Woman in prison for mom's murder revealed to have never been sick

Gypsy Blanchard, in prison for her mom's murder, was once thought to have had cancer and other illnesses and needed a wheelchair, feeding tube.
10:47 | 01/06/18

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Transcript for Woman in prison for mom's murder revealed to have never been sick
Reporter: Home movies capture the vibrant spirit of a young teenage girl. They we the shining star in this town of people who can outlast adversity and get through everything. Reporter: Jipsy Blanchard and mother Deedee are local celebrities. Jipsy and her multiple illnesses and diseases had not been out of a wheelchair since she was 5 years old. What medical conditions did you believe you suffered from? Leukemia. Asthma. Both vision and hearing impaired. Muscular dystrophy. And seizures. Reporter: Behind the spotlight, jipsy's life is shrouded in a web of lies. Doctors now believe it was Deedee, not jipsy, who was ill, with a case of munchausen by proxy. It's essentially when a caregiver will fabricate an illness or induce an illness in their child in order to get medical care. Reporter: Dr. Jamie Kofman is a board certified child abuse pediatrician. It's abuse on the child. But it's to obtain attention or some kind of secondary gain for themselves. Reporter: The fabricated illnesses and the abuse that went with the lies would come to light when Deedee is stabbed to death, turning the once local hero into an unlikely suspect in her mother's murder. Jipsy was born perfectly healthy, says her father rob Blanchard. After his relationship with Deedee fell apart, he began hearing that his daughter was sick. Jipsy was probably 7, 8 years old. In a wheelchair now, needs a feeding tube. Reporter: 2005, hurricane Katrina. In some areas the water is now 20 feet deep -- Reporter: They were evacuated from slidell, Louisiana, to Springfield, Missouri, where they pieced together a life. Largely from donations, disability payments, and child support from gypsy's dad. The blanchards moved into that house built by habitat for humanity. A wheelchair ramp was built just for her. Reporter: In between hospital stays, gypsy frequently jetsets across the country. Ball games. Galas. Make a wish taking her to Orlando, all expenses paid and everything -- Reporter: But in private gypsy just wants to be a regular teen and find love, according to friend and neighbor Aaliyah woodmansy. She would show interest in different boys and try to ask me advice on how do you approach them? Reporter: Aaliyah says mom Deedee didn't approve of the girl talk. It was like, my daughter has the mentality of a child, you're talking to her about teenage girl things. Reporter: Gypsy ignores her mother, going behind her back, and sets up this online dating profile. She soon connects with this man. I need to tell you something, I'm no model, I have a medical condition so I can't walk. I have a chair I use. Is that an issue? Why would that be a problem? You're an angel in my eyes. She was talking about this new guy that she was now in love with. We want a snow wedding in a gazebo with red and white roses. Reporter: One day the fantasy shattered. Horrified when something different popped up on the Facebook page. It said, that bitch is dead. Then we saw the second one which said, and I raped her sweet daughter too. Reporter: Kim and David race to the house. We circled the house. Knocked on all the doors and windows. Reporter: Concerned, they call for help and the police make a gruesome discovery. We have breaking news, the body of 48-year-old claudeina Blanchard is found. Reporter: Authorities trace the Facebook posts to a small house 600 miles away in big Ben, Wisconsin, at the home of Nick gotajob, gypsy's boyfriend. The two are taken into custody. Your mom's dead. Wait, go back -- She's deceased. What you want to ask you, did you have involvement in this -- No. Reporter: Gypsy and Nick are charged with killing Deedee. It was hard to wrap your brain around. How can this young, sick girl who can't walk be involved in her mother's death? Things are not always as they appear. Reporter: The people of Springfield might think they are witnessing a miracle when astonishingly -- Wisconsin versus gypsy Blanchard -- Reporter: Check out begingypsy's first appearance in court. That's her walking. Big red flags. I felt so stupid. If she can walk, what else have we been lied to about? Reporter: At her arraignment, gypsy enters a plea of not guilty to her mother's murder. We are here in Missouri, we're driving to visit gypsy rose in prison. Reporter: When she walks into the meeting room, I'm immediately struck by her radically changed appearance. She tells me about meeting Nick online and quickly falling in love. Even hatching an ill-fated plan to introduce him to overprotective Deedee. She had ordered me to stay away from him. That was a very long