ABC News Live Update: Stage set for impeachment trial after article sent to Senate

Fmr. President Trump charged with "inciting insurrection" for Capitol attack, senators will be sworn in as jurors today, plus, the first known case of Brazil variant discovered in the U.S.
29:10 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Stage set for impeachment trial after article sent to Senate
I don't remember Diana stated thanks for streaming with bats in today's update senators are set to be sworn in as jurors today for the second impeachment trial of former president trop. After the house of women article last night charging him with quote inciting insurrection for the attack on the capital. Republicans are arguing the trial should be tossed cents trump is out of office. What president Biden is saying this morning also ahead. With states desperate for more vaccine president Biden is sending a new goal for getting more shots into the arms of Americans this. As concerns grow over those virus mutations the first known case of the Brazil Marion discover here in the west. Overnight as protesters turned violent overseas. Over a new lockdown measures. Now doctor captured raising new concerns about the disproportionate. Vaccine doses available here in the US. And a Texas teenager speaking out after his father was arrested for his role in the attack on the capital fifteen HI it is now in hiding. Why he says he tipped off the FBI. That we began it with the. Impeachment trial of former president trump the only president in history to be impeached twice. The senators who will serve as jurors will be sworn in this afternoon. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott starts us off. From Capitol Hill. Overnight a historic march across the capitol the house delivering the article of impeachment to the senate I announced the presence of the managers and triggering the start of the second impeachment trial against former president Donald Trump. President trump gravely endangered the security. Of the United States and its institutions of government Donald John trump dust warrants impeachment and trial. Lead house impeachment manager congressman Jamie raskin reading that single article of impeachment from the scene chamber that violent mobs stormed nearly three weeks ago. This video from The New Yorker showing the moment they enter. Democrats charging trump with incitement of insurrection demanding that he be held accountable forward words fight like hell. And in the trial they won't argue that rally was part of a larger effort to subvert and obstruct the result of the point one election. He is not demonstrated remorse he's not even acknowledged his role in the events of January 6. And he is never disavowed the lies that were fed to the American people by him about who actually won the election. Both sides now have two weeks to prepare their case the trial will not begin until the week of February 8. The constitution says the Chief Justice presides over an impeachment trial of the president. But since Donald Trump is no longer an office democratic senator Patrick Leahy will preside overnight president Biden telling CNN he believes the trial have to happened but. But casting doubt that there would be enough Republican support to convict a growing number of GOP lawmakers say since the president is already out of office the trial should be tossed out. And in just a few hours eagle we will see the senators be sworn in as jurors. Both sides signaling that they want to get this trial over with quickly it will not start. For another two weeks senate majority leader Chuck Schumer saying few if any witnesses will be called. Noting that all of the lawmakers were witnesses to what happened here on January 6 Eva. Rachel Scott thank you let's senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer for more definitely heard in Rachel's peace there some Republicans have concerns about whether it's appropriate to hold an impeachment trial. A former president explain tell us what their argument is there. Well there argument either is that it because this is never happened before it shouldn't happen now and they're right in that there's no clear exact precedent for anything like this the text of the constitution. Is open to interpretation. It's so the bottom line for people to understand is this is an inherently political process this is not a judicial one. It's they get the senators have a lot of leeway in designing how this would go and so what we're watching is. Both sides really did beat the contours of something that is really up to them at the end of the day. That said the congressional research service which is the nonpartisan. Advisory committee if you will for members of congress has studied the law on this they pulled legal scholars. It in a recent report they said the consensus is there. That congress' authority doesn't extend to former president's and so that's why we're gonna see the Democrats really mean in on this and push forward. I'm curious what are the odds that they are a actually able to get a conviction and in this trial for impeachment. Cook the odds are demeaned by the day to be honest. Even it would take. At least seventeen Republican senators to vote to convict in. It even the four there we get from the data are riot overtook Capitol Hill. A win so many Republicans and Democrats were united in their condemnation many of them even a point the finger down trump we've slowly started to see that mass. Top Republicans go grabber to retreat back to their corner and what were witnessed seen. Is both sides really reflecting the sentiment of the voters in their bases. Some recent polling found that Republicans and democratic voters by a larger polar. View this as polar opposites are overwhelmingly opposed or in favor of this and so we're starting to see their lawmakers. Our reflect that it's going to be a tall order. Eva for