UN secretary-general discusses global rise in misinformation, extremism, nationalism

The United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres discusses how these ideologies affect migration policies, attitudes toward climate change and the fight against COVID-19.
3:00 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for UN secretary-general discusses global rise in misinformation, extremism, nationalism
Your excellency thank you for your time mrs. may I interrupt your political mix. Them. Mr. Secretary General without the distant sixth citizen inspectorate general thanks for your time. You don't like honour fix I think excellent ceased to beat that he has. I'm Weber say sexes he plays an implausible. About that that's quick quick get people to stop saying it but Secretary General thank you for your time. It's a bit less so I want to start with. Migration policies because you know president Biden has reversed a lot of immigration policies of the top administration. Specifically the remain in Mexico. Policy that was affecting asylum seekers and I Presley spent time. In those refugee camps I'm seeing the plight of some of those asylum seekers so I want her. If you could spell out some of your priorities. Not just with regard to the humanitarian crisis on the southern border the United States but also oddly well hopefully. I believe that's what of the the domestic problems created by peaceful organization of societies. By. Xenophobia that to developing so many parts of the world by forms of national amusements Pope in these and walls they ejection of the far. And it was a rejection of migration. Not migration. Especially migration he's no organized can be an excellence. Way to. That. All full countries to be developed. But. I give you an example why Bob that is 98 years old and he has several people was central station taking care of until. And the Seattle migrants so I mean we don't migration we put delete so my vision is provided still organized can be of any importance. Benefits for people and spoke options and I am very happy to see that the US who the Baltic mission to migration addition to asylum. We choose to grant people that fleet puts the caution. Debts have beaten but beat teams of its status teeple V themes of a conflict. It can't be protected. I'm very happy to see that the United States is assuming it. That's who knew the protection of the national interests naturally making sure that borders on well kept. But this you me. They enacted to the Sony that it the end I'd say enlightened self interest. In dealing with the the problems of migration of the site. Despite the. Snow storms across North America. You just released a report on the warming planet. The UN climate report is being described as the starkest report yet on the environment. I'm curious. The US has just this month rejoined the Paris climate records how you counter this feeling among. Every day people that perhaps it's too late. But it's not too late on the content we all the time but you need to delete quickly. We have an EPs of the global temperatures of about one point two dvds. And he cannot go about one point five beauties because if not they'll be catastrophic consequences. At some people say look I mean it's so much gold temperate should be in Texas so we'll probably there's no global warming. I mean daddy is global warming as an average but the worst in climate change is not only the water he's obviously is becoming more extreme. Storms are robotics team or she makes is that temperature are more extreme diet -- what extreme. Kate Snow storms heat waves. Every seat is Monique scene and processing now in Texas is even if we it's cold temperatures it's also to a large extent. He backed of the this secluded him create it in the global environment and we've climate change and it's not too late what are the most effective policies you've seen going forward. I see the technology on all sides and in today's cheaper to produce energy based on the new walls then based on coal or on other fossil fools. Look at. What. Asset managers. The pension funds and the polls and those financial corporation saw saying watermark. They're putting their money on greens that money must go to great because. I mean if you put money on the bounty condominium listings of the possible late that they will be up to its authority will be losing my. And that indeed there when we see phrases that he knew what energy companies their values going up. And he's he faces coal companies it values going down so it's. The technology on outside the economies on both sides but of course we need to do decency shouldn't unit unit eaten we just tease I mean. Sub indices moved his appeared it has always been the case in east and in. We don't see exit would lead in the 1970. But we need to take care of the people debt citing faulty those industries so. We need let's program helps the heating economy but let's support those that losing the effect that the third don't economy is facing off. Let's turn to Cody nineteen and the pandemic something you've battled for the past year. You've talked a lot about the global vaccine distribution and equity there you called it the biggest moral test before the global economy. Doctors Without Borders is calling on wealthy nations to look towards equitable solutions when he to South Africa as being in dire shape. What do you think about the fact that a 130 countries haven't had a single dose of vaccine what does it say. About these. The industry disease. As suicidal approach for equity. These fiction national news that yet it's. Of course countries and to protect the populations. But no country would protect it if the other companies also want. We see an olive items debt t.'s move tonight. Notoriety speak about the leakage from station this asefi contention that the disease mutation. And it's a bit out of vita spreads. The marauding change spent any changes he can become more deadly. The Moulton is feasible but what's more resistant to vaccines. So we convexity our country. But you forget to vexing other countries. And not the country is the right as will take its it'll come back in the wake you over exodus Mike no longer be and relevant so. We absolutely need to it vaccines is a global public school it's affordable. And available to everybody everywhere now for that's these is the moment in each I think we need that global vaccination plan. And Joseph mosque near its mosque needles of have the power and resources so. Richest countries in the world. To tap pharmaceutical industry that have financial resources together we need service organizations like Melissa organization with the World Bank the IMF. We the support of the UN. We need to ebony legends he task team. Able to weapons of vaccination plan to make sure that we boast capacity production that's Lexus is not available. For his EDS a Europe's capacity put box but they need to let the license to proposals next consistently but as you seven on the confidence of