argument. Yelling. Throwing things. Calling me names. Bitch, slut, whore. Did you hate your mother at that point? I didn't hate her. You wanted her dead. Yes, but it was because I wanted to escape her. Reporter: Nick had traveled to Springfield from Wisconsin. That's him checking into a local days inn motel where he waited for gypsy to give word Deedee is asleep. The Going to go down tonight. Just the gloves and knife? Duct tape too, to muffle her. I'll precut it. Reporter: Gypsy says she hands the items to Nick and hides in the bathroom while he goes into the bedroom. Okay, I'll admit it, I did actually -- stab her, I will admit it. Did she scream or holler? Yeah, she did. First she said, help. Then she called for gypsy, but gypsy didn't do anything. Reporter: Just moments later, incredibly, the couple says they have sex on gypsy's bed. Deedee's body in the room next door. Before taking a cab back to Nick's motel, and there they are caught on surveillance cameras. Gypsy then shoots video of them in the hotel room. How did you go from this to this? I thought back then that I was a good person. And now I just see it as it was a fraud. And I made a horrible mistake. Reporter: Not only a horrible mistake. It turns out that house was actually the nerve center from which Deedee perpetrated an elaborate scam. We've unearthed the appearance of a long financial fraud scheme along with this tragic event. Reporter: Celebrities, charities, all coned. Did you always know you could walk if you wanted to? Yes. The only thing that I have wrong with me is I have a little bit of a lazy eye. That's it. Reporter: But the pills and procedures were dreadfully real. Including multiple gastro intestinal operations. Eye surgeries. Even the removal of her salivary glands. Medical records reviewed by ABC news show gypsy was treated by at least 150 different doctors. She'd use her southern charm to get them to be friendly. And get on their good side. And then she had no records? Because of hurricane Katrina. Wiped out all the records, supposedly. Reporter: Hospitals we contacted declined to comment. But we tracked down one of her former neurologists, Dr. Bernardo flaskerstein. I saw a 14-year-old girl sitting in a wheelchair. Reporter: Who examined her for muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. There was nothing there to support either. That kind of made me very suspicious. Reporter: And his suspicion only grew when he told Deedee gypsy's prior diagnoses were wrong. The mother was not happy with that. And when she left the office in a storm -- Dr. Flaskerstein ultimately said, I believe that the mother suffers from munch Housen by proxy. You could report that to social services and say, I have a suspicion. I at the time did not think that I had enough information to call. Reporter: According to this police report obtained by ABC news, another doctor alerted authorities when he could not find any symptoms that support what Deedee alleges to be wrong with her daughter. Two case workers later did visit the home but found nothing out of the ordinary. And closed the case. Why did your mom do this? She was constantly seeking attention for herself. Because she didn't feel loved. So let's make this baby girl sick so it forever needs you. Reporter: Gypsy and Nick here in their only selfie together facing the possibility of life behind bars. And now at odds. My codefendant was putting my name out there in a bad light. Reporter: That's Nick himself speaking to me via video conference from jail just hours ago. It's the first time he's ever spoken publicly. She was basically the mastermind behind it all. I was basically a hired hitman in its own weird sense. Do you still love gypsy? I still do love her. Breaking news this morning, gypsy Blanchard has pleaded guilty to her role in a plot to kill her mother -- Reporter: In a courtroom stunner, prosecutors cut gypsy a deal. How do you plead to the class a felony of murder in the second degree? Guilty. You're actually a prisoner now. The prison that I was living in before with my mom, it's like I couldn't walk, I couldn't eat, I couldn't have friends. Over here, I feel like I'm freer in prison than living with my mom. Just live like a Normal woman. Prison isn't Normal. No. Not for most. But for me, it is. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Amy robach. We contacted a number of charities and celebrities who gave money and services to Deedee and gypsy. They say they were duped. And Nick has pleaded not guilty.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"Gypsy Blanchard, in prison for her mom's murder, was once thought to have had cancer and other illnesses and needed a wheelchair, feeding tube.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52176721","title":"Woman in prison for mom's murder revealed to have never been sick","url":"/Nightline/video/woman-prison-moms-murder-revealed-sick-52176721"}