Democrats to get that conviction. So not odds are long on that connection and Republicans keep saying that this is going to further divide the country president Biden finally weighed in on this impeachment trial saying to CNN that he thinks it has to happen. Is this why Democrats feel they need to move for and that's what's at stake if former president trump is already out of office if they just let this go. Well for Democrats in for a lot of independence as well this is really about accountability. Didn't the question on the table here is can a president who is impeached as president which Donald Trump was twice. Evade punishment by simply resign the office. Before the punishment comes down or Oracle is leaving office in the case of Donald Trump so this is about. Are keeping that pathway open for accountability here there was a lot of talk among Democrats yesterday that if an impeached official. Could simply resign before the trial to preserve his political future. The what the heck is the point of the of the vote to prevent an impeached official from holding office ever again if they could simply ducked out of that. And so that's what we see Democrats driving and I expect that message will be much. Let hammered home in the weeks ahead they want to prevent down trump from being able to run in 20/20 four. And hold both he and in the Republicans who supported him in congress to account. The senate had a lot of drama going on right now outside and this impeachment process net. Minority leader Mitch McConnell says he will allow a power sharing agreement to go forward. After two Democrats said they would not vote to overturn the filibuster rule. So what does this mean for president Biden's plans for things like covad relief and immigration reform. Hit a Philip. Oster is that fund senate term that we. That we count our real once in awhile when we see someone standing on the floor of the senate talking endlessly to block a piece of legislation. How would that on the table still. Even it means that any democratic priority immigration the Covert relief Pamela need to attract ten Republican votes. In order to get through and clear the filibuster hurdle the shot down a filibuster so. Up for Joseph Biden it means he's gonna have to work pretty hard. To get bipartisan support for these major pieces of legislation now that said there are some options some workarounds back door. And it runs on the filibuster something called budget reconciliation. Is still on the table they could. Changed their minds on the filibuster try to get a get rid of it later but right now. Bipartisanship. Is the name of the game for Joseph Biden and we've heard is much from him that that is his preference right now. Ten N Dreier thank you for being with us this morning and thanks to them. Well turning out of the latest on corona virus on my credit hours emergency there are now nearly a hundred million covet nineteen cases worldwide with 125 million here. In the United States concerns about those variants are growing. As the race to back sane Americans becomes even more urgent Stephanie promise is that a mass vaccination tenor. With more. This morning with seats desperate for more vaccines president Biden with a new goal. I think we really get that to a one point five million a day rather one million today it's going to be a logistical. Challenge that exceeds anything we've ever tried in this country but I think we can do that I show confident that. By summer we're gonna be well on our way to heading toward. Herd immunity. The president confident but cautious warning that death told clip top. 660000. Before we start turning the quarter. We're still going to be talking about this in the summer. We're still going to be dealing with this issue and the food and early fall. The race a backseat the world as pressing as ever concerns escalating as more variants of the virus are reported in the US on Monday two new states reporting occurrence as of the highly contagious UK strained. And overnight Minnesota announcing a local resident who had recently traveled to Brazil. Has the country's first known case of the Brazil variant. Madieu not one of the two vaccines currently used in the US now looking at how it's shots holed up against these new strains. The company saying experiments show it protects against the UK very. But that it provoked a week or response against the south African variant and is studying a couple new options including a possible booster shots we need to keep watching and testing institute and making sure. In two we've gotten beaten back there were planning ahead and were being Caracol. On Monday US pharmaceutical company Merck. Announced its ending development of two potential vaccine saying while both looked safe in clinical trials. Immune responses were low. But scientists across the globe are trying to get as many vaccines approved as possible. According to the World Health Organization there are more than sixty vaccines around the world currently and human trials. Eleven of them in the final testing stages and nearly 200 others are in preclinical development. But overnight doctor Anthony vouchers saying the disproportionate. Available doses across the country are of great concern to him. There is some areas of the country where this vaccine. Lying around it is not going into people's arms. I just general of the phone with a city and is stage in which they had. And so many more people lined don't want to get vaccinated and they don't have vaccine. So that kind of dichotomy and disparity. Is something that we really need to address find out how to fix it and fix it. And FEMA is planning to establish cope vaccination sites like the one here still no word on where those sites will beat but the agency actually played a role in managing state and local Kobe testing sites at the beginning of the pandemic. Eva Stephanie Ramos Morris thank you for more