Workout Gear Promises to Help Burn More Calories

Zaggora HotPants are the latest celebrity fitness craze and claim to help make you sweat more.
3:00 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Workout Gear Promises to Help Burn More Calories
For those of you still keeping your new years weight loss resolutions how's this for a hot fitness trend. Work out where that promises to help you burn more calories at the gym without logging more time on the treadmill. Some celebrities -- swear by them women are lining up for them. An ABC's juju Chang. -- -- The latest fashion statement involved sweat that literally make you sweat. Biggest workout -- that makes -- look and feel. Pop celebrities like -- and have -- -- and Denise Richards are supporting them it feels. A little bit like scuba. Like I'm wearing scuba suit on the inside of the clothing it's -- little to -- fabric it does contain a new pretty there. And on the inside of the fabric and we have a a yellow lining which is -- the magic happens if you like this is what contains the heat and -- It's called to gore hot pants and it sounds nearly too good to be true. Promising to help you burn more energy while you work out and look fashionable at the same time. -- actually burn more calories just -- wearing close. The body burns more calories when you get hotter it's the brainchild of founder Desi bell who seized on the idea while trying desperately to squeeze into her wedding dress o.'s guide -- -- jam -- dying to go about doing ten things at the same time and I thought. I'm not the only one that's in a short time and eventually she designed and developed the line of workout clothes. Quit her job as a banker and gave the hot pants -- -- to 500 bloggers. That's when the magic really happened. Before -- sold more than a half million items at less than a year and a half at 7250. Bucks a pop not. Nearly as -- is donning a garbage bag which as Bradley Cooper points out in the movie silver linings playbook. May yield similar results sales also spikes thanks to social media. Real women posting real reviews on a -- -- FaceBook page which now has more than 350000. Fans. Our biggest market is moms and moms they're great because once bombs behind the idea that tell all of their friends of hot pants -- silent -- -- -- me -- -- -- which is the main thing. But the women are saying they love it because it holds and they're as they're working basic away. We spent twelve months developing that remaking -- that the victim's rights the unit of great to name you know the curbs on the hot brands make -- the -- all the right places. Look elsewhere with his support built in even thinks founder Sara Blakely the queen -- -- recently -- be her new -- based on that concept. This is a little bit of like Khatami Tamer that's hidden in the garment and brands like lululemon -- and a title nine are capitalizing on the thirty billion dollars a year explosion in active Wear. The chorus funded clinical research at rice university in England and -- -- Southern California. One study found that wearing hot pants while working out can help you lose weight. We use a special mask when people exercising. Not to mention there. Oxygen intake which is an approximation for -- expenditure and it's a very. Precise measure. And both studies showed that they also helped burn more calories. But to -- work the skeptic and he would say come on how much more can you really burned. We found that Larry Hopkins -- and -- of control garment of -- and eleven and -- economies like exercising. But an important an hour after exercising will help buying to send -- So -- helps -- -- counters even after you stop working yes because your product cellular buddy nobody can out. Continues -- -- and -- busy you'll be caught and the long run it's like Vikram clothing in game at that. We decided to get some real time product reviews from LaGuardia high school running team and I -- it again and again Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- -- certainly don't make me any faster but I can look chic and trim and getting my but -- For Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"id":18309833,"title":"Workout Gear Promises to Help Burn More Calories","duration":"3:00","description":"Zaggora HotPants are the latest celebrity fitness craze and claim to help make you sweat more.","url":"/Nightline/video/workout-gear-promises-burn-calories-18309833","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}