How to Become 'The Walking Dead's' Terrifying Zombies

Eulyn Womble, the show's costume stylist, believes the clothes and make-up tell a character's back story.
6:58 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for How to Become 'The Walking Dead's' Terrifying Zombies
Every jury use in effect they're working around the you know it. Did he was hopeful we'll look at the it's very strange to the very beginning it's. I don't know why. Me because I've only been on set for a couple minutes but yeah weird. I'm David Sunday night made that don't tightening NM not exactly are and what's that mean higher tell us anything that position that things. It's sad for them a lot of times the system and it decided I'm going to Jason request to send they would before. And Dane Jason accordingly and they intended. Get the best we get and they destroy it that the. Do you really there's a lot of thought for each walker there in your mind at least there's like a back story yes they tested me us and customs back if I have an eighteen putting. But that is annexing 71 that yeah. To tell you that it did her outfit for example she's from the country. He YITI. Don't need it and she teach us. I'm ago without a country teacher went how'd you like your effort and I hear. This little. Again. This hair and then I have thanks days. In our. My first interview it is on it. I'm Adam and if so you will go to a local store and buy all this stuff. ST by various closing quietly from goodwill to sex she's not a hundred this in Tanya. I'm Jerry might one MIT named as well coming in charades. And then be also lacked the lives. Submit to match would have a matrix the doctor if so how do what what's the process for making. What used to be normal clothing into this. You think this is really pretty effective thing it has a real label festival. Dummies don't have a lot of cost so we who ripped it suits the currency need I am we made it bigger and regret that so that he can't see any shape because we stitch everything. That I'm in the ads stains two it Sainz that this is supposed to mimic mold. She's from leaving walking on and rain in just she's also an old is on B. And that's another thing we decided how old is on the isn't putting looking to sticking at a face she's been dead for Ohio. So if any. Not. You'll head blood just to make us make it seem like she's been out there eating brains Yasser and also to match whatever blind sheik so oh and glad will had. Let me bring me some. We have seen Q what had oh in the lives. Had been if blood we had Black Sea match the makeup. That looks like she probably you know but something opportunity to add to. Wit and. Ever occurred you do you really weird. You know you're just writing it now I think it's perfect single medal of I did like blood a little bit too much this is my favorite pot desist yeah if there's. It. Your dad is mean yeah. As NIC things. This is. Big Mike. It's just an acting in. So those these great things are all different kinds of blender lay off. That we coolness in the fat laden because it's that cut. And tables different kinds on beast that is a little dog crap. And then human rights and the lights and in fresh blood is really lights it's a reacting to an hour. So none of this is random no. Not it'll all very volatile food I mean we're asking people to believe in zombies. And they do when they watch the show and I think that asks do everything being so. I'm quite. You know everything is to be so realistic we'd achieve walker ongoing that doesn't you know that doesn't look real change that outfit. You know because we know it really looks like in the Soviet puppets and on the world again. Again I'm today we. I think I got jailed at the time to pay more attention to. And and they've chased the hood in this particular sequence. Is to match the environment. They creates a bit of a camouflaged. I do this in haunts them may cut. Mixed area. When you don't know what you're looking and then it moves that it is even heavens knows. Allowing. He's under the Wednesday he's more Paxson on and we do need to fix make his buttons thinks shiny. The yankees' incredible. You notice that actually time never I'm so fixated on the fact that he has an. That you're noticing has buttons the well they cite any that's distracting to me because they wouldn't be shiny if he'd been. This shouldn't be nice they see coveted theft and expects us. I don't see that he's wearing a sex and that's the beauty and the the coast of this job. He particularly insulting to that would incidents position you wanna be skater that's on BP m.s this tiny back and that's not pretty scary isn't. I still would be just focus. But I'm glad you're going for you know complete accuracy rate sky as a young men see my instinct when island in him is not to critique the work. We're very different. He's got a lot of his in that K. His Latin wouldn't be as fresh as the race so he wouldn't that human blood on him. It's obvious he died and he's he's holds heat from these one of the first people have died that's why he's wearing his company working on his farms in the sun in the shafts. Which is why it still has a little bit of captain. And it has that gets us style like he was after all I'm not something. That wasn't doing now is taking hold the personality away from the shows around his face. Why because TV he's so old area we don't want any distractions index making it nice and feed and look at and stops on top of that. And making it even older than he is your gross dude yeah. Hope. I'm comfortable is it. You get it on and you've been and heard it played thirty minutes into the third period there at least threatening. Think it's pretty but effective what's it like we passed by a mirror and or any reflective surface and see yourself. Again. Especially because most frightening about this your eyes close you don't junior high. So you're not only sure once the final result looks line continues even here. This is really weird. Cool weird. You're doing a good job at getting it and it's easy to suspend the speaking as a fan it's easy it is suspend my disbelief and and her a couple of minutes believe how many. Exact and it's the little touches that do. Bravo thank you have a nice to meet you face to me it's fairly very much.

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{"id":26535690,"title":"How to Become 'The Walking Dead's' Terrifying Zombies","duration":"6:58","description":"Eulyn Womble, the show's costume stylist, believes the clothes and make-up tell a character's back story.","url":"/Nightline/video/walking-deads-terrifying-zombies-26535690","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}