south only in Switzerland audio and the England on the OK Gordon the US that's. Daddy's production capacity but we need to bring all of these capacities together and that led global vaccination campaign. For everybody to be next to make it everywhere before the fighters becomes uncontrollable. You mentioned the various variants dozens by count now there's even one out of Los Angeles. How concerned are you that these variants will pose a long term threat. Now if we don't vaccine next. Unit fought speed yet everybody everywhere. If the fighters goes on spending and it's changing. It's might we might countless situations two minutes of the fuel. It which we don't get rid of it every year that he's a new poll every of the accident velocity it is no longer. A. Adequate to meet revenue of X it. But the floor wasn't Cuba's Marxist carpets so we cannot afford to live in that easy is that you so many people Wallace Corbett. The same situation of who we must get through that coffee. And to get through that probably the best is to concentrate. Capacities are resources of the mixed with a Scott able to vaccinated everybody but anyway. You mention the World Health Organization a team of researchers from. WHO went to Wuhan to investigate. The origins. Of the virus there were reports at the time of loud criticism of the Chinese Government for a lack of transparency. What can you tell us about the whose findings and and how much you are pushing for transparency. In the context of global cooperation. The walk right. Tell the Ruble lost organization of that up everybody. Is that it's essential to have all the information available to a Fulton as bad as he. Hedging needs not only to be able to know exactly what this happens. But based on bet to create the conditions for these not a weapon the game went new vitals and be developed. We need to have a system that these bullet proof in relation to the capacity of the sees them. To response and for that system to respond if he's essential that everybody chants information and everybody shares response capacity. But you've talked about the rise in disinformation. Of cyber propaganda and how that has contributed. Two. Xenophobia of the nationalism of extremism. What can be done. Even in your view to fight that kind. This information it seems to be the core of all of this device. For some festival. Truth. And I think. The media. It as a key role to play and in. Tell the truth. Of course we can have many different opinions about the young team with at least a should the good lord what that he yelled cheese and then. That it will begins a bottle to deal he did that that different to be spending on technology depending on the religion depending on them the feelings of the way people think. We need to establish. How could stoke global commitment to tools to use tools does the bases. Foot trusts and the problem of today's world is the lack of costs and lack of trust. Between people and government lack of trust between countries the lack of trust between institutions. And is the lack of trust these and the mining they'll capacity to prevent conflicts balk at best it can solve conflicts all capacity to deal with the Corbett. What all capacity to be able to face the step of climate change. I want to turn towards women and girls I know how huge priority it is in New York term. You've talked about educating women and girls as a part of development goals. What has happens. During the pandemic in your view. There seems to be all up a lot of it backward. Steps. It is true right. He tease who in the two cities and we leave in the male dominated world that we then made the immunity culture that even though lost that kids. There's been a lot of Providence in the direction of genetic code to get out of debt but that is in a lot of problems. Now the call it as being and the mining debt problems. We see for instance that a dimensions the education of girls is an axle must from the point of who's in that equality. That we have seen. Domestic problems of education especially in the least developed countries and the main key themes what exactly. The goats and we have seen many other aspects we've been losing that solves more than man. Because that Jones would much moving to the informal economy naming the developing world. And the instinct seeing is that in the Frontline of the battle against coffee. Women out of its audience. And what looks at women lead this in the world. Most vehemently in this global successful than men lead lives in fighting effectiveness in the gulf. Which means that we have a mock Tibetan defeat if if more women politically that's more women in peace negotiations. More women in company's management. More we meant to gathering map. In full equality in full petty team in. Back to managing the present world. I'm sure you've given it some thought why do you think women are more successful. Leaders on the global stage it just as up and. When we look at the situation look at it and if that is a country that everybody could see this the most remarkable companies close the public is New Zealand's. It's a fantastic women live that. So I coincidence or lack. I no she's a fantastic puts believe but these missile site. We needs women and leading man and needs women and men inequality. In. Making Shula debt that fantastic confident lotion that boasts. He's to the management of companies the management of companies the management of the the cities that debts. Problem perspective he's Internet hate male dominated world. I think he's not that will look at female gunman involved with Robert nuptials will be equivalent we need to combine the two. You know I've done stories in Honduras and other places where we were fanned the side or or gender based violence is such that epidemic. It but I wonder if you are concerned at all about what many are referring to the second pandemic the silent suffering of women who are. That is another that mention of the pandemic when I asked what a global cease fire. They also lost Florida satisfied until I mean we have seen think he's attendant violence that have met to quit because of the and that it. And of course and its environs have decent sorts but mostly that he seems argument bills. And other children but I mean. Some menopausal victims attend events but the overwhelming majority. It is he's fed didn't cease fire at. In yet as of conflict in the wolves but also sees quiet until no more violence that aids commitment and builds mobile violence of any sort in offense. Actors and terrorists and so here it. Doesn't it plant.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres discusses how these ideologies affect migration policies, attitudes toward climate change and the fight against COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76131168","title":"UN secretary-general discusses global rise in misinformation, extremism, nationalism","url":"/Nightline/video/secretary-general-discusses-global-rise-misinformation-extremism-nationalism-76131168"}