Spring break partiers refusing to isolate amid coronavirus crisis: Part 1

"I'm not going to let it stop me from partying," one man in Florida said of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, other parts of the U.S., like San Francisco, have issued strict shelter-in-place orders.
10:18 | 03/20/20

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Transcript for Spring break partiers refusing to isolate amid coronavirus crisis: Part 1
This week. Seemingly un united respond in these United States ultimately. As the coated nineteen pandemic continues its. There will be people who died didn't need to die in parts of the country empty streets and shuttered shops. In other succeeds business as usual. I'm praying tonight a look at the varied responses an attitude state to state town to town with some left running to play catch up. I don't think they realize how serious this candy and sat. Rudolph when you got it. Earlier this week with projections that the pandemic could stretch into summer. Vanessa Hudgens drawing ire after posting this video online it's. I miss I get it like I respect it but at same time like. Even if everybody gets. Like Lara people who aren't then Ernie. Just terrible for like. Inevitable. The actress later apologized calling her words insensitive and not appropriate for the situation our country and the world are in right now. And new data released by the CDC showing that it's not just the elderly and vulnerable populations. Younger Americans are a risk to. Nearly 40% of American patients hospitalized for the virus were between the ages of twenty and 54 what's unclear is if any had preexisting conditions. See all these people out partying and living life and carefree in a way of its. Irresponsible and not fair for Amy just. Gold it's personal she spent the last week in quarantines recovering from coded nineteen. She spoke out on FaceBook to what she called the nonbelievers. Her message going viral and I just want people to take it seriously and understands bet. We all had a part to play. As of tonight there are at least 196. Recorded deaths related to cope at nineteen with more than 141000. Cases in all fifty states. But experts say that number is likely far higher due to lack of testing in New York large sporting venues like Citi Field transformed into makeshift triage zones in anticipation of a crush of patients. This soccer complex now a temporary hospital in Washington State where the first death from covad nineteen was on February 29. Implementing social distancing has until this week they left largely to individual organizations cities and states. On March 6 SXSW became one of the first large scale events announced the cancellation of its music and film festival. Five days later the NBA suspended all games after a player on the Utah Jazz tested positive for covad nineteen. Then this week on Sunday the CDC releasing federal guidelines to cancel or postpone events with more than fifty people. Social distancing can be incredibly effective. Not in isolation but in part of other aggressive containment and mitigation measures. But the key is every one has to be all in. And states including California Ohio Illinois Massachusetts and Washington announced the closure of bars and restaurants along with New York City thirty and we're gonna happen rappel from Hartford. For Steve of the future by Monday an avalanche of school closures blanketing 24 states followed by more in subsequent days. That same day president trump released new guidelines. Avoid gathering in groups of more than ten people and in the San Francisco Bay Area. These new orders direct all individuals to shelter at their place of residence six counties here in northern California taking an extreme step. Only allowing essential business to stay open. Urging residents to stay indoors. We've been working harder to support our friends who have out lost income. I am as well asked support local businesses restaurant. The city's famous haight Asbury neighborhood now a ghost town what is unusual it's. We know actor turned senator lynch and shops and. North of San Francisco in marine county local grocer Andy bought chips is taking extra precautions like disinfecting cart from. My biggest concern right now to keep in mind please help me in the front line. Dogs 'cause. They are no. Deal with them on a date date basis. But across the country this week a very different reality and some of the nation's beaches. Videos like he's stirring outrage with spring break seemingly in full swing. Why did Florida I get thrown I added that not obviously part of its glad we're gonna make the best looking into and I. We're seeing now. And potentially medically. Reckless behavior. On the part of a lot of people who just thought well in this pocket of the country I can still go party go to the beach. And with everyone else can Ken social. Distance and that's just not responsible. In Texas just yesterday the beaches look like this. Now desolate. The governor declaring a public health emergency. Issuing locked down orders. There's normal people and a in the followed her anything for college senior Jared did Merck what started as a fun trip with friends has become one full of uncertainty we were just. That the bar of club two days ago. With. Hundreds of people. And Mike were supposed to go home and potentially get this where parents or families