'Tis the season for competing for the biggest Christmas lights displays

From Santa's workshop scenes to Darth Vader, some families deck their homes in thousands of lights for a cash prize on ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight."
6:00 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for 'Tis the season for competing for the biggest Christmas lights displays
'Tis the season for Christmas competition. In New York out on Long Island, Peter Tom ma sell is feeling pretty good. How many lights do you have? We don't have a huge light count. What he does have is a Christmas display worthy of a fifth avenue department store window. Not just about the lights for you. It's not. We love Macy's when you go to the window displays. That was magical for me back in the 1980s and whatnot. So we try to re-create it here. We love the vintage feel. Reporter: There's a Santa's workshop. A multicultural choir. ??? O Tannenbaum ??? The holy grail is the African-American choir singer. There's only approximately maybe 12 out there in the world and I have two of them. Reporter: Darth vader there. Nothing says Christmas like darth vader. Absolutely. Reporter: Complete with a candy cane light saber. We make everything happy here. That's what I try to embody here. Reporter: In the past Americans have spent as much as $6 billion on Christmas decorations in one year. The prices have probably gone up since then. We're going to smash the competition. Reporter: Tomisello is one of the contestants on the great light fight where families compete to win a $50,000 prize for creating the most over the topdisplays. Kind of a Christmas card version of extreme home makeovers. The bigger, the brighter, the louder, the better. I've done this story for a couple years now. I've been to all different varieties of houses like this. From candy cane lane in the San Fernando valley to Brooklyn. To me I like to see my whole house filled up. I don't like to see a space. I want it to feel like Santa Aus house. Reporter: You've got a space. But that's not my house. Reporter: The big tree had 47,000 lights. More than on Rockefeller center. That's right. Reporter: It strikes me that there's this kind of arms race for Christmas lights. Like every year houses are pressured to do it bigger and better. Yeah. Reporter: Do you feel that pressure every year? Not really. I design a display, then make it come to life. Reporter: He's got a talking Lucy. Merry Christmas, you blockhead. Reporter: Olaf. ??? Do you want to build a snowman ??? Reporter: Then a reindeer doing stand-up comedy. Which reindeer can jump higher than a house. They all can. Houses can't jump. Reporter: To top it off, they even wowed the judge by turning their driveway into an ice rink. ??? and the whole thing is organic. What sold them on this house is that it matched so nicely with his Christmas display. Most people, Normal people buy Christmas decorations for their house, we bought a house for our Christmas decorations. Reporter: It looks gingerbready. At first it wasn't an issue with Pete per's husband, drew. When I first met Peter, he said he was into Christmas. But I didn't realize how much. Because he was in an apartment. Reporter: Did you think he was nuts? I did. Reporter: But putting this together is a family affair. A Christmas season that lasts three full months until they finally pull the plug. How long does it stay up after christm Christmas? Our last actual day is tipp typically January 6 then we take it down as fast as we can. Reporter: Christmas lights on this scale have been known to cause conflicts sometimes. They say good fences make good neighbors but Christmas displays that stop traffic, not so much. If some neighbors had their way, they would be very happy if the Fairfield police department could in some way stop this event from occurring. Reporter: My colleague found out that out in Connecticut after neighbors circulated a petition asking police to do something about the excessive traffic caused by this massive display of holiday cheer. We were very disappointed that she didn't take the time to come to us and say, I've got a problem. Reporter: The HOL well family has been turning their house into a light show spectacular for 18 years. They say all donations received go to the local Shriner's hospital for children. How important is this for you and your family? It's everything. Reporter: Police have since stepped in to keep the peace directing traffic and goodwill towards neighbors. Here in ronkonkoma, that's not an issue. Do the neighbors ever kind of knock on the door and say, can you turn it down a little bit? We have not had that yet. So what I like to say is no news is good news. ??? Let it go ??? ??? let it go ??? Reporter: They're big finale, a dancing Elsa. ??? Let it go ??? Reporter: Let it go all the way until Christmas. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in ronkonkoma, New York. ??? Cold never bothered me anyway ??? Our thanks to David. The great Christmas light fight airs on ABC. How did one of the most watched men in the world keep

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{"id":51581186,"title":"'Tis the season for competing for the biggest Christmas lights displays","duration":"6:00","description":"From Santa's workshop scenes to Darth Vader, some families deck their homes in thousands of lights for a cash prize on ABC's \"The Great Christmas Light Fight.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/tis-season-competing-biggest-christmas-lights-displays-51581186","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}