Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Live at the RNC

Leslie Rutledge talks about the process of crafting the Republican platform.
4:48 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Live at the RNC
And we're back live coming perfect view is we let that ABC news that you aren't FaceBook they watched. And acquired. Here is at odds are very happy and excited he's going by the credit markets I. Not if you're Smart. Marty is an accident. It. If it's dry it. Out. All the business at this match and it's pretty much got used served on or at. Least not. Asked by waste vote at a better later. Well platform may access capital a day or really stalked out what's important Republicans and this sort of ease. Across the factory just express it but like Republicans from. The courthouse justice of the eastern air Leah two White House is really a great opportunity for those individuals after twelve members to. Ross factory but that papers are asked to note how much controversy was there actually behind closed doors we saw some of the reports about someday particular on the social issues debate overs. OG BT writes as an example what all the there was no closed doors is with the Republican Party verses are. Democratic Party apart everything is. Opened to the public every cent to 88 was leaked hear at least the constitution. It is opened for the rest it's open for the applicant as well as the full committee meetings are never sees Spain and other restaurant rather than ever witnessed so there is no. Backroom shady deals go not the Republican Party but it was every parent hates people Procter. Their opinions or be out Kirk from constituents 150000. People. Offer comments at the bank to the party say what's important to him so how do you platform you've been on even dealt with these before how does the platform reflect Donald Trott. I was that you need this year I don't know that it necessarily easy to reflect certain that it that's what's at ports are members at the form that now. The party grass roots coming to get their saint. This is what's important to urging this is what or or. Tennessee Arkansas across the board across the country. Republicans. Sit in those cities may hash out their issues. Or directory. Line snakes and I worked twelve. Hour so let's just a matter it. Tauscher lets it whatever other ethnic. Very thought here really are ready to party ready at this party started off I'm. I'm I think everybody's ready to you rally on route aunt. Governor Nance it to it toward at emperor to unify it had a little little blip today on that the rules the Florida. And an exit sports it's it's a really unfortunate. It sort of him. Not unity in the party ship is always very key. Ask because he to unique perspective. Taking part in that process on the platform committee and as you mentioned there were reporters in those meetings what issues as DeVon it mentioned about. Sort of the language being used we hear about a few people instead a been said. When it comes to the LG BT community in America we if the Republican Party should ease more inclusive language we should try to race more members at this community. And polls have shown in America at large that the actually represented where a lot of the American public and is. But doesn't doesn't actually reflect that at each take on wine and this was talked about the platform committee I think it's important for. Folks across Meriden. To understand that the Republican Party is a very. Is eight. It's a you know inclusive of big tent party and somebody for answer LT BT Ian and we want to know that this is the party for them. I think you have to ask you though the language in the platform doesn't reflect I mean I hear you saying that effort other individual state but with the party's been putting forth doesn't quite reflect that picture. Sure and any. That was knocked out so we hit single at any group. Necessarily so it was a matter we want to all Americans understand where their but the party of jobs and economy. Mark answers to. It's your personal maturity generally should note I stated great set of Arkansas. There's just integrated international at the pledge allegiance but you're speaking to product primetime. Can't I. I message tomorrow reports. But at around 850 art I'll be speaking talked about our Salzburg perspective and that. We need Donald trapped we don't need four more years of rock Obama's health policies we know Hillary Clinton in Arkansas we don't want our ranks are probably a quarterback and why. Thank you so much entertainment aggregate entered thank you.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Leslie Rutledge talks about the process of crafting the Republican platform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40682821","title":"Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Live at the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/arkansas-attorney-general-leslie-rutledge-live-rnc-40682821"}