let's bring in ABC news medical contributor epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein. Thank you semester being with us this morning doctors so let's talk first about these vaccines right with these new variant. How effective are the current vaccines we have at giving us immune protection against he's variance. Yes good morning that you Barney I think that is the big concern right now we have these new variants that are emerging we always needed and teachers would happen the more you parents are out there the more we teaches it accumulates and so diversions that we see out there how. How these mutations in the spike protein which is away the entry into the cells and virus and because of that it's more transmissible and concern we have is that we easily Jesus began to diminish efficacy of the vaccine so so far they did it looks good recent data from a Daryn and others that the vaccine. Have a great amount of Popper there was a study published yesterday looking neutralizing antibodies although it does show that antibody levels against the south African the area where about six times lower that is concerning. And what's great is that Darren is now considering adjusting some of its vaccine strategies right we haven't chew dose vaccine. Four weeks apart but yet you is what about it. Adding in a booster I need that booster would be just a third doesn't exact same vaccine or meet one that includes protects against this experience and so is all of adjusting our vaccination plans to where the virus is moving on and so hopefully I'm we will be able to think about its future vaccine strategies but currently it is more important than ever get vaccinated when it's your turn because more this virus is around the more it will mutate. Let's talk about those mutations has variance has highly contagious you came variant has now been found in 26 states. Minnesota and now reporting and case said the Brazilian Mary Ent. With these different strains becoming more transmissible. Sunni doing anything differently. Should we be preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally for future lock downs and when he think is in the future for us. Listen these candidates are concerning and in this 100 Brazil we call cheap wine and has been circulating in announcing results since at least December NBC near rapid increases in teaches even and populations that we thought had general community and so you know the concern is these hearings will spread more quickly but it's. Really about communication radically different it's about doubling down on the things that we know work right so not. Skiing has been at this hour her response but we don't do it consistently so and we've known that if you can increased Palestinian community you can drive transmission down. That meets about double masking or using better Grasso it's taking the same things that we know work which is doing slightly better social distancing hand washing. Lydia ultra gatherings he's promising precautions but we just have to be more vigilant. We can do that we can appoint a lock downs that we seen and other places like you change. Only her doctor found she and Stephanie is peace talking about the distribution of the vaccine and how it's not exactly even some places have tons of magazines some. Don't have any what more can and should be done with the Biden administration try to fix some of those supply problems had these states are having. Yeah it's really sass the suit challenges CDs bottlenecks that are current it is really about better coordination between federal government and states. Clearly there's a lot of confusion about supply chain there is excess supply but it's and some of the wrong places some hospitals and nursing homes have your mark announced but that they have access to figure out how to shift. Those doses into the community I'm obviously it's about opium were vaccination sites hiring people. Additional supplies like syringes and then of course is going to be all allow small livery how we get to those are harder to reach its course improving the infrastructure. Potentially brilliant team but fear other types of innovative strategies like mobile clinics and on demand services. And then finally you know there is attack issue in the digital divide you know the issues that people your product but appointments are senate eligibility. And then also course combating. I hesitancy that's out there I think we can get those things aren't we can start inched towards the one point five million vaccines delivered a day it. He sends hundreds and I think that he had talked to sell many older Americans 89 year old to just struggle to get these appointments on line. We also heard from doctor fat gene that he's gotten backs meaning America likely won't finish until the fall. So I think the question everybody wants the answer to is when can we expect herd immunity so that we can go back to some sense of normal. Yeah it's a question that's on everyone's mind of course Kurd community is that in certain that magic number that we get the port proportion of the population either backs needed or actually certainty you guys through you know infections of the virus you get. Number hi how we think it's about seventy to 80% since. A lot of people to 20300 million people. Either vaccinated or had your previous infection. I think if we can wrap up vaccines we gene that's start to approached that number by this summer. You really depends also needs you Jerry how back. That changes the game but it didn't even have to remember you know what we're trying to do is bring down hospitalizations and asked if we can do that I think we can you know pretty quickly over the next few months because for targeting those at highest risk. I think begins to allow us to see that light they end of the tunnel even we're not quite at herd immunity unfortunately restart after Gregoire brains you know does Barnes is going to be circulating. With us probably for a long time but as long as we can sort of control the impact. In hostile nations and doubts I think he should start to live a much more normal life again. Some optimism this morning to act Brownstein thank you so much for being webcast. Several storms are ominous and destructive tornado ripped through Alabama overnight and heavy snow and ice in parts of the countries and vehicles sliding off the road coming up at least 31 states were on alert and forecast when we come back. Welcome back today president Biden is set to sign another batch on executive orders this time focusing on the issue of racial equality we are also learning more about the presence plans to tackle climate change later in the week. Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the details. Good morning Mary. Even good morning while president Biden has been hitting the ground running in his first few days in office signing 33 executive actions but 23 of those so far have been aimed at undoing the actions of president trop but Joseph Biden of course. Is also eager to advance his own agenda so today he'll be taking steps to try and tackle. Racial equity we often hear the president talk about how this pandemic. Has exposed an intensified the vast disparities in this country and of course it was desire to run for president by president trumps response to the events in Charlotte sales of steel trying to take steps to begin an address in tackled these challenges but. Of course they have this two week delay now before the beginning of the senate impeachment trial of president trumpeted by Christina trying to take full advantage of that getting as much done. As they possibly can with congress and so slowly but surely we are beginning to see Biden's cabinet coming together he now we'll have three confirmed secretaries Janet Yellen is set to be sworn in today she will become the first woman. To ever be Treasury Secretary invited cabinet is also on track to shatter diversity. Records and Jenny on will have a huge task ahead of her shot to shepherd. The Biden administration's massive Kobe relief bill through congress she is made clear this is her number one top priority. Engines also been backing up that massive to nearly two trillion dollar price tag that has caused some controversy and pushed back on the hills she says quote. The smartest thing we can do is to act big event. Mary Andrews thanks semis and for more or what's happening our nation's capital here is today's political right now at 1230. The white house Press Secretary will hold her fifth briefing where she'll be joined by domestic policy advisor Susan Rice. At 2:30 eastern the action goes down Pennsylvania Avenue from that the White House to the US capitol. We're senators will be sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial of former president Donald's not. And at 4 PM eastern vice president come on Harris and second gentlemen Doug and hop will receive their second dose of the code in nineteen Maxine. Not today how the big happenings today in our nation's capital. On triple threat storms are on the move overnight a destructive tornado ripping through Alabama and this morning. At least 31 states from California and Massachusetts are on winter weather alerts house press has the latest. Overnight a tornado touching down in Fulton dale Alabama not far from Birmingham. And I can track it actually. At least one person is dead and at least twenty people have been injured a first responders rushing to the scene. Searching through what's left of destroyed homes and buildings. There's only thing is education. Level our problem placement. We have optical. You can see this home just completely gut it there was a car buried beneath all that rubble. Home after home now appearing like just massive piles of debris. He's Hampton inn hotel badly damaged but luckily all guests are now accounted for and out west a treacherous driving conditions leading to rack after rack. And Arizona whiteout conditions making visibility close to zero cars cautiously creeping down snow covered roads this car struggling to get traction in Iowa while others just cutting get their cars back on the road. In grapevine California of 23 inches of snow falling forcing a major interstate to shut down. Snow flurries despite a stake and that sticking his causing people to panic. In San Bernardino hail pelting crews as they worked to clear roads cars going nowhere fast and Nebraska many of to their tires in snow on parts of the state getting more than a foot of snow. And he met some really terrifying moments we saw there in Alabama officials will begin assessing the damage in heard visited there today asked for. There's snow storm well it's already moving east where it's expected to create even more problems. Even. It's crass Forrest thanks you for that latest contract that's as senior meteorologist rob Marciano still ring wrapped. Hey good morning to you obviously very dynamic system it's actually stretching out now there were starting to see them winter precept. Get itself into the northeast here's a wide radar shows shot EC the first stormont and that second 10 cross four cores and is now actually another one coming in that's lining up for the Pacific. We've got involved were it winter weather advisories that stretched. From the East Coast to the West Coast continuously. Across the state summer winners with storm warnings and ciresi some freezing rain heavy snow and maybe even some flash flooding across parts of the south. Artistry in the south we still have a severe weather threat. Today from Alabama and Georgia specially left over dynamics from that system that went to truck that tornado. And an icy conditions that are be getting into Baltimore Harrisburg maybe. Affiliate just little bit this morning and heavy snows will continue across the Great Lakes getting incher New