fodder for conspiracy theorist. But this new video may well go a long way to putting -- -- -- what -- This case so unusual he's -- -- pertinent questions -- the crash on camera. As well as the aftermath. Survival experts say they did everything right most importantly they stayed -- they follow the safety procedures everyone wearing a seatbelt. Everyone grabbing a life vest on the way out. And they clearly knew where the extra work. Those simple procedures are how the overwhelming majority upwards of 90%. Managed to survive plane crash and even on Jumbo jets like the AG on a flight that crashed at SFO last year. Where the US Airways shuttle that landed on the Hudson River five years ago the miracle on the Hudson April. And that flight as in -- -- the survival rate total lots to the skills of the pilot and the steady -- The passengers. -- go running all fun and -- it on this wolf we'll stick and this held onto it and he says he had his camera ready because we wanted to documented trip -- the I would like extra bucks landing there. And I was -- make -- a story. But I figured in I'll take the video must ticking off all so slow justice say to the -- We've taken off just as soon as they turn off the camera within a couple seconds a few seconds that. That noise of the plane's -- us. Just that just turned it back on then hit trailers on and it just hit -- Little did he know what a story can capture I guess. I'm actually and try to relive it. In my mind and so I can. Get used it to the feeding into us overcome it and you know what's -- -- -- through it notes can put it away. -- I guess that's how I'm coping with that -- Splash landing. -- passengers will never forget. I'm David Wright for Nightline. In Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ferdinand Puentes captured the moment of impact and evacuation of Dec. plane crash that killed one.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21496977","title":"Passenger Films Hawaiian Plane Crash from Inside Cabin","url":"/Nightline/video/passenger-films-hawaiian-plane-crash-inside-cabin-21496977"}