Alan Simpson: George H.W. Bush 'never lost his humor'

The former senator from Wyoming first met President Bush in 1962.
11:28 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for Alan Simpson: George H.W. Bush 'never lost his humor'
Her letter pure visual in my element had ten minutes. He was very direct about it wasn't even funny. I first met my friend of my dear friend George Bush in 1962. And when my father may have worsened solution in a member of the United States senate judicial act I came to Erica Corcoran with that the shuttle. On there's no all of us. Being vacated by one senator pressure thought bush. George's father. Allegedly met again when my parents left to question him and shall their home. To a brand spanking new congressman from Texas. Named George Herbert war record. So George and Barbara moment. Did this sale on a handshake. Sound permit here. That I came to the senate in 1978. In June after that room ordering him cornered me and asked me to. I support him for president. And I said Iowa. Knowing that my friend George would enter the fray it's. Hearing that I called and I said George. Wanted to they have loved the hell. But already committed to Ronald Reagan. George's response. Well now charter. Probably should have let you know children. And actually a guy doesn't get very many calls from a friend. Who says they can't support it. Sound familiar. Of course it does. Because in George Bush's theme of life. During all the highs moser was simple Credo. What would we do without family and friends. And when he became vice president. Our friendship on enjoyable friendship recruit fresh from the four Russian. Had many many pleasant time together. In my life from Washington but rather tumultuous she. I went through many a socialist. To the disease. And never came back to the AC. Kim one dark period I was feeling. Possible. And all my wounds were self inflicted all of them. And George call me early 1 morning and always early. In the morning. Country music playing in the background and he says. I see the media issued new pretty full of holes. Actually he said it a bit more pungent please format. Any so why don't we go to camp David. Young man come over will have a weekend together. It's that time his popularity rating was 983%. My analysts point 93. Ten still awfully lands immediately partial gathered as we headed to marine mom. And jurors. No way of your pals over there and the media now. And they didn't wave. The next morning here at the through all the papers in the US he looks up and they said aha here's the one I've been looking for. The picture of Barbara and ensure it was his arm and hand on my back. And later or have a Sean. And I said George. I am not on mindful. There's two what you are doing. You are propping up girl wounded duck Pao. Lawyer to talk we're here game. You reach out to me or my entangled and rich controversy and taking my mom she. And east. The F. There were staff members who told me not to do this. But I know. This is about friendship and loyalty. Some familiar. Well we have an awful lot of fun true it's always a delight to be in the president's box. That's Kennedy sent her off to play at the national theater. Of the Warner with the bush bush. And outside of the president's box 1 evening and there was a massive six foot face. Punish ordinary regulators. Who do know the difference to the invasion of laws. This. 35 bucks. George walked up to it and he skid. Hal wait I think that should trust him. I noticed that he served as blue grayish Blaine is from that period. The play that can only be found during that era. And I have no known George that the team had their views me the perception was partially older and perhaps shouldn't read boardroom. For that particular herbal peace corps firing. Can't force people gathered around mumbling about these. Expert observer of and Barbara and and finally came pints. Jet out of your. Both of you have to get back to left off. What we do. Well it was impressive for a while. And then of course one night before was when she Michael Crawford. Singing the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber. All four was worsening he has to have backed the White House. Don't cry from EE RG MT in the home. Tidbits from Phantom of the Opera though there magic of wherever. And a few days later he's getting hammered by the press for so much for ordinary petty bit of trivia. And suddenly he's he's don't cry for me Argentine. The press then wrote that he was finally losing his marbles. These honored guest. Right here before lunch. Who have held this noble poke. Noel of the slings and arrows of regeneration. Portrait. He was a class act. Burris today. He housed a strong nation used in mind and body. Came from that extraordinary mother. We compared her mother's news failed let's hammer. Of course and certainly emotional auction followed her cash. The issue bush will I don't know are treating him most fairly. While uncovering some other powerful traits huge great competitiveness. He draw curried bush and his self discipline. Rick call Lee Andrews air base conclave where congressional partition punch. Drafted a remarkable bill that don't live clear budgeting. Entitlement reform. Comprehensive. And catastrophic health care. Social Security's solvency and much more. But it required the critical ingredient. Called. Revenue. Translated in to the word. Taxes. Translated into the words are read my lips. And the group went to George Bush and said look we can get this package done what we must have some revenue. And he says I'll never forget it he said what I have shed on that subject chairperson held a lot of heat on me. And then they all say yes but we can get it done and it will be by a partnership. And George. OK go forever but it will be a real punch in the gut. Club legal limbo loyal warrior for George took him back to the senate. And we want to very shrunk by partners involved. And what sort of the house where his own party it's turned on him. Surely one of the main factors reassuring his return to private life. But he often said. When the really tough choices comments that country. Not me. It's not about Democrats. Or Republicans. It's for our country. That I fought for war. And he was a man of such great humility. Those who travel the high road of humility and Washington DC or not bothered by heavy traffic. And he had a very serious loss. Known by all close to a he loved the good jolt the richer the better. Penny through which had been active they're great laugh but he never. Ever. Could remember a punch line. I mean never. So the punch line for George Herbert Walker Bush is fish. Feel would have wanted him on your shy. He never lost his sense of humor. Schumer is a universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life. That's what you Maria. He never hated anyone. He knew what his mother and my mother always knew. Hatred Kerr Rhode pushed the container it's carried. Most decent harmful person I've ever met was my friend George Bush. One of nature's noble man and his epitaph. Perhaps just a single letter the letter mail for loyalty. If course through his blood. Loyal to it to his country. Loyalty to his family. Loyalty to his friend. Loyal to the the institutions of government and a whole is always always a friend to his friends. Not English we're ready for this today. We mourn his loss from our own lives and what he was to each of us. That is so personal. So intimate showdown in the sky. He would have been so much he's here to celebrate his life with him here. But he is gone. Or rather complete gul. Now we we have loosened our grip upon him the we shall always retain his memory in our hearts. God has come now to take him back. We all knew 11 unknown day. He would return to his job. Now we give him up. We commend him. Pure loving hands. Thank you for him to congress is shall.

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