York. And the New York metro area around mid day then kind of intensifying a little bit as he gets in certain pushes into New England but the store itself we can submit to be some sleet mixing in the I 95 court or so the bigger cities on the in the northeast once you tremendous amount of accumulation. Just inland though three to six inches maybe eight inches oh locally is spots certainly dope dangerous driving conditions here the next 124 to 48 hours. The next storms coming into the west you're gonna bring significant precipitation. We get him atmospheric river coming at by the ten inches of rainfall. And some of those brushed our area we are gonna see some of mudslides so unfortunately five to eight feet of snow in the Sierras that will Oxley. Help the drop is certainly cause its own set of problems. Even Banco Rio. Busy busy week rob Marciano thank you we come back fifteen at now in hiding after his dad was arrested for his role in the insurrection is speaking out. Why he says he tipped off the FBI. Welcome back in Texas teenager is speaking out about why he says he tipped off the FBI about his dad. Who is now facing federal charges for his role in the capital riot TJ Holmes spoke to him. And has the story. Over the news and could she had it is Politico. Is helmets. The main in the blue coat is directed caught on camera taking part in the seats at the capitol. And while rep it was there his son eighteen year old Jackson says he was receiving real time text updates from his dad. What kind of thing does he say oh what his own to you did yes. East route or routes while. Yeah. She realized that your top resident is something that this get a states are down. The Jackson says the opposite happened and his family has been torn apart. According to FBI documents director returned from the seeds he allegedly told his wife and children. If you turn me and you're a trader and you know what happens to traitors traitors get shot. Did you make your dad. Would hurt you even kill you now know. I think. Oh wait he's been manipulated into thinking. Right extremist groups end. What's been dead to him. Was worrying enough that I don't know what you gonna do next. Direct it was arrested and is facing federal charges related to that insurrection at the capitol. Jackson is now in hiding cutting ties with his family. Who were upset with him he says after he called the FBI tip learned weeks before the capital siege to alert them about his dad. I have all these people telling me it's my dad's decision he did what you did. That still they're responsible. The FBI would not confirm the tip line call from Jackson. But records wife told investigators he's part of a group called the three per sinners a far right militia group according to the affidavit. Read his wife Nicole tells ABC news. First it was talking to Aaron to be warned against isn't in the year. Ha. For example humid save dad liberals. It's right in this world did you don't use your. I've. I had no idea what to us. And I'd rather contact. Authorities. Video what was get a. What's most important is that young people or any and who's concerned about a loved one someone they trust. Someone who watched. It's on their side and is gonna help them work is to do. Why being public about. People don't know how. Hope this political strength in the aren't sure people didn't. I feel like I should have to have the ones to tell people that it's okay to come forward you're moral compass is gonna beaten. Absolutely just the right thing to do. On the Coke guy reference to wife calls him a sweet man and said at no point no matter the statements that he made to fit the family ever. Genuinely feel threatened by what he was saying if a. TJ Holmes source and a few more things to know before you go this was one year ago today that we've lost a basketball legend Kobe Bryant. His thirteen year old daughter Gionta and seven others lost their lives and a helicopter crashed near Los Angeles. An NBA players are paying tribute to Cleveland Cavaliers aired a tribute video at their game against the lakers last night saying. One year ago the NBA family lost an all time great tonight we celebrate his membrane and Brooklyn nets star Carrie Irving at wore a Kobe Jersey honoring him at their game against the Miami Heat. Kobe's wife Vanessa said on in surround that the tragedy still doesn't feel real one year later. And that Jian and still makes her proud we are thinking adds an asset and their daughters Antalya Bianca and caprice today. And like so many things. This overhaul will look different this year because of this pandemic including the commercials on other usual brands and put out ads during the game including Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Hi Susan Lisovicz went out and Budweiser announced it won't be airing a super flat this year only the second time in nearly four decades the brand's iconic Wright stay out. I won't be a part of the game instead of spending the roughly five point five million dollars it costs to buy a 32 commercial. This year Budweiser says it will redirect that money toward raising awareness about the coded nineteen vaccine. And the Biden administration and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen are expected to make history. On another network a new twenty dollar bill with Harriet Tubman on the front will be announced once that's finalized by the Treasury Department. I'm fine and Press Secretary Jen Psaki said it is important that our money reflecting history. And diversity of our country and Harriet Tubman image of gracing the new twenty dollar note would certainly reflect that it. And that does it for ABC news live for this update I'm even children and for Diana stayed at ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news contacts again and now since. We'll see back your 11 AM eastern. Win and you.

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