Roseanne Barr makes tearful apology in first interview since 'Roseanne' cancellation

In a recorded podcast interview with her longtime friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Barr said her tweet "didn't mean what they think I meant."
8:06 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for Roseanne Barr makes tearful apology in first interview since 'Roseanne' cancellation
I should've known better. I should have not dot net and I can't a lot of ignorant I know about not the worst feeling in the world. All it took to up then Roseanne Barr's career was this single racist tweet. About the former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett it read in part Muslim Brotherhood. And planet of the apes had a baby equals VGA. Within hours her hit ABC show Roseanne was canceled and she found herself at the center of a major up. I horrible regrets are you kidding aren't blocked everything and I said should god. I am willing. To accept what terrible consequences. Did bring to cut I'd not got mom. In her first interview since sending that controversial tweet Roseanne Barr speaks openly with her friend the rabbi should leave beau tea. You understand what has caused a lot of pain. I do you know it's just make before. That I that I did it. And what it was taken that way. And is any part of you think man this is the beginning of some sort of PR campaign to come back. I can. Assure you. That from my perspective my interactions whether it has not been that at all. This latest twist in the long public career Roseanne Barr is a parable about that deep divides facing America and it raises questions. About whether a celebrity like market ever make a comeback after a scandal such as the days. It's going to take a lot for Roseanne to come back. But it does seem like. At some points that she she does have the ability perhaps to make amends. And come back and but just not immediately. Back in March Roseanne had returned to ABC after 21 years the re launch was one of the highest rated shows on TV. A show seemingly made for this moment the great things. Roseanne's TV family the Connors just like anything complicated funny and politically divert. Were still deplorable. Department and great. But all the success and celebration. Disappeared with that one tweet. I apologize to anyone who. Saw the bad. I felt pretended. And two got that. I meant something that. I in fact. Did not mean I didn't mean it the way they're saying I meant it. Her remarks in the podcast followed various previous explanations by Roseanne for her behavior at first she blamed ambient. Now she admits her comment was wrong but she denies that she is racist. I have not a racist. I'm. Any idiot. Instead she claims that she was not aware that Valerie Jarrett. Is African American. I did not know she was. BP competent at what is the reason pretty egregious straight I might go. It is apt former great because I guess what I didn't now cured black cop killer. This is a woman who clearly watches a lot of television is plugging into the news doesn't make any sense to that this could be the case I can't see that she would be lying to me if lot of that she says. I thought she was white and therefore what I said was okay she says that itself as a former racism I should have known that I should not have made assumptions about skin color about ethnicity. That in itself is a form of prejudice. It I never would help. Wittingly helped any black arts and they say they are monkey I don't. Would be bad. And they of people that I get that it just to me I didn't. She says her comment was misinterpreted and that her intention was to criticize Jarrett. And the Obama administration for their policies on his or I made clear in this. Podcasts and and Rosanne agreed that amidst our policy disagreements village she's a woman of phenomenal dignity phenomenal substance phenomenal cook intelligence and I'm hoping I don't know more. That she will accept this apology. Rabbi Shirley says he recorded his interview would Roseanne on May 31. Just two days after ABC decided to cancel her show. And this past weekend it was finally released publicly. We have decided to hold it when she. Achieved a certain degree of comfort and I think she was given the time for reflection and introspection and decided guess this is what I want to say that's when it was released. This is not the first time Roseanne Barr has been accused of writing a racist tweet there is this now deleted tweet in 2013. Another. Person who worked for Barack Obama she says Susan Rice is a man with big swinging eight balls again as an African American woman OK then he's little for that as Welch Meserve pencil that as well. I can only speak about my experience Rosa Luna for twenty years Roseanne's entire career. Has really been built on raising eyebrows beginning with her stand out act in the nineties. Which took a frank and look into family life and this is her very first appearance on national television. Would you welcome Roseanne Barr. He then got her big break on the Tonight Show. Hey Warren housewife I think pretty proud don't mess stay next. Net national exposure eventually led her to her own sitcom where her character often freely spoke her mind. In the back then I won't put in another eight. But in recent years it's been her comments are screened after getting the most attention. Just recently in response to a picture of former Parkland student an activist David Hogg at the march for our lives rally in Washington. Roseanne to pleaded to him Nazi salute. The tweet was later deleted and she apologized saying. She had seen had doctored image there was also this photo shoot in 2009. In the now defunct Jewish satirical magazine key but she was criticized for posing as Adolf Hitler. But she claims she dated to raise awareness. About continued genocide around the world and though she came back from those previous controversies it's this most recent one that has left many to wonder. Whether she can pull off yet another comeback. World in the same kind of controversy in which other celebrities have found themselves after racist incidents. Like Michael Richards of Steinfeld fame senior screaming at a fan in this TMZ clip. Michael Richards dropped the N word in a comedy club when he got fight was somebody. And it was recorded in his career was pretty much over the next day. Richards later apologized. Celebrity chef Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network after she admitted to using the N word and making racist statements. During a legal deposition. I want to apologize to everybody. Dean tearfully apologized let her career has never really recovered. Actor and director Mel Gibson went on an anti Semitic tirade to a Jewish. Police officer during a traffic stop Kerr since about Jewish people and saying Jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world. Mel Gibson does have a career room most of his career. Is stuffy creates himself Mel Gibson's very lucky that he has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank so he can fund his own project. I like Gibson Roseanne had a box ABC. Now the show bearing her name is moving on without her re booted next season as the Connors. I think Roseanne should get some credit for allowing the spin off show to go on and not keeping a financial stake in it when she created the original show that this becomes another IE a legacy hits. Then who knows down the road if perhaps there is a forgiveness tour suddenly Roseanne Barr comes back in eighty years. Take a lot more than one interview with rabbi surely. Should turn her image around. It's one thing to come back it's another thing to be whole and it's hard to see your becoming whole again.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"In a recorded podcast interview with her longtime friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Barr said her tweet \"didn't mean what they think I meant.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56162123","title":"Roseanne Barr makes tearful apology in first interview since 'Roseanne' cancellation","url":"/Nightline/video/roseanne-barr-makes-tearful-apology-interview-roseanne-cancellation-56162123"}