'TrumpLand,' Michael Moore's October Surprise

6:17 | 10/26/16

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Transcript for 'TrumpLand,' Michael Moore's October Surprise
Michael Moore's new surprise documentary "Trumpland" was released without warning and without promotion. Still it quickly shot to number one on iTunes and is sending shock waves across the political landscape. Here's my "Nightline" coanchor juju Chang for more of our series "Inside the final 30." We're heading to a studio to interview Michael Moore. He has the number one movie on iTunes right now. Like a Beyonce surprise drop hit. And while it's a love letter to Hillary, it's also a surprising appeal to trump voters. You know, I have an entourage today because as a working mom you've got to do what you've got to do. There's always talk of October surprises. But nobody was expecting this. Michael Moore in trumpland. Before we got people who weren't going to vote at all, how about third-party people? Anybody voting for a third-party candidate? Reporter: One part standup -- The conservatives are like, get in the car, we're going to outback! Reporter: Two parts guerilla film-making. This entire november was shot and edited in 11 days. Reporter: All parts his impassioned plea for America's future. Good night, America. You've just elected the last president of the United States. Boys, quiet on the set. Come on over. Your seat is here. This is a boffo, number one iTunes, number one everywhere. A week ago it wasn't even a movie, seriously. I was in this building doing the sound mix a week ago today. Reporter: Michael Moore, the eternal darling the anti-establishment left, tapping into the same working-class 18er that launched his first film "Roger and me" which railed against lost jobs in the auto industry. What is he so happy about? We lost our jobs. Reporter: "Bowling for columbine" railed against rampant gun violence. They were shot at columbine with bullets from kmart. Reporter: "Fahrenheit 9/11." Corporations decided to hold a conference to figure out how much money could be made. Reporter: Which railed against the Iraq war. This newest offering showing a softer side. The things we don't agree on, all right, you love your guns. I don't want a gun, I don't get a gun, I won't get one. It's unexpected in many ways because you sort of expect a left-wing propaganda piece. It's more of an olive branch to trump supporters. Well, you know, I live in Michigan. I grew up with a lot of the people who have had their lives ruined by the system. So they're mad. They see Donald Trump as their human molotov cocktail. Yes, on November 8th, you, Joe blow, Steve blow, Bob blow, Billy blow, Billy Bob blow, all the blows. Get to go and blow up the whole System. Because it's your right. Reporter: But it's a protest vote Moore argues we'd regret. So when the rightfully angry people of Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin find out after a few months in office that president trump wasn't going to do a damn thing for them, it will be too late. Reporter: I was surprised to discover just how deeply Moore's views over the years clashed with Clinton's. You were never a Hillary supporter. Even through the primary. Right. No, no, I didn't vote for her in '08, I voted for Obama. Thank you all very much! This year I voted for Bernie. I didn't vote for Bill Clinton. Back in the '90s. I voted third party. Because he was such a conservative Democrat. I've never been a fan of them politically. But I've always admired and respected them as people. As human beings. Universal coverage now -- Reporter: He says he grew to admire the former first lady's passion for universal health care. The topic of Moore's own 2007 film "Sicko." Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to make health care for everyone her top priority. Why is her push in health care so moving to you? 20, almost 20 yea5 years ago, she put her neck right there on the chopping block so that we, all of us, would have universal health care. And she was destroyed for it. 1 million people have died in America, 1 million of our fellow Americans have died since she tried to get us all universal health care. I've never forgotten what she tried to do for us and the hell she had to pay for it. In a couple of weeks we have a chance to redeem ourselves with her. Reporter: His assertions, opinions, controversial. But definitely timely as Obamacare comes under renewed attack. The Obama administration just today confirming double-digit rate hikes for Obama care for next year. It's no doubt going to be an election issue for the last two weeks. Something that Hillary Clinton is going to have to defend. Obamacare is unpopular and Michael Moore is keenly aware of why Clinton is too. Benghazi. Okay, Benghazi. Yes. Oh, she's been cleared of the charges six times. That's not enough! Are you trying to appeal to trump supporters? Are you trying to appeal to Bernie supporters? Or both? I'm trying to convince people who are not going to vote to vote. I'm trying to say to fellow Bernie supporters, come on, she ain't that bad. I'm trying to say to the people who are going to vote two parties, we do need more than two parties in this country, this isn't the year to throw your vote away. I am saying to the guys I grew up with, this guy is not going to do what he's promising to do, and this woman is going to do something profound for our kids and our grandkids and let's give her a shot here. You once famously said democracy is not a spectate are sport. Yes. 30 years ago I said this. If people stay home, they're saying 50% will stay home, you're essentially anti-american and you're anti-democracy if you're not going to participate. We're all Americans, right? Let's just start there. Regardless who we're voting for, right? We're on the same boat. And we're going to sink or swim together. And I'd rather we swim. Do you think this might have an outcome on the election? I hope so. You're like the Russians trying to influence the election? Yes. Except I'm more -- Except you're an American citizen? Yes, I'm more like Russian dressing, you know? Very funny. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm juju Chang in New York.

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