A weekend with pop superstar Kygo as he performs 3 shows in 2 countries

“Nightline” traveled with the Norwegian DJ from Las Vegas to Toronto and back again while discussing his rise to fame, his favorite collaborations and perfecting his craft.
8:05 | 10/03/19

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Transcript for A weekend with pop superstar Kygo as he performs 3 shows in 2 countries
Reporter: We're at a pool party in Vegas and Whitney Houston is blasting. Higher love, and to play that one live is an amazing feeling. Everybody knows the lyrics, everybody smiles and sings along. It's a good feeling. Reporter: Meet kygo, the man responsible for giving the late legend her most recent hit. Bring me a higher love Reporter: How did that come together? She was signed to the same liable I am, and they had this song laying around that she covered in 1990 or something. Bring me a higher love Of course it's so powerful. Whitney Houston's one of the most legendary artists of all time. So to me it was unreal to get the opportunity. Reporter: It's a far cry from where it all began. A kid from Norway with a passion for piano. Now, he's one of the most popular deejays in the world. From his residency in Vegas to headlining a festival in Toronto and back. He gave us a glimpse of his life over one weekend. two countries. three shows. 48 hours with kygo. What's up, Vegas! Reporter: What's it like knowing that all these people are here just to see you? It's definitely, it's definitely very cool. Vegas is always a fun place to play. There's always new people coming in every weekend. It's always a good crowd there. Reporter: How did you actually start becoming a producer? I just got a keyboard and I just used YouTube tutorials. Every time I didn't know how to do something I just try to, you know, figure it out on YouTube or just experimenting. Reporter: About six years ago he started remixing songs and posting them online, like Marvin Gaye's "Sexual healing." Baby, I'm hot just like an oven I was looking online for new I was on sound cloud, and I came across, you know, kygo. I immediately hit him up on Facebook. I reached out, hey, man, I'm a huge fan. Love your music, would love to work with you. He was basically, yeah, let's do it. His real name is -- that's how you say it in Norwegian. It was his user name in high school. Like the beginning of his first name and last name. Kygo. Reporter: Their partnership was a match made in heaven. Before the two knew it, they had land kygo a record deal. When he signed that deal, I just felt like it was game time. Reporter: Two years later he would release his debut album "Cloud nine." What was it like to release original music for the first time? That was a good feeling. Up to that point I was only doing remixes. I saw some people on the internet thought that my artist name was kygo remix. Because every song was kygo Reporter: Now he's collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. Rita Ora. You, you, you found me Reporter: Selena Gomez. dark side of the moment it ain't me we were high and we were so bad Reporter: And Ellie golden. We were younger and older Reporter: Describe to me your sound. I always try to keep it happy. Melodic, chill out, you might hear something like pan flutes and steel drums and stuff like that. People call it tropical house. It's a good name for it. Reporter: It's just over it 24 hours after his show in Vegas, and kygo's headlining at Toronto's music festival. About 40,000 fans are waiting for him to take the stage. Get into the zone. I can't wait to show everybody what we got. How you guys doin'? Reporter: Who are some of your influences? It depends. In the electronic world, when I got into electronic music, amaechi. When I heard his songs, they just, I just connected with him in a different way. All this time I was finding myself "Wake me up" was like the biggest song ever. So wake me up when it's all I just knew that this is what I wanted to do. Reporter: The deejay community is a small one. We saw tiesto drop by in Vegas. And in every set we did, he made sure to give avichy a shout out. the artist who influenced him so heavily is also a reminder of the potential toll the lifestyle can take. Avichy struggled with substance abuse that led to health issues and in 2018 he tragically died by suicide. So many artists struggle to keep up, including avichy. Do you ever feel like it's too much? Yeah, sometimes. Last year I did a world tour, like January to November. I definitely felt it was too much. But then I did take, you know, five months off. After that. Which was good. Reporter: A lot of people, they associate it with party culture, alcohol, drugs. Do you ever feel tempted? No, I have a drink from time to time, but I usually try to not drink too much, because especially when you're touring. If you have a show the day after, it makes that show so exhausting if you drink the day before. Reporter: How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for weekends like this? I try to go to the gym and stay healthy. You just get an hour and half where there's nothing else that matters. It's almost like a meditation. Reporter: Our weekend with kygo ends after 3:00 at a club in Vegas. He's still going strong. The just another day in the life. How do you stay grounded through all this? Talk to my family all the time. My girlfriend. My team I have around me is a very good team. I have good friends. it's just about surrounding yourself with the right pple.

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{"duration":"8:05","description":"“Nightline” traveled with the Norwegian DJ from Las Vegas to Toronto and back again while discussing his rise to fame, his favorite collaborations and perfecting his craft.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66025608","title":"A weekend with pop superstar Kygo as he performs 3 shows in 2 countries","url":"/Nightline/video/weekend-pop-superstar-kygo-performs-shows-countries-66025608"}