Biden nominates Miguel Cardona for secretary of education

Cardona is a former public school teacher and the current commissioner of education in Connecticut.
3:25 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Biden nominates Miguel Cardona for secretary of education
We can do it if he gets schooled schools districts communities and states that clear guidance and the resources they need. For so many things that aren't in there already tight budgets. Indeed funny for testing help people reopen schools. Were funding for transportation so students can maintain social distancing. School bus. They need to there's a need for school buildings for additional cleaning service's protective equipment and relations system. But to lead the national effort requires an education sector. Secretary excuse me. With the skills to partner with the educators across the country in states localities in tribal nations. And an all across students and families as well. It also requires someone who understands the need to prevent and an. From further exacerbating inequities in our education system that represented. Represented compounding problem. Hold back children hold back educators pull back our country from fellow news potential. Sector education we know. Is doctor Miguel Kurt don't. Fourth grade public school teacher. The youngest principal in the state Connecticut. First official Latina to serve as he education commissioner I started college sector education education commission. Doctor Kerr Donna rose up the ranks to become assistant superintendent. In the same school district he attended. As an English learners student. We also know that this crisis is ongoing. That we will carry it impacts for years to come. And at the problems and inequities that plagued our educational system. Since long before Pope it will still be with us even after the virus has gone. So it's our responsibility. It's our privilege. To take this moment and to do the most American thing imaginable. To forge opportunity out of crisis. To draw on our resolve our ingenuity and a tireless optimism. As a people. And build something better than we've ever had before. The proud to say I was born at the Yale lakers housing projects. That's what my parents Hector and Sierra Cardona is still early on him points part of our service to community. And education. I was blessed. To attend. The public schools in my home town of Meriden Connecticut. When I was able to expand my horizons and become the first my family. To graduate college to become a teacher a principal and assistant superintendent in the same community. That gave me so much. That. That is the power of America. And I. Being bilingual and by cultural and as America and as apple pie and rice and beans. For me. Education was the great equalizer. But for too many students your zip code in your skin color remained the best predictor of the opportunities shall have in your lifetime. We must be dedicated to a strong public education system. We must value it. We must strengthen it. And we must invest in it.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Cardona is a former public school teacher and the current commissioner of education in Connecticut. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74883063","title":"Biden nominates Miguel Cardona for secretary of education","url":"/Politics/video/biden-nominates-miguel-cardona-secretary-education-74883063"}