Remote Area Medical: Serving the Underserved

Part 1: "Nightline" spent time with the all-volunteer health care team in Wise County, Va.
3:00 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for Remote Area Medical: Serving the Underserved
We're going to take you to an astonishing annual event in and remote part of rural Virginia for three days people come from all around. For free clinic providing medical aid they couldn't otherwise afford. In a coal mining economy hit hard by disappearing jobs many of had to swallow their pride as they line up for basic care. They're men and women young and old traveling with their family -- -- going alone. Here's ABC's Bob Woodruff -- our series off the -- It's 5 AM on -- Friday morning. Nearly 15100. People have been lining up for the past 24 hours in the parking lot of the wise county fairgrounds in southwest Virginia. Charlotte sure enough but they aren't here for a summertime fair what do you donor. Getting a new dentures. Need you. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is my only option this is remote area medical a traveling health clinic known as ram when doctor. And this is Stan Brock we're headed for the gate to let people and for the next three days Brock and -- team of volunteers will turn this fairgrounds. Into a makeshift hospital. Providing medical care to more than 2500 people. People are showing up and Nightline's invited along to watch. It's always an amazing sight isn't. That here in America. At 5 o'clock in the morning was -- threatening this. 15100 people out there. -- towards the front of the line that her rainy family is waiting. The early hours trying the twins patience and -- this is the second year they've -- This family is looking for for -- for big move to they have and any kind of Central State daylight what they. Bring -- here we're. Brian and Heather will get their teeth -- -- Oh cavities than anything my feelings. For the teenage daughters and Iraqis. That's that's been known -- effect yeah what's your ticket number. -- -- only one to 1 PM the lowest numbers we'll get in first those with the highest numbers could wait for days Austria one of the first down. Good job. Back and -- farther back in line the Ramos family has spent the long night in -- car. And other assets your eyes and just make sure they're okay when -- -- -- -- -- -- You can take in. Right here he plays -- -- you they're coming here instead of gone to a good night. Central. -- round -- under communism works really hard and many troops the street and the last three years have passed and his cousin kind of problems. This heroes compare him to come what's your number what was it won't. 1113 eleven and. -- by EB sometime later in the day people here. It we'll have to wait -- this just before sunrise. The wise Virginia ram clinic. Are officially begins and number one. Within thirty minutes -- -- reigning Stanley passes through the gate. And the super stop -- with the processes you'll get a new. Tree out here. -- vital signs are checked. Blood pressure and blood sugar to and then the family dispersants Brian -- Heather to get their teeth worked out. The twin boys Jae -- Hayden go to get dental X rays. Yeah. And then a clean easy. Both twins get a clean bill dental health. Okay. By early afternoon Jordan her -- he is able to get in to see the -- doctor. The change in her prescription means a trip to the -- -- And successful search. Repair of friends. Over in the optical lab Tom and Judy Dandridge oversee an assembly line for grinding lends. Helping people see clearly sometimes for the very first time in years. That's what keeps you going to get frustrated. Get aggravated. Thank god. You've got forty or fifty million people that -- in this category. That don't have insurance and can't get the care that they know they can't afford it. To recent -- was born here and still lives here. Fourteen years ago she invited -- to hold a clinic here and sadly it just keeps growing every year. There are people out there and wheelchairs going to get in slept in that field overnight in their cars wrapped. It's pretty remarkable we stand we actually San -- in -- days in advance -- to this man. -- -- and it's just incredible the desperation that people have for health care in this country could have there's -- This is so expensive does that anger you. I don't I don't have time managed to get -- -- angry about it. Graham couldn't pull this off without the 14100 volunteers who donate their time expertise in compassion. People like and -- Rollins who's been coming here since she was -- How did you start being involved with a -- says -- thing. -- laymen that's me. -- -- -- -- All this is influenced what you're gonna do for your career. And remember the gentleman was hoping to get dentures after 24 hours of waiting. You recognize yourself and he has volunteer dentists Scott Miller to thank golf. Main -- thing actively that I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great reporting -- what brings me back -- It -- -- -- that he might even run into a navy nurse who was working at the Bethesda naval hospital seven years ago. When I was there recovering from injuries sustained from an IDD here in Iraq. -- -- -- By the end of the first day some 12100 Haitians have been seen how was today. Really well you know they get me -- -- -- hurt. Yeah Jordan has picked up her new -- twin brother's teeth -- here have stopped squabble. Maybe. Pretty good -- but. Here. We'll definitely be back every year. But even with all the volunteers dental chairs and good intentions. As the day winds down not everyone has been seen. Which means that the next day begins with people like the Ramos family coming back for a second day. I don't think we -- and listen in -- -- -- Wharton and handling outer bands. And hundreds of new people arrive including one man who walked into the night to reach the clinic. And I really need to take things are about their real name and my ear I don't know which can worst mine here in Normandy when Robert Ellis goes through -- Something potentially more serious is on -- When we come back we follow Ellis to see the heart doctor as hundreds more continue to wait for treatment. It's day two and remote area medical.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: \"Nightline\" spent time with the all-volunteer health care team in Wise County, Va.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20043556","title":"Remote Area Medical: Serving the Underserved","url":"/Nightline/video/remote-area-medical-serving-underserved-20043556"}