Behind the Scenes with Designer Christian Siriano at NY Fashion Week

Siriano caused a buzz when he used full-figured models during his groundbreaking runway show for Spring 2017 Fashion Week.
5:11 | 09/14/16

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes with Designer Christian Siriano at NY Fashion Week
They're called plus size models yet over half of American women are looking to them for what to Wear. Maybe they should be called average size models ABC's must give a couple Texas to New York's Fashion Week were one designers taking diversity. To new proportions. People who finds art and the fashion world. Christian Julia no that's just everywhere from Michelle Obama the Democratic National Convention. Celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Lopez. Should be hearing George he's lived up. It pours on the Broadway. Feeling to break. To bull through five full figured models fourth runway show this weekend at the end here just fashion. My mom is a size sixteen my sister's a size zero so in my house it was never different to have different women around. In my office everybody that I work with everyday I can imagine not being in designer saying like that girls who I work with every day couldn't find something to wet like that's very strange. We wet behind the scenes with Syria now as he prepared for the groundbreaking show. Here and ensure the team is putting the final touches. I actually it is about 52. Look we usually have three girls on the runway at times so it though lake seem like a lot of luck with on the show Glenn like eight minutes on this great. It's ten minutes for the show but the look and the world of this last forever. The casting call last week there are models of every shape and size we family for her baby girls and we only had thirty. Thirty fox 35 to forty girls total for 52 love. Safina Carlson was one of them. Every little opportunity tonight. Christians leave also missed the cut back stage here. Sign it before the show. I'm really important game the way that it. Figured models slightly in Carlson are commanding the spotlight. States. Plus size model actually Graham was even featured on the copper of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Its top designers still don't make clothes for larger women stopping their size is at to help. Even though most American women are a size fourteen or larger it's. Totally in great and our culture to address told skinny women we present this woman. This club was laundered seven feet tall is being the fashion ideal well she's unrealistic. Tim Gunn fashion industry icon has had enough it is true the designers maintain that women larger than a size twelve can be more challenging to droughts. I think it's a lot of poppycock. Be hard for larger women to fine designer clothes just ask actress and comedian Leslie Jones. She tweeted that no designers would help her with the dress for the ghost busters premiere until Christian Syria and -- came to her rescue why did you step in. Tenet to support her that way and a fan of her I love her I just wanted to give her a great moment. And I think it's way more exciting dressing people like her. That are kind of interesting and different and dressing like a fashion it girl. Syria got his first big break when at age 22. Yeah. Became the youngest winner of Project Runway that was just the beginning. Eight years later he's an established designer selling red carpet ready dresses for thousands of dollars so we're making really really beautiful. Draft for the Emmys and mass. Critics of the haute couture he also partners with mass market retailers like us. Where thousand dollar draft with a twenty dollar issue I love that idea. And Lane Bryant which specializes in plus size clothing. Why are you so inclusive why it's important to you I think you have to celebrate as many people as you can because you never know who your customers going to be never know who's spending the money and a close. The peril size fourteen or higher rose 17%. In 2016. To twenty point four billion dollars. But many retailers don't Kyrie larger sizes. And bowling team even. Forgive the designers. We're of the retailers and that's because the retailers have such power. They can say to designers you will do this you will execute this task and you will do -- well get on board people. Christians Giuliano is definitely on board. His message of inclusiveness. Shining through god I'm so excited to present thanks to you. We again haven't you can show that diversity all sorts of different size plus three girls Saturday afternoon moderating. Poured my mind I'm Morris doubles some folks in New York.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Siriano caused a buzz when he used full-figured models during his groundbreaking runway show for Spring 2017 Fashion Week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42076086","title":"Behind the Scenes with Designer Christian Siriano at NY Fashion Week","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-designer-christian-siriano-ny-fashion-week-42076086"}