Rose McGowan describes alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein: Part 1

McGowan says the alleged rape happened during Sundance in 1997. An attorney for Weinstein said he "denies Rose McGowan's allegations of non-consensual sexual contact."
9:48 | 02/01/18

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Transcript for Rose McGowan describes alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein: Part 1
"Nightline," rose Mcgowan, the interview. There are people in fancy dresses. Posing. On the red carpet. And blacks close with stupid Len war was a lie. I knew they would drop the activists for the pr. It was most important night for the #metoo movement Hollywood stars wearing black to reel against sexual misconduct that lingered for decades. Yet one of the most crucial people in this saga wasn't there. Rose Mcgowan for her that night was all for show. Every time I thought about those black dresses I would get a body flash back. Right new. What do you mean by body flash back. I can feel him there. The him she's speaking about is Harvey Weinstein. More than 90 women including Mcgowan have come forward to accuse the once-powerful movie mogul of acts ranging from sexual misconduct to rape. This is an international rapist. This is the truth of what it is. This is an international rape factory. Every single place he ever stayed there are people there set up to help him rape. This is how it went. This is how it was. People went in. Girls. Where he said oh, you have a meeting, or come to a party, they show up and that party is just them. Who got them there, the assistance. You're saying there's machinery. Massive machinery. He's a sociopathic predator. He thinks he's done nothing wrong. Could many had so many chances to put a stop to this. Now Mcgowan herself is saying no more. Her new memoir "Brave" goes after the Hollywood establishment and tells the story of the day she says Weinstein raped her. Can you give us a sense what happened. My life changed. I thought my life was getting easier. It was January, 1997, sun dance film festival, by this point the 23-year-old actress known as a indy darling. I think sometimes the city is sucking away at my goal. Garnered praise for films like "The doom generation". Oh, you want to play psycho killer. Then catapulted to main stream success with "Scream". It's at sun dance she encounters Weinstein then head of miramax and shows she's just few seats away during her topless scene. She said it was deeply embarrassing. Go away. I slid down in the chair. Pretty mortified. Why did you slide down in your seat. I felt the man watching me. The studio head. I felt really skpoetzed. Like an appetizer I expose, right. Mcgowan refuses the to call Weinstein by name in our interview nor in her book. You call him the pig monster. The studio head. I never wanted him to have residency with my words. The morning after the screening Mcgowan says her then manager Jill set up a business meeting for her and Weinstein at the restaurant in his hotel and moved the meeting to his palatious suite. What were your thoughts going in. Oh, I realized I'm not like other actresses, that I actually have a brain. That was the goal of the meeting. To impressive had with your mind. Just be me really I guess. What was your first impression. I thought he was a wart hog from hell. He was terrifying looking. The single most ugly person I seen in my life. Despite that the meet goings well but as she walked towards the door to leave things took fateful turn. I was on my way out of door and next thing I know I'm in a totally complete dferent situation my brain is shocked and my body is left behind. In her book writes he pushes her to the jacuzzi roomand quickly removes her clothing and she's so shocked she freezes like a statue. One meeting you're in a meeting next you're in a bh bathro bathroom. He says he began performing oral sex. You wrote that you hover watching yourself sitting on the edge of the hub held in place by the monster whose legs are between my legs, trapped by a beast. A nightmare. Literally. A nightmare. And will never be the same. Was consensual, right. I don't know about you but when you think about consensual sex you don't fill up with tears afterwards. In statements to ABC news an attorney for Weinstein says rose Mcgowan is looking to promote her new book an in doing so tries to smear Mr. Weinstein with a bold lie, adding he denies her allegations of nonconsent you'll sexual contact and is irresponsible to conflate claims of inappropriate behavior with -- an untrue claim of rape. Every time they have to write an article about it where they have to put in it was consentu consentual, it's a repulsive and violating people. A lot of people say why didn't you run. A lot of people would also be stupid. They know they're saying horrible, stereo typical things that need to stop. Tired to answer basic mundane questions, not my fault you can't think bigger or put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been repeated terrorized so don't ask me those questions. What was the greater impact on you. I would have night terrors, sweat down an inch into the mattress and wake up screening, went on for years. After the incident met with criminal attorney about pressing charges but talked out of it. She said you are an actress you did a sex scene you'll never win. She's right. My reaction I have to do it a different way. She reached settlement for $100,000 in 1997. A copy posted on the new Yorker. In exchange she would not pursue legal action against him. Do you regret having signed the settlement? No it's not a factor. I took money because it was my only way of saying I do not like this. I do not want this. This is not consentual get off me. In a child's brain I thought $100,000 was a lot of money. She said that settlement didn't include confidentity agreement. Were there times in 20 years you thought about breaking your silence and coming forward. No. Why? People are too stupid. The language in media is nowhere close it needed to be. What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society and it cannot stand and it will not stand. The courage of her convictions formed by a hairoing childhood. She was born in Italy and raise in what many called a cult, children OFD, she left the group to the.s. Where she bounced from one home to another. You ended up home Ms on the street what was that like. Hungry. Very cold. Very wet. It was tough. What motivated you to become actress. I had nowhere to live. You were doing it to get -- -- Money. And food. Completely mercenary. Landed her first speaking roll at 15 in "Encino man". Oh, my god totalitily rude. Over the next five years appeared in seven more films. Hello she lives in Whittier. By 1997 her career was just taking off whether she says the alleged rape happened from then on she says it all fell apart. Do you think the studio head sabotaged your career. I know he did. In what way. I was his number one target. Line through my name. In statement representatives told ABC that Mr. Weinstein did not black list miss Mcgowan in fact continued to work together. But Mcgowan's work in film slowed so she Nick folked on TV work, for lead roll in the series "Charmed". Don't tell me I become good in my future. But under the surface her rejection of the Hollywood establishment brewing. These are very powerful people you're talking about. They are.

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{"duration":"9:48","description":"McGowan says the alleged rape happened during Sundance in 1997. An attorney for Weinstein said he \"denies Rose McGowan's allegations of non-consensual sexual contact.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52759082","title":"Rose McGowan describes alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein: Part 1 ","url":"/Nightline/video/rose-mcgowan-describes-alleged-rape-harvey-weinstein-part-52759082"}