Rent-A-Gent Allows Ladies to Hire Hunks for Dates, Chores

Service offers men on-demand for events and handyman projects -- but not for sex.
7:33 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for Rent-A-Gent Allows Ladies to Hire Hunks for Dates, Chores
We get all kind of things on demand these days, movies, food, and now, apparently, men. There is a new company called rent a gent, offering up handsome, multitalented guys for an hourly rate. These dudes can teach, entertain, help around the house, even take you on a date. And it is all allegedly pg and platonic. Don't call these men gigolos. Is there a downside to renting the perfect guy. Here's ABC's Paula Farris. Maureena has it all, the job, the looks and depending on her mood, the choice of Frankie the acrobatic dancer, Harrison, the revolutionary, or Eric, the actor. An exciting date. Going to the Brooklyn Boulders, with one of the rent a gents. Reporter: Using a service, called rent a gent, for $200 an hour pick from handsome, intelligence men to be your sexless kiss-free companion, date to an event, cook you a meal or repair your sink. This is for the woman who has everything but a man. Also for the women who has everything and lots of men. And this is one of her other options. I can go to any bar right now and pick up a guy. Do I have the top 1% kind of man, who looks like a supermodel, speaks like he could be Albert Einstein and is able to make me look really good? Hmm. Reporter: For maureena, it is about getting what you want when you want it. He is an actor. He is winning award. He traveled the world. Reporter: We met up with her getting glammed up to go rock climbing with airing. It is very hard to find a man. Then you have to get to know them. Go through the whole dating process. You know, this is just a click away. Reporter: Women like maureena find the service empowering. Two hours of fun, no strings attached, definitely. Reporter: Some experts say hiring a companion could hurt your chances at finding real love. By hiring someone who is very attractive, who has got a great education, the whole package, then if you start holding up that standard to everyone else in your life, you might overlook some one who might be really wonderful who is in a slightly less than perfect package. But that will make you really happy. Reporter: Today, maureena is calling all the shots. She arrives at Brooklyn Boulders anxious to meet the man of the hour. He is here. Hello. Hi. Maureena. Reporter: She is already very pleased. He's hot. Nice. Tall. Hi. Okay. Reporter: That is no accident. Each gent is carefully selected by Sarah and a panel of ladies in a casting session. Reporter: Tell us about yourself? Described as a renaissance man. Reporter: Picking only the best. You have large casting calls. What's the process like of selecting these gents? The process is very rigorous. Men thing they can do it all. All kind of men show up. They say to us, yeah, I am qualified to be agent. Though I am 5'4", bald and 65 years old. Not going to happen. The criteria is three things, they have to be very handsome, they have to be intelligent, educated and have to have some kind of talent. ? I can hear her heartbeat ? ? from 1,000 miles ? ? and the heavens open every time she smiles ? Reporter: They say would-be gent? After gent. Thank you so much. After gent. Do you mind giving us a little walk if you could take your shirt off. Reporter: For some a little disrobing to complete the casting call. Um, oh, yeah, sorry. I got distracted. Reporter: While it may be harmless fun you can't help but wonder is this service objectifying men? At end of the day you don't want them to develop romantic attachment to the guys at all. Just use them and cast them to the side, right? Exactly. Reporter: Isn't that cruel and callous? No, I don't think so. It is the modern world. We have lots of options. Reporter: Seems like it is more acceptable for men to do that than women? Is there a double standard. Longer history of men doing that than women. You have to take care of your voice. Reporter: The women rent you, use you, abuse you and toss you back to the curb. No, no, I don't. I'm pleased. I think it is a different thing than that. We are going there to have fun. Usually, I think so far the people that have encountered have been very fun women. What am I doing wrong? Distance. Reporter: Back on the date things are heating up. Eric takes a hand-on approach to coaching maureena. I can't. Yeah, you can. Yeah, you can. You are almost there. Push more with your legs. Awesome. Reporter: Before too long they're laughing and flirting. The view is amazing. If you hold me from back, yes. Reporter: Where do you draw the line? Any kind of hanky-panky would be physical contact, kissing, we didn't do an of that kind of stuff. If some one gives you a hug, a different story. A kiss on the cheek. Hello, how are you? That's as far as the the goes. Reporter: How do you prevent anything sexual from happening? We have a contract with the clients and guys that says they will not do anything sexual. Reporter: On the date. On the date. Reporter: If they want to after the date? They will be fired. How was your first time climbing? Reporter: Two hours later it is time for airing to clock out. All right. Off awe thank you. A -- thank you. A brilliant idea. An amazing concept. That you will want to be with somebody for two hours. That's it. There is no strings attached. I think he did like me. He was looking straight in my eyes. Reporter: But don't stare too deeply. You need to be really careful about what you allow yourself to think or fantasize about. So if you start fantasizing abut this guy that you have now hired to spend time with you, it can cause you to get emotionally attached to him. And it can get really messy and most likely end in heartache. Now I am a happily married woman, but I like the idea of some handsome help around the house. Hi. How are you doing. I'm tommy. Awe call on in. Nice to meet you. Rad to get crazy? Definitely. You have done crazy things through rent a gent. Yeah. Reporter: Things are going to get a little crazier with these three tonight. All right. Reporter: Tommy the mentor was add Ver tivertised with kids. I decided to put him to the test. You are going down. Pillow fight! Oh, no. Even when things got rowdy. Tommy was the perfect gent. I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you. Thank you, Sam I -- Am. Gentleman, that is. Reporter: I'm Paula Faris for "Nightline" in New York. Our thanks to Paula Faris. This question, if you needed a

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Service offers men on-demand for events and handyman projects -- but not for sex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23806971","title":"Rent-A-Gent Allows Ladies to Hire Hunks for Dates, Chores","url":"/Nightline/video/rent-gent-ladies-hire-hunks-dates-chores-23806971"}