are levers so it is. It's really scary time right now coach don't know what we're supposed to do and we just hope that we can stay safe and get over all this goes. And in Miami a different tone as the city closed beaches and parks the State's governor with this on Fox News. That message I think for spring breakers is at the party's over in Florida and locals here with a clear message for young people looking to party. It. -- Every day the clock is ticking on this virus we can always look back and say. That wasn't necessary or we did too much but we don't want to be in the other position of saying we should have done more. And we're now being joined by seam of Burma she heads the center for Medicare and Medicaid services and as a member of president trumps. Corona virus task force thanks for joining us. How my pleasure thanks for having me. We'll see my want to start by going back to those alarming images were seeing each FiOS tent set up in Seattle. Calls for the Army Corps of Engineers to help build emergency hospitals. Is our nation fully prepared to take care of the sick. Well one of the things that we've been doing is making sure that the health care system is prepared and that's why the president's emergency declaration that he may last week was so critical for our health care system it gives them a lot more flexibility. On the front lines in the hospitals getting rid of rules and regulations that stand in the way of doctors being able to treat their patients today on president trump was once again optimistic that we have enough respirators on hand. Having tapped into the military reserve but Governor Cuomo of New York. Said that New York only has about 5000 ventilator is an that the state would require more like 30000 are you confident. The health care professionals will have the equipment they need. Well there's severance going on across the board to increase the supply a ventilator sound we heard from the Department of Defense yesterday that they are donating their respirators. It was an important step that we took yesterday around asking the entire medical system to suspend. I'm elective surgeries and medical procedures and this is thrilling important because the surgery centers that we have all across America they actually have ventilator is and then secondarily the president has also said we're going to have we're gonna buy more battle later summer talking to manufactures about how they can increase the supply and production about layers. Soon to tell us about why some cities like San Francisco are sheltering in place. And yet other places we see spring breakers still gathering at beaches and bars how do you get the message to everyone to take this seriously especially young people. I think we have to look around to see what's happened in other countries and the incredible strain and it's put on their health care system. There really does take every single American. Playing their part president from just this week called for fifteen days of social distancing but what shall optimistic that that will be affected in Italy. They just added several more weeks to schools being closed is that a reality we need to prepare for. Well I think the important thing is we're not to take this one day at a time right so we know right now with the data that we have that these types of mitigation strategies fifteen days to slow the spread. All of the advice and there is the best thing that we can do at this time nor I have to reevaluate. At every turn we don't want to turn into an Italy and I think what the data shows us is that. Italy took a long time to react under the president's leadership he took very strong decisive early action. You know to put travel restrictions in place and that's had an impact. On on in terms of the numbers and today vice president pence announcer tens of thousands of tests are being performed every day and yet we're still seeing those long lines of cars in Texas and elsewhere. Hearing from people with symptoms were still having trouble getting a test how do you trust that gap. Well you know we've now started I think to see an increase in the number attacks I think we've activated the private market and every day we're seeing the number of task a lot. Now that being said I think the American public should be prepared to see that we're gonna see an increase in the number of cases because we are doing more testing is there no note of reassurance you want to get to the country. Well I did I think it's important that we all now that we you'll get through this it is hard it's difficult and every single. Person in this country is being impacted that if we all work together. Abide by the guidelines the faster we do that the faster that we'll get through this. Again thanks for your time appreciate you being here Sima. Thank you.

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{"duration":"10:18","description":"\"I'm not going to let it stop me from partying,\" one man in Florida said of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, other parts of the U.S., like San Francisco, have issued strict shelter-in-place orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"69704010","title":"Spring break partiers refusing to isolate amid coronavirus crisis: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/spring-break-partiers-refusing-isolate-amid-coronavirus-crisis-69704010"}