How Sheryl Sandberg says she dealt with her grief after her husband's death

Sandberg says despite what feels like unending despair, the key is to stop blaming one's self and to learn to live life with gratitude.
8:55 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for How Sheryl Sandberg says she dealt with her grief after her husband's death
She's one of the most influential women on the planet Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg was on top of the world. When she suffered a crippling blow with the shocking death of her husband. But through her grief she had an empowering revelation. Resilience is not something your born when it. She says it can be tops now she wants to share her wisdom born of penny. I mean this is the unimaginable I walked into action in the standings and of course my fear is that he had diet but I hoped he hadn't. A horrifying discover the moment Sheryl Sandberg found her husband Dave Goldberg in a pool of blood while on vacation in Mexico. At first thought Dave had died by falling off an exercise machine. My Brothers and Aaron search and he kept telling me that's not true that is not what happened something happened to make him fall in the first place. He'd suffered a cardiac arrhythmia and the FaceBook CEO oh the woman who'd always seem so sure of herself felt utterly lost. Suddenly a widow should fly home to break a tragic news to their children. Sitting down with my setting outside and I ten year old son telling him you're never gonna see a father and this you know something I could not even imagine. From the very beginning I tried to tell my kids to respect their feelings it's okay if you cry it's okay if you since had a chalice of other children who have fathers. It's also okay to laugh and be happy because daddy for him. Their daddy was the widely beloved CEO survey monkey. 47 year old Goldberg and she were silicon valley's ultimate power couple Steve as my Iraq he always with a one to tell me everything would be okay. She was brilliant he sent Tarance to this day I meet people that I don't even now the safety changed my life when asked about. Your necklace. It's very special piece of tour isn't. Yet this is Dave's reigned for started wearing it right from the beginning and to me it's a symbol of Dave and his impact on my life. House my friends who really stepped in to help take care me. One of those friends. FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was one of the first people called from the hospital when he needs it had died he was at my house and his wife Priscilla the next day they showed up for me and my children ain't they took us on vacation they've come over to play games they're still too lenient. The author of lien Ian found herself having to lean on others Sandberg says she felt emotionally ostracized by her grief. Kelly illness tucking me atop my kids up at school not a friendly highs I had the other parents I think people were so scared Taylor on things that nothing in. It became the elephant in the room so she decided to share her anguish as millions of users do on FaceBook. I've gained a more profound understanding of what it is to be a mother both through the depths of the agony I feel when my children scream and cry and from the connection my mother has to my pain. The heartbreaking post has garnered nearly a million likes and more than 74 house. Comments won't most reaction really helps. Stroke open a flanking people to only show of support from mediation support for other people. And after that post people started talking to me. That was just the beginning. It's as if the tech executives set out to hack the grieving process summarized in one piece of advice the few weeks after. Dave dad I was talking to my friend fell about a father son activities but I had to tell. One day. When Dave to do this with our children. And feel sad clown option is not available. So let's just kick them. Out of option me. Option beat facing adversity building resilience and finding joy it's not just a book. It's a growing online community support group. Gauges for guys that are there all these people who are suffering in silence in an isolation. And I think the post gave people an outlet to connect and build community. Adam grant is known as the most popular psychology professor Wharton his specialty resilience wives out of the perfect. Co author of this book. Well I interned Adams Steve how often I turned out and is a friend's Sandberg says when she returned to FaceBook -- legendary confidence was sacked you're like one of the most powerful women in the world you're supposed to be the epitome of confidence. It never occurred to me that losing Dave would really trash my self confidence in other areas I was going to work can barely at their meeting without thinking about Dave or crying half connecting my job how is that possible it's actually called secondary loss can't focus. They have a feeling of his uncontrollable emotions that feel like you know other people are seeing them as fragile and that leads to a lot of self. Option beat essentially a handbook for overcoming trauma looking for pinpoints of light. In the darkness. Adam suggested that I bright town free moments of joy in the journal every night Franken at that my coffee taste create this morning. My daughter gave me a hug. Spontaneously without being asked my son told a funny story even if there's a tiny little moments even if their tiny moments of joy in the midst of great grief you have an. As a psychologist what do what do you know about the need to sort of express oneself there have been hundreds of experiments showing that viewed journal about a traumatic event. Even just for fifteen minutes not only does your mental health improved but also your physical health and crips. Amidst what feels like an ending despair the key says Sandberg is to stop blaming yourself and learn to live life with gratitude. I'm crave home I do not believe that ever was grateful for like I never thought team putting grow old and now I am grateful for every day. Her newfound perspective even making her rethink some of her advice in lean in. Re framing her views on single motherhood and addressing the criticism of privilege. We need to do better for single mothers 37%. Of single mothers in this country are living in poverty 40% if you're black or Hispanic. And that's unacceptable that means that we're not preventing adversity and it means for not helping people through hardship and we absolutely need to do better. FaceBook has since improved its already generous leave policies doubling the number of bereavement dates and while she's received a chorus of praise for sharing her pain so publicly. There are inevitably a few detractors. How do you shut down the naysayers who might say well you know it. Is and it's too soon to write a book. Everything is in their own way in there and time and and I want something good to come out of this tragedy. She has found moments of joy even has a boyfriend in fact it was her mother in law who gave her blessing. Dave's mother did the most profound things you were cleaning up this Claussen. She did she said in one day you will remarry something I hadn't really even thought about dating and you talk about it in the book this double standard that. When a woman a window starts to date there's a lot of judgment and eyebrows raised the judge people hit gains particularly. Women after their spouses tank and I counties and I wanted to spend my life with game and I thought I would but I don't have that choice. And so when we judge people who lost their spouses for China to find happiness anyway they too including dating. We've been really hurt their recovery. And I'm hoping that option he gives people the permission and they deserve to be discovered Tulane. And rediscover ambition Sandberg sits on the board of Disney our parent company and there is seemingly endless fascination with her future career moves. It's always in the air talk of like emotional centers in the next CEO of the next other big shining company. Or she's gonna run for the White House to think Donald Trump's big board and from. I'm not running for office and really love my touted feast mark and I were close before after he supported me the way he did through this. There's no an athlete ever want to work with the way I work with mark. Also and I know this sounds really believe we're deeply and Facebook's mission FaceBook. In many ways it's where memories are now you wrote about that song from wicked. The one that says you know for good in his says because I knew you had changed. Sat. Thank you. I. It's okay. I was changed by David opening. Headed your way of being hits. A fight. Unbelievable opportunity to have to Clinton with him and watch him parent parent reclaimed her. Ten year's. And I was changed by his staff. And sadder than I was before I still have this huge tres supports happiness and I still miss him so much. But I'm also I'm closer with my friends and family and people like mark and I never thought possible and I can appreciate every moment it happened my children. Maybe through this book I can help other people happy she had they have since movements and T.

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{"id":47022695,"title":"How Sheryl Sandberg says she dealt with her grief after her husband's death ","duration":"8:55","description":"Sandberg says despite what feels like unending despair, the key is to stop blaming one's self and to learn to live life with gratitude.","url":"/Nightline/video/sheryl-sandberg-dealt-grief-husbands-death-